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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3030



Inside the building, Wei Tian was pushed out of the operating room.

After the operation, his face improved a little. With a thick bandage on his body, he almost became a mummy.

President Hu’s face was gloomy. At last, he shook his hand and gritted his teeth

Watching Zhong Xu take people away.

Although the overall strength of the alliance is much stronger than that of the Commission. But the existence of poor level, let President Hu can’t and dare not fight against Zhong Xu, can only let them leave.

He is just the president of a branch of the Wudao League, while Zhong Xu is the president of the whole organization of the Wudao League.

After all, his president and Zhong Xu’s president are not at the same level.

President Hu looked at this scene, the expression on his face constantly changed, but he didn’t do it in the end.

With that, Zhong Xu waved his hand and directly took Chen Fei and the three of them to leave.

“You important people of Wudao alliance, let those four old ghosts come to me to talk about it.”

“Not so good?” As soon as Zhong Xu’s face changed, he said harshly, “OK, I don’t need you to teach me. Today, the armed forces Commission will decide on these three people. ”

“It’s the old Wu alliance thing. It’s not good for you to do so, Mr. Zhong! ” President Hu said.

“Is it?” Zhong Xu picks eyebrows and says, “then accept the investigation. At the right moment, our military commission will take them back to accept the investigation.”

President Hu frowned, “Mr. Zhong, whether it’s self-defense or not needs to be investigated. You don’t mean what you say. ”

“The so-called homicide is just self-defense.”

“I heard that someone took someone to the autumn group to try to kill people, but they were killed by the civil air defense. Later, some people came to the hospital to retaliate, and they were again self-defense. ”

Zhong Xu said: “the murderer? That’s not what I heard. ”

Seeing this, President Hu suddenly changed his color. “Mr. Zhong, these three people are the murderers involved in the murder. We, the alliance of martial arts and Taoism, will take them back for investigation. ”

“It’s nothing but!” Zhong Xu waved and pointed directly at Chen Fei, Wei Tian and Wei Ling, “take them away.”

“Of course not.” President Hu shook his head, “but -”

“Our Military Commission also has the responsibility of protecting the safety and order of the capital. This is recognized by the official government. Doesn’t President Hu agree with it? ” Zhong Xudao.

President Hu said: “I, I just want to know why Mr. Zhong and the armed forces committee came here?”

Zhong Xu calm face, way: “that is what meaning?”

“I didn’t mean that, Mr. Zhong.”

This old man is the chairman of the Military Commission and the owner of the original Zhenwu family, Zhong Xuzhong.

However, after a slight shock, President Hu immediately sorted out his emotions, looked at the tall old man, squeezed out a smile and said, “I’ve seen president Zhong.”

As soon as President Hu’s face changed, he didn’t expect that his whisper was heard.

“Can’t we, the armed forces Commission, come here?” The tall old man heard President Hu’s murmur and spoke harshly.

Seeing these uniforms, President Hu changed his face and muttered in a low voice, “how did they come here

Behind the tall old man was a group of uniformed people.

The leader was a tall old man with gray hair, but dignified face and high spirit.

In an instant, the eyes of all the people present were attracted to the past.

Then, a group of people came over.

Just when President Hu’s last word was about to be exported, a sharp drink rang out: “stop it!”

However, he bit his teeth hard, suppressed the fear in his heart, and said in a voice: “hands on, grasp –”

“you, you –” feeling the terrible chill, Hu Hui shivered.

As soon as his face sank, a breath of terror directly came out and enveloped President Hu and his party. He said in a cold voice, “if you want to catch me, come on!”

“Ha ha!” Chen Fei sneered and didn’t want to say anything more.

“Nonsense, you are slandering!” President Hu yelled, “it’s clear that Wei Tian killed Junze. It’s natural for us to arrest him. And you, you just killed Jun Wutian, and there are all human and material evidences. Do you still want to sophistry? ”

“Can such an organization still represent the government and justice?”

“Even your branch detained Wei Tian for self-defense in an attempt to kill him.”

Chen Fei sneered and said, “official organization, justice? Then why didn’t you show up when the autumn group was bullied by Junze and junwutian? ”

“Don’t mess about! We are the alliance of martial arts and Taoism. We are an official organization. We represent justice. If you dare to attack us, you will know the consequences. ” President Hu warned.

Chen Fei hummed coldly and stepped forward: “what do you think I want to do?”

“You, what do you want to do?” President Hu yelled and stepped back to hide behind the team members.President Hu saw Chen Fei coming alone, but he felt a terrible chill coming towards him, which made him shiver and shiver.

Soon, the two sides met and the atmosphere became tense.

With that, Chen Fei stepped out.

Chen Fei picked pick eyebrows, eyes flashed a touch of anger, sent out a chill, “don’t know good or bad things!”

Wei Tian was nervous when he heard the news.

“Brother Fei!”

“Hua la la” a burst of sound, armed members of the Wudao alliance capture team, rushed into the hospital building.

He couldn’t wait. With a wave of his hand, he ordered, “attack. Take Wei Ling and the murderer

At this time, Jun Wutian downstairs yelled again, and no one responded.

“Don’t worry, I’m back. These people are not worth mentioning!” Chen Fei said with a smile.

“Brother Fei, you –” Wei Tian was still quite excited. Then, he suddenly thought of something, and his face was worried. “Junze, and Jun Wutian, they –”

Chen Fei quickly held him down and said: “don’t worry, lie down first and have a good rest. After that, we have plenty of time to talk about the past. ”

Struggling, Wei Tian wants to get out of bed.

After a burst of excitement, brother Fei looked like you. You’re still alive, you’re back, you — ”

” what, you, you’re Feige? ” Wei Tian looks at Chen Fei with an incredible expression.

At this time, Wei Ling also said: “Xiaotian, he is Chen Fei. He’s not dead. He’s back alive. ”

“I haven’t seen you for three years. Don’t you know me?” Chen Fei, with a smile on his mouth, said in a voice.

“Sister, you –” Wei Tian sees Wei Ling, and then glances at Chen Fei. He feels a little familiar and strange, “you are –”

but his eyes turn for a while, and he seems quite flexible.

A group of people left in a mighty way.


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