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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3034



At Jun’s home, Jun Mo dance looked at the news of the event organizer published on the website, and gave a cold hum, showing his dissatisfaction. “These old people, one by one, don’t know what to do.”

On one side, a young man with a flat head and a cold face is Junmo’s fiance, Zhu Xu, a genius of the first military academy.

“It’s disgusting to kill the murderer.”

“Disgusting murderer, and face to participate in the game, I’m going to vomit.”

“It’s just two wins. Is that gone with the wind?”

In addition to a small number of surprise and admiration, of course, there are more angry and disdainful voices.

“I didn’t expect that it would be good. If he really won the championship, it would be good.”

“Chen Feng, there is still some strength!”

Winning two games in a row, coupled with the news reputation in recent days, Chen Fei attracted the attention of many on-site audience, and many people began to comment.

This time the opponent is a young woman, the strength is also quite good, but Chen Fei still beat the challenge arena, won the victory.

The competition continued. An hour later, Chen Fei’s second round of competition began.

Junmo nodded and said, “I know.”

However, holding Junmo’s hand, Zhu Xu comforted: “at the beginning, the opponent is too weak. In the next few rounds, that guy can’t be so relaxed. ”

With Chen Fei’s victory down the mountain, they frowned and showed dissatisfaction.

Around the audience, Junmo dance and Zhu Xu also rarely appear here, paying attention to the situation on the field.

Chen Fei slapped his opponent down and won his first match.

However, against Chen Fei, there is no chance of winning.

His opponent is a strong man with a small reputation. His strength is pretty good. He has the strength of the third level top warrior.

Chen Fei drew a lot of signings earlier. On the 16th, the eighth was on the stage.

The competition rules are very simple, that is, one-on-one elimination, the loser elimination, the winner into the next round. Finally, the one-on-one champion who plays all the way to the final will get rich rewards and the qualification of the Huaxia team of the world youth Wushu exchange conference.

The opening ceremony, speech, draw lots, a set of process down, the game officially began.

Finally, the day of the trial came, Chen Fei, dressed in casual clothes, came to the scene.

Officials also urgently adjusted the equipment and schedule to broadcast the whole process of the trial to the whole country.

Because of Junmo dance and Chen Feng, it was not a very hot competition. On the contrary, it attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.


“Boss Cao is invincible. When the time comes, you will surely win the championship in the exchange conference.” After a while flattery, let Cao Xu face smile more rich.

“If he really won by accident, he got immunity. I don’t mind letting him know what is the real first person of Chinese youth at the exchange conference. ”

Cao Xu said with a light smile, “if you can’t even solve Zhu Xu and Junmo dance school, then Chen Feng is just a waste.”

“Then we won’t send anyone to participate.”

The attendant, with a sudden expression, nodded and said, “I see. Thank you for your advice. I understand.”

“It’s a world where the law of the jungle speaks with strength. Everything else is ethereal. ”

“In the future world, there is only one rule, that is strength.”

“Remember, this world is not the world it was three years ago. It’s becoming a joke, a rule

“If the fist is not big enough, there is no immunity. When the time comes, it’s just a piece of waste paper and immunity

“Fool!” Cao Xu glared at him, then explained, “there is only one real immunity, that is personal strength. As long as your fist is big enough, no matter what you do, no one dares to move. There is no need for immunity. ”

“Boss Cao, I don’t understand. Is it true that the champion’s award and immunity in the trials are false The valet looked puzzled.

Cao Xu hummed coldly: “the so-called immunity is just a joke. It’s just a shield to stop the saliva. You really take that thing seriously

“But in this case, if you let that guy get immunity, Lu Hao’s revenge will not be avenged.” Follow the class.

Cao Xu squinted and said: “in the trial, a group of stinky fish and rotten shrimps are just. The real masters have already got the quota, so they don’t have to participate in the trials at all. ”

“Boss Cao, this –” the valet was puzzled.

Cao Xu fingers in the desktop button, slowly out of the voice: “No.”

“Boss Cao, Zhu Xu and Junmo should not give up. Maybe they will send someone to take part in the competition to stop Chen Feng from winning the first place. Do we need someone? ” Asked a valet.In an ornate office, Cao Xu cocked his legs and sat on an office chair, listening to various reports collected by his subordinates.

Almost at the same time, the first military school in the capital.


Zhu Xu nodded, his eyes showing a touch of excitement, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Ah Xu, after killing Chen Feng, let’s get married!” Don’t dance.

Zhu Xu gently stroked Jun Mo dance’s long hair and said in a soft voice, “you are my fiancee. I should help you.”

“Ah Xu, thank you very much.” Junmo dance is leaning on Zhu Xu’s chest.

“Besides, I know some people over there. They agree with the requirements of the competition and can also play.”

Zhu Xu nodded his head and said, “don’t worry, there are many experts in this competition. There are even several martial arts players at the top of level five. That guy has little chance to win the first prize.”

“Yes, I’ll get someone to sign up for the competition. Never let that guy win the championship, get immunity

These words lit up Jun Mo’s eyes and made her excited.

Zhu Xu sneered: “of course not. That means we can’t compete for others! ”

“Do we see that guy get immunity?” Jun Mo dance excited way.

Zhu Xu shook his head, looked at Jun Mo dance and said, “Mo dance, I know you are eager for revenge. But we’ve already got the qualification set in the competition. If we go to the trial again, it won’t be agreed. ”

“We also go to the competition, directly in the arena, kill that guy.” Don’t dance.

Zhu Xu nodded and said, “this is inevitable. Therefore, we can’t let that Chen Feng win the championship. ”

“No way! I have to take revenge on my father and brother, and Chen Feng has to die. ” Don’t bite your teeth.

Holding Junmo’s hand, he said: “Chen Feng must want to win the championship and get immunity, so as to save his life.”


So it was the third round.


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