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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3029



After clapping dead Jun Wutian, the scene fell into silence.

Then, Chen Fei looks at the hands of Jun Wutian, who is lying on the ground. A touch of Qi appears in the palm of his hand and pats them on the forehead.

“Do you want to enter the building, President Hu?” Asked the man.

Downstairs, President Hu frowned as she saw Wei Ling leave.

“The operation is over!” Wei Ling a Leng, immediately position a Xi, quickly leave.

At this time, Chen Fei gently pulled La Weiling’s arm and said: “sister Ling, Xiaotian’s operation is over, let’s go and have a look!”

“You -” Wei Ling was very angry.

“Let’s go now, or we’ll do it.”

President Hu’s face sank and said in a fierce voice: “Wei Ling, don’t talk nonsense. We will investigate what you said. But now, the evidence that you killed Jun Wutian is solid. ”

“Besides, an hour ago. Junze leads people to rush into our autumn group and oppress us. We called the police for a long time. Why didn’t you come so soon

“President Hu, it was Jun Wutian who brought people to attack and kill my younger brother and us first. We only acted in self-defense. What a crime

Hearing this voice, Wei Ling, with a pretty face, could not help but show a touch of anger and yelled at the downstairs in front of the windowsill.

President Hu, with a gloomy face, looked into the corridor and said in a voice, “Wei Ling, President Wei. You collude with the villain, attack and kill the king, Master Wu Tianjun. The evidence is solid, and there are all kinds of human and material evidence, but they have not yet come out to surrender to ambush. ”

The fully armed members of the seizing team of the Wudao alliance completely surrounded the building where Chen Fei was.

Half an hour later, President Hu and his party came to Tonghe hospital.


“Yes My men take orders, turn around and leave immediately.

“Send someone, yes. Send someone to the scene immediately. The murderer must not be allowed to escape. Go, go President Hu urged.

At this moment, the people who came in at the beginning reminded: “President Hu, shall we send someone to check?”

“Well, how can it be? What’s going on? This — “President Hu’s face was very gloomy, and he kept mumbling. For a moment, he was at a loss.

Lai said: “we just heard the news, and it’s hard to believe it. But that’s the fact. Many people at the scene saw it, and the surveillance also captured a battle scene. ”

“Is it possible to be a man in his twenties?” President Hu feels a bit absurd.

“He alone knocked down all the people he took with him. In the end, he fought with Mr. Jun and killed him with one blow. ”

The visitor explained: “president, people at the scene said that it was a young man in his twenties who killed Jun Wutian. He was a stranger, and we didn’t know him.”

“In this case, who can kill him!”

President Hu couldn’t believe it would happen, “impossible. Jun Wutian himself is a level Four warrior. In addition, he took more than 20 experts to go there together. There is already the fighting capacity of level five or even level six fighters. ”

“President, I said. There was a battle with the hospital. Jun was killed in the battle. ” Somebody is in a hurry.

“What President Hu’s mood suddenly changed when he heard the speech, and his face was full of surprise, “what do you say?”

However, the visitor said hastily: “president, no, it’s not. You are dead. ”

“I already know about it. Don’t worry for a while President Hu waved his hand and interrupted.

The man gasped: “president, there’s a fight with the hospital. Jun Wutian, President of the board of directors, said to him – ”

seeing this, President Hu nodded and said in a voice,” come on, what happened? ”

The visitor quickly stood up and saluted President Hu.

“In a hurry, in a hurry.” Hu will give a long shrill drink.

But at this time, a burst of rapid footsteps, rushed into the office, “president, something big happened.”

President Hu frowned and showed his dissatisfaction. He was about to reprimand him.

“President, over there in Tonghe hospital, we –” he asked again.

President Hu waved his hand and said, “nothing. You heard me wrong.”

“President, what do you say?” He heard a murmur and asked.

In this way, after five minutes, President Hu looked at the time again. He put his finger on the table and whispered, “it should be almost there.”

So, outside the phone does not stop, but in the office, President Hu and them, but a face leisurely drinking tea.

“Did you not listen to me?” President Hu’s face sank.

“President, I –”

President Hu didn’t mean to explain. Instead, he poured him a cup of tea and said, “don’t worry, sit down and have a cup of tea. This is the precious tea I picked from Shennong mountain. The annual output is less than 10 jin. It’s a top-grade product. Try it. “”Can –” hands are very puzzled, clearly the matter is so urgent, Hu Huichang why not let go, let the alliance send people to deal with things.

President Hu glanced at the photos and continued to say, “the house just collapsed a little. It’s not a big deal. Look again

“But, president. There has been a fight in the hospital. Someone sent back the photos of the scene. The corridor was knocked down, and we — “our men were really in a hurry.

Hu Huichang looked up at the expensive watch on his wrist and said slowly, “President Jun Wutian has a cooperative relationship with our Wudao alliance. He is not an impulsive person. He has a sense of propriety. Don’t worry about it.”

His subordinates were really in a hurry. They could not help asking in a voice: “President Hu, do we want to send someone over? The situation over there is already very serious. More than 100 people called the police. ”

However, after saying this, he did not respond and continued to be very leisurely.

President Hu blew the tea, drank it slowly, looked at his men and said, “I know.”

“Now, there is a battle over there, and many residents around have called the police. The police can’t cope with it. Let’s call out the Wudao alliance. ”

“President Hu, there is news that Jun Wutian, President of Junwu group, has signed Tonghe hospital with a group of martial arts experts.”

Beside him, a uniformed man looked at his boss with a puzzled face. In his voice, he was anxious.

Just when Chen Fei was fighting in the hospital, President Hu of the capital branch of the alliance of martial arts and Taoism was sitting on his seat with a cup of tea. He was very leisurely.


The reason for this is that Chen Fei does not want to expose his identity at the moment.

This is not well-known, but it will affect their memory, so that they can not remember what happened here at the moment.

President Hu narrowed his eyes and remained silent for a few seconds. Shaking his head, he said, “wait, they can’t escape.”


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