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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3033



“President Zhong, I don’t –” Junmo waved his hand.

Zhong Xu interrupts her directly, “no, then leave. We do not welcome you in the armed forces Commission. ”

They even considered to disqualify Chen Feng.

For a time, the pressure on the organizers of the event doubled.

On the Internet, countless “enthusiastic” netizens also began to contact the event organizers in private letters, asking for Chen Feng’s nomination to be removed.

Zhu Xu once again joined the ranks of supporting his fiancee.

Therefore, Junmo dance took the initiative again and asked the event organizer to cancel Chen Feng’s registration and not allow him to participate.

A day later, the fury did not decrease, Junmo dance also found that Chen Feng signed up for the competition.

In the face of such a tidal wave of abuse and bad comments, Chen Fei did not care, but in preparation for the upcoming trials.

Many netizens clamored to thoroughly investigate Chen Feng and tear him to pieces.

He so a mouth, instant let Chen Feng this name, become countless netizens angry vent outlet.

Cao Xu is more popular than Zhu Xu and Junmo combined.

After all, as one of the top 20 young masters in China, as the recognized young generation leader in China, and as the capital Junmo dance, she is the proud girl of the women’s school. In addition, she has good looks and a number of supportive fans on the Internet.

First of all, I wrote a long article in tears on the Internet media, recalling the little things in front of my father and brother, expressing my sadness. Finally, at the end of the article, I called on everyone to support me, arrest and try the murderer, and let my father and brother rest.

In addition to broadcasting their carefully prepared “the cause of the incident” in the major media, Junmo dance can also be said to have full fire in other aspects.

First of all, it is natural to narrate the whole thing from their point of view. Of course, in their narration, it is not self-defense, but intentional killing.

And Junmo dance, the action is much bigger.

Wei Ling posted a short message on the Internet, which gave a general introduction to the whole incident, indicating that the whole incident was just self-defense.

On the media network, the relevant comments and hot discussions are constantly released, and people are extremely excited about the relevant issues of the case.

As a result, the news instantly detonated the whole capital, and even in China, countless people talked about it.

In addition, the other party involved in the case is Wei Ling, a well-known Chinese beauty entrepreneur and former Chinese hero master Chen’s enterprise autumn group leader.

That is the news of Jun Wutian, President of Junwu group, and the death of his son Jun Ze, which was published in the media.

This news did not attract much attention, because the bigger news has made countless people in Beijing talk about it.

“Chen Feng, a free fighter, recently decided to enter for the Chinese folk young warrior Grand Prix.”

The next day, a piece of unimportant news, mixed in the major news pages of Beijing, was released.


Chen Fei knows that things are far less understated than what Zhong Xu said. However, he didn’t say much. He just nodded and said, “let’s have dinner together!”

Zhong Xu shakes his head and says, “it’s just a little girl. It’s no trouble to send her away at will.”

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “Mr. Zhong, what happened just now, please.”

Zhong Xu immediately smiles, “Mr. Chen, you have a good rest. Are you hungry? I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare food for you

As soon as he entered the hall, Chen Fei welcomed him.

Zhong Xu waved his hand, turned and came in.

At the scene, calm was restored.

This, Jun Mo dance dare not speak again, can only get up, with people left.

But Zhong Xu didn’t give her a chance at all. He waved his hand and said, “don’t talk nonsense, otherwise, I won’t be merciful any more.”

“I -” what else does Junmo dance want to say.

Zhong Xu snorted coldly and said, “Our Military Commission is weak, but not everyone can bully us. If you want to pick something up, let Mu Yunxi and Li Zhentian come by themselves. A little doll, you are not qualified

“You –”

her face was white.

“Pa”, Jun Mo dance breath, directly crushed by Zhong Xu’s breath, the body seems to be clapped, a stagger, back a few steps.

However, Zhong Xu’s breath is more powerful than she imagined.

Jun Mo dance felt this momentum, for one of the shock, hastened to stimulate his body’s true yuan breath, against Zhong Xu’s pressure.

Zhong Xu’s face suddenly sank. A mighty breath surged out of him and ran over him.

“I’m just reminding –” Junmo said calmly.

“Are you threatening me?” Zhong Xu asked coldly.

Seeing this, Junmo could not help biting his lips and said in a deep voice, “President Zhong, you are an elder. I respect you. However, I’m not a bully. Headmaster mu of our women’s school is my teacher. My fiance Zhu Xu is the senior of President Li of the first military academy. If Mr. Mu and Mr. Li know about this, I’m afraid they will — “As he spoke, Zhong Xu waved his big hand, and the guard at the door clattered, ready to fight.

However, at the critical moment of the meeting, Zhong Xu appeared on the scene and said, “it is illegal for a citizen who has not been convicted to be disqualified from the competition without reason. ”

after Zhong Xu spoke, the competition side finally resisted the pressure and did not cancel Chen Feng’s qualification.


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