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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3032



Chen feidun, silent for a moment, nodded: “this competition, I participate in!”

The reason why he agreed was that he didn’t really need an exemption. After all, with his strength, even if he is really convicted, Chen Fei will take people to leave. There are few people who can stop him.

“I just went to the hospital to pick up some friends. As for your killer, I don’t know. ” Zhong Xu denied again.

Taking a deep breath, Jun Mo dance suppressed his anger and said: “President Zhong, the people of the armed forces Committee took the murderer away from Tonghe hospital. At that time, many people at the scene saw that if the armed forces Commission didn’t believe it, it could go to get the video — ”

” this — “Junmo dance didn’t expect that Zhong Xu would directly refuse to admit it, which made her feel at a loss.

After hearing this, Zhong Xu coldly replied, “the people you said are not from the armed forces Commission.”

“Today, I come here because my father and brother have been hurt. I heard that the people who killed them were in the armed forces Commission. Therefore, I came here to ask the armed forces commission to hand over the murderer and comfort my brother and father. ”

Jun Mo dance was Zhong Xu so a quality, throat blocked, had to restrain their arrogant style, bow to Zhong Xu line a gift, said: “little girl Jun Mo dance, met President Zhong.”

Zhong Xu glanced at Junmo dance, but did not answer. Instead, he asked coldly, “it’s the style of the women’s school to bring people to our armed forces Committee, or is that what you mean by admiring the headmaster?”

when the killers were all pushed out, they all frowned.

Zhong Xu came out with a sharp drink.

“What’s going on?”

At the gate of the armed forces Committee, Junmo dance and a group of people were blocking the gate, pushing and shoving with the guards of the armed forces Committee.

So Zhong Xu stepped out.

Although the martial arts committee is weak and can’t compete with the alliance of martial arts and Taoism, it’s not any student from any martial arts school who can come to the gate of the martial arts committee to brag and shout.

Hearing this sound, Zhong Xu’s face sank, and he was a little angry. He stood up.


At this time, there was a wave of space and a vibration outside, and then an angry female voice rang out, “the armed forces Commission will hand over the murderer immediately, otherwise, our women’s school and even the whole Martial Arts Alliance will not give up.”

“Junmo dance, here she comes!” Zhong Xu frowned.

His staff said: “president, Junmo dance of the women’s college, with a group of people, came to the gate of our military commission. They yelled, “let the armed forces Commission hand over the murderer.”

Zhong Xu frowned and said in a voice, “what’s the matter?”

“President, someone’s breaking in.” Someone came in in a hurry to report.

Zhong Xu, on the other hand, sent someone to sign up for Chen Fei to participate in the trials.

At the moment, Chen Fei is holding Wei Ling’s hand, comforting her and telling her about the past three years.

Immediately, Junmo dance with a group of people, the mighty Korean Military Commission rushed.

But Junmo’s intention is firm, “needless to say, I have made up my mind.”

“Miss, this –” Uncle Huang was worried and wanted to persuade him.

Jun Mo dance with anger, said: “to the Military Commission, I would like to see. Do they dare to be enemies with my king’s family? ”

Uncle Huang didn’t dare to speak. After all, this kind of thing involving the struggle of the upper class is not something he can participate in.

Hearing this term, Junmo’s eyes changed, “how can they intervene in the armed forces committee? Is that old man Zhong Xu confused? ”

“Now, they are taken over by the people of the armed forces Commission.”

Uncle Huang said: “it’s Wei Tian who seriously injured the young master. He was also injured and recuperated in the hospital. And the one who killed the master was a strange young man, who was with Wei Ling. ”

“Where is the murderer?” Jun Mo asked.

“Before Junze said that he had a crush on that woman, I just said that it’s hard to do it directly. The boy had to do something fancy to win the woman’s heart. Now, that bitch killed my brother and my father. I’m going to kill her! ”

After hearing this, Junmo’s eyes sank, showing a cold and incomparable chill, “Weiling, that woman, it’s her again!”

Uncle Huang opened his mouth and quickly told Junmo the whole story.

“Miss, here’s the thing!”

“My father and brother died of serious injuries. What’s going on? Who did it? In the capital, who dares to attack them? ” Jun Mo’s face sank down and asked in a voice.

Huang Shushen took a deep breath and said, “Miss, the master and the young master have been seriously injured and have passed away. Now, the whole Junwu group and Jun’s family are in chaos. Please go back immediately and stabilize the situation. ”

“What! Uncle Huang, what do you say? ” Jun Mo dance frowned for a while, feeling a little ridiculous, it’s hard to believe what uncle Huang said.But Uncle Huang in front of him was still serious, even sad. His voice trembled and said, “Miss, master and young master, he, they are dead.”

After all, it’s not a big deal that my younger brother has come to school to help himself, which has happened many times before.

Jun Mo dance did not take it seriously, the tone of ordinary voice.

“Come on, what’s the matter?”

“That boy is not young, and he’s making trouble everywhere. This time, we have to teach him a good lesson. ”

“What happened?” Junmo frowned, then waved his hand and said, “is Junze in trouble again? Make my father angry, there regardless of him, so found me here? ”

But the middle-aged man on the other side, with a serious face, came down to Junmo dance and said, “Miss, it’s not good. Something’s wrong.”

“Uncle Huang, why do you come to see me today?” Jun Mo said with a smile.

However, just after two steps, she saw a familiar face standing in front of her. It was the housekeeper of her father Jun Wutian. She had been in Jun’s house for more than 20 years, and she was already a member of Jun’s family.

At the same time, Junmo dance, who just came out of the training room in the women’s college, wiped the sweat on her forehead and walked out.


Chen Fei doesn’t want sister Ling and Wei Tian to be bullied again. Therefore, he wants to take part in this competition, win the championship and win the exemption opportunity, which can be regarded as adding an insurance to Wei Tian.

However, when he left, his relatives and friends could not be taken away. At that time, he will certainly be implicated.

Jun Mo’s voice sank and said: “President Zhong, I know you have been taking care of Wei Ling of the autumn group. But I believe you always understand the current situation. It’s not a good choice to do things that can’t be done when the situation changes greatly. ”

Zhong Xu picked to pick eyebrow, cold voice way: “you are teaching me to work?”


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