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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3031



At the moment, the convoy of the armed forces Commission is leaving in a mighty way.

On the bus, Zhong Xu looked at Chen Fei excitedly, and his voice trembled: “master Chen, you are back. I, we – ”

” moreover, once we win the championship and become a member of the Chinese team, it means great honor. If we can shine brilliantly at the exchange conference and win glory for our country. It is entirely possible to become a national hero at one stroke. ”

“Master Chen, if you take part in the competition and win the championship, you will get the chance. At that time, even if the three schools jointly put pressure on you and eventually try you for intentional homicide, you can also use this exemption opportunity to avoid punishment. ”

“This opportunity of immunity can even be used to exempt capital crimes from punishment. It can be said that this opportunity is equivalent to an additional life. ”

“In order to attract experts, this Grand Prix has offered a good reward. Of course, the most important one is that the champion of the Grand Prix has a chance to be exempted. ”

“I hope to use this competition to select hidden young experts from the people. Join the team of the exchange conference and win honor for our country. ”

“That’s why, in order to attract young experts, in addition to the official channels, the government also opened an additional channel for selecting folk experts, holding a Chinese folk young martial arts Grand Prix.”

“This year, because of Cao Xu’s breakthrough, he entered the level 7 warrior realm. In addition, it was held in China. Therefore, we have high expectations for this exchange conference. ”

“In the first two sessions of the exchange conference, we sent a team of more than 10 people from Huaxia. But in the end, not to mention winning the prize, no one even entered the top 16 and came back with a tragic defeat. ”

Zhong Xu sighed and said, “it’s not so good. It’s terrible. I can’t see it at all.”

“I saw it on TV.” Chen Fei nodded and said, “Huaxia’s achievements in recent years do not seem to be very good.”

Zhong Xu said: “well, master Chen, you should know that this year’s World Youth Wushu exchange conference will be held in China.”

“What can I do?” Chen Fei asked.

However, as soon as his eyes brightened, he seemed to think of something and said excitedly, “master Chen, maybe there is another way?”

The dazed expression on Zhong Xu’s face made him one of them.

Chen Fei said this with a confident overbearing.

“Although my strength is not as good as before, no one can move me!”

“Wudao alliance, people from three big five schools, they want to move me, and I’ll follow them.”

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, “I don’t believe you. It’s just, it doesn’t have to be. ”

“Master Chen, don’t worry. Even if the armed forces Commission is destroyed, we will certainly fight to the end. ” Zhong Xu has a firm face.

Hearing this, Zhong Xu changed his face and said, “master Chen, what are you saying. You are our benefactor. If you do something to abandon your benefactor because you are worried about being caught in the rain, we are not as good as animals. ”

“I’d better not go to the Military Commission! So as not to disturb you. ” Chen Fei said.

Let’s not talk about fairness and the rule of law. The final outcome of the trial can be imagined. It will never be self-defense.

Chen Fei understood what Zhong Xu meant. The three major martial arts schools in the alliance put pressure on them collectively.

“Under such pressure, if the case is tried in public, I’m afraid it’s hard to say what the outcome of the case will be!” Zhong Xu’s face was serious and he spoke out.

“In this way, among the four major organizations of the alliance, the three major schools will all put pressure on them. The remaining wanwuzong, even if he doesn’t intervene, is a member of the alliance of martial arts and Taoism, and will never help our military commission. ”

“If Cao Xu aims at you, then it almost means that the first martial arts school in Beijing will also aim at master Chen.”

“Lu Hao is really a member of Xuri Pavilion. Cao Xu will never give up when he learns about it.”

“He mainly absorbed young talents from the first martial arts school in Beijing, drew them to his side, formed his own team, and used them later.”

“This Xuri Pavilion is an organization set up by Cao Xu, the first master of the young generation in China today.”

“What, members of the rising sun Pavilion!” Zhong Xu was really surprised.

Chen Fei said: “some time ago, in Yuncheng, I killed a student of the first martial arts school in Beijing, named Lu Hao. It is said that he is also a member of an organization called xurige. ”

“Er, this –” Zhong Xu is puzzled.

“I’m afraid the first martial arts school in Beijing will also exert pressure!”

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “it’s more than that!”

“The two major military academies put pressure on us. In this way, the result of the trial at that time will not necessarily be self-defense!”

“In this way, two of the three major military schools have a bad relationship with us. I’m afraid they will put pressure on us.”

“Moreover, just half a year ago, Junmo was engaged to Zhu Xu, the first genius of the first military academy, and they were going to get married at the end of the year. Now, Junze and junwutian die, Junmo dance will not give up. That Zhu Xu is Jun Mo dance’s fiance, certainly also can move”Another important reason is that Jun Mo Wu, the daughter of Jun Wutian, is the best girl in the women’s school and the leader of the younger generation. There are 68 chicks in the list

Zhong Xu’s eyes sank and said: “this Junwu group is not a general private company. It is an affiliated enterprise cooperating with the alliance of martial arts and Taoism, and has a lot to do with the three major martial arts schools. The Wudao alliance has always been very supportive of the Junwu group, which is also the reason for the rapid rise of the Junwu group in the past three years. ”

Chen Fei hears Zhong Xu’s implication and picks his eyebrows and says, “what’s the abnormal situation?”

“Under normal circumstances, these two cases should belong to the typical self-defense. At most, it is slightly over defensive. ”

“Then, it was Jun Wutian who wanted to avenge his son. The soldiers of the Junwu group came to Tonghe hospital to fight against master Chen. At last, master Chen killed you. ”

Zhong Xu was silent for a few seconds and said to Chen Fei, “in fact, the two homicide cases are very clear. It’s Junze who takes people to the autumn group to bully president Wei. As a result, he is seriously injured by Wei Tian and later dies. ”

“No, I’m not weak enough to need your protection.” Chen Fei Road, “you say, now this situation, what is the follow-up probably like?”

Referring to this, Zhong Xu pursed his lips, but firmly said: “in any case, I will never let the people of the Martial Arts Alliance offend master Chen!”

After hearing this, Chen Fei nodded and continued: “bring me back, the pressure on the armed forces Commission is very great!”

“I guessed it was master Chen, so I brought someone here.”

Zhong Xu calmed down and said in a voice: “it was Lin Zhentian who informed me. He said master Chen, you are back. I went back to the armed forces Commission at that time, and then I heard about the battle between the group and Tonghe hospital in autumn. ”

“Come on, why are you here?” Chen Fei asked.

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, “well, I don’t want to thank you for coming and going.”

“Master Chen is very serious. If it hadn’t been for your help, our Zhong family would have been destroyed by the Yuwen family and the inner Island Wu hall. How can we talk about today? ” Zhong Xu’s face is full of gratitude.

Chen Fei held Mr. Zhong and said in a voice, “Mr. Zhong, don’t get excited. In the past three years, I have worked hard for you. Let you take care of us. I want to thank you! ”

“At that time, even if the three big five schools are no longer dissatisfied, they will not dare to fight against the national heroes under the pressure of the people all over the country!”

Speaking of the end, Zhong Xu was a little excited.


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