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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3027



With the passage of time, Wei Tian felt that his blood and life were also passing.

He is not afraid of death, but he is worried about his sister Wei Ling.

“In Tonghe hospital, Wei Tian is being treated!” He said.

“Where is the man now?” Jun Wutian said sternly.

“What, people have been taken away!” Jun Wutian said angrily, “are those people in the Martial Arts Alliance rubbish?”

Not long after that, Shouhui reported: “Mr. Jun, Wei Tian was caught in the branch of Wudao alliance, but later Wei Ling and a young man came and rescued Wei Tian.”

After roaring, Jun Wutian walked out of the ward and gave an order, “check for me, where are Wei Tian and Wei Ling?”

Jun Wutian’s eyes were scarlet, and he gritted his teeth with hatred: “Wei Ling, Wei Tian. I will tear you to pieces, and I will kill you and avenge my son. ”

Finally, Junze’s body temperature completely dissipated and turned into a cold corpse.

Jun Wutian holds his son’s hand. He seems to want to keep his son’s life, but there is nothing he can do.

On the skin, the warm feeling gradually subsides, and the cold touch gradually spreads.

When he came to the hospital bed, Jun Wutian looked at the bed and closed his eyes tightly. His pale son stretched out his hand and caressed his son’s face.

Jun Wutian was stunned for a few seconds at the door of the ward. Then he came back and walked into the ward.

A group of doctors nodded slightly to Jun Wutian and left immediately.

“I beg your pardon

The doctor explained: “Mr. Jun, your son has been hurt to his heart. He is too seriously injured and loses too much blood. There is nothing we can do about it.”

“What Jun Wutian’s face changed greatly.

The doctor shook his head and said, “Mr. Jun, I’m sorry for your change.”

Jun Wu came up on his horse and said, “everyone, how is my son?”

And wait for about a quarter of an hour, finally, the ward door opened, inside the doctor came out.

Waiting for news from my son.

Just now, he was in a meeting. As a result, he received the news that his son was seriously injured and even his life was in danger. He also put down the meeting and rushed over.

This person is Junwu day, the boss of Junwu group, and Junze’s father.

Outside the ward, a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face and a look of about 50 years old is now full of seriousness.

In the room, there were seven or eight western medicine doctors in white coats, and four or five traditional Chinese medicine doctors with white hair and long beard, talking nervously.

A man in his twenties, covered in blood, was lying on a hospital bed surrounded by various compact instruments.

At the same time, the hospital was in a ward.


But now, Dan he is gone, and you can’t use Wu Yi. The effect of directly using Zhenyuan breath to heal wounds is also discounted.

If before, Chen Fei can also use his own wood meaning to give Wei Tian rapid treatment.

Viscera and bones, even meridians, were damaged.

However, there is no danger of life, but Wei Tian’s injury is still not light.

Chen Fei’s own hand, to Wei Tian injected some real yuan breath, eased the injury, to make sure that his life is not in danger.

Drive, take Wei Tian to the nearest hospital.

After solving the problem, Chen Fei holds up Wei Tian and leaves the branch of Wudao alliance.

Then, this force continued to attack, and hit the flat headed man on the chest, and directly flew him out.

A terrible force came and broke the flat headed man’s arm.

However, when his hand and Chen Fei’s hand touch each other.

The flat headed man snorted coldly, and his eyes showed a fierce color. He wanted to break Chen Fei’s hand.

Chen Fei sees this, does not bird him at all, directly clapped a hand to come over.

The flat headed man’s eyes sank and his breath surged. He oppressed Chen Fei and left. He was about to start.

Chen Fei’s eyes are cold. He doesn’t talk nonsense with the flat headed man any more and goes straight in.

Wei Ling said, “Wei Tian fainted. He can’t do it.”

“What’s the matter?” Chen Feidao.

At this time, Wei Ling exclaimed, “Wei Tian, Wei Tian!”

The flat headed man shook his head and said, “it’s not up to you to defend yourself and fight back.”

“Trial? I think it’s more like killing people! ” Chen Fei said in a cold voice, “besides, Wei Tian’s attack on Junze has a reason. It’s just self-defense and counterattack.”

“Wei Tian, suspected of killing Junze, is under trial.”

“Our Wudao League is an officially recognized organization. We have the right to investigate and punish,” the flathead man said coldly

Chen Fei looked at the flat headed man and pointed to Wei Tian on the ground. He said in a cold voice, “what kind of behavior are you doing? Beating or even murdering people for no reason? ”

“Stop!” Flathead male a fierce drink, stopped two people, “Wei total, you should know, this is where, your behavior, is what nature?”Chen Fei comes forward to walk in.

“What did you do to him?” Wei Ling cried.

But at the moment, Wei Ling and Chen Fei come to the front, looking at the dying Wei Tian on the ground, their eyes turn red.

“Who are you? This is the branch of the Martial Arts Alliance. It’s a serious violation for you to break in. You — “the flat headed man said harshly.

Seeing Chen Fei’s hand, the flat headed man noticed that there was a man beside Wei Ling.

However, the men who heard the order had not come near, so they were attacked by Chen Fei.

The flat headed man was stunned, and his eyes fell on Wei Ling. Then he said angrily, “what’s the matter? How did they get in? I don’t want to catch them

“No, sister, run away. This is not your place.” Wei Tian is in a hurry.

Wei Tian opened his eyes and saw his sister rushing in. He felt a little incredible, “sister, how can you –”

hear this familiar voice.

And at this critical moment, a cry rang out: “no!”

Wei Tian closed his eyes and was ready for the last moment.

Finish saying, flat head male fingertip appears a gas awn, want to attack Wei Tian.

The flat headed man was silent for a while, then his eyes changed, with a sense of killing, and said in a cold voice: “in that case, you can go!”

Without waiting for him to finish, Wei Tian said, “my sister will support my decision.”

The flathead man squinted and frowned, “are you sure? Your elder sister — ”

Wei Tian shook his head gently and didn’t speak.

“Time’s up. Have you thought about it?”

Five minutes later, the flat headed man came in again and looked at Wei Tian on the ground.


With the virtue of these people, the final result is that they can’t escape the word “death”.

Besides, even if he did cooperate with them.

After all, in the past three years, Zhong Xu of the armed forces Commission has been a supporter of Chen Fei. They also helped their sister and brother quite a lot. Otherwise, I’m afraid the autumn group will not be able to make it to the present.

But, let him cooperate with these people, do false evidence to frame Zhong Xu, this is also Wei Tian can’t agree.

Once she left, she didn’t know what would happen.

Jun Wu heaven, with a sense of killing, said: “call people, go to Tonghe hospital.”

With Jun Wutian’s order, there was a change in the military group, and a group of people marched towards Tonghe hospital.


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