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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3026




Throw the uniform man who fainted in pain on the ground.

With that, the flat headed man went out directly.

Immediately, the flathead man said in a cold voice, “I’ll give you the last five minutes. I’m willing to help you testify. We can save your life

Flathead man continued: “retribution? Maybe. But I’m afraid you and your sister can’t see that day. ”

“You, you will be punished!” Wei Tian clenched his teeth and the blood flowed from his teeth, but he was helpless.

“Ha ha!” The flathead man sneered, but he didn’t smile at all. On the contrary, he seemed a little cold and penetrating, “Wei Tian, you are a smart man. In the past half a year, you should know what the top management’s attitude towards him is. Do you really think that the dead Chinese hero can keep the autumn group by virtue of his fame? ”

Wei Tian gritted his teeth and said, “brother Chen is our hero in China. Many people support him. You won’t be allowed to move the autumn group. ”

“Your sister is in control of the autumn group. It’s not something he can control as a woman. What’s more, the autumn group has countless ties with the dead Mr. Chen. ”

Flathead man continued: “do you think it’s useful for you to say this?”

“You –” hear elder sister, Wei Tian complexion a change, clench teeth way, “you don’t move my elder sister?”

The flat headed man didn’t have the hard spirit of Wei Tian. He continued to say in a deep voice: “you are not afraid of death! But have you ever thought about your sister? ”

“What about death?” Wei Tian spat out a mouthful of blood and said, “I should have died three years ago. Now, after three more years, I’ve earned enough. ”

“But you have to understand the nature of your behavior. You hurt Junze seriously. It’s intentional injury, even murder. You may be sentenced to death! ”

“I’m not afraid of your death,” he said

But at this time, a dignified middle-aged man with a flat head came in and stopped the action of unifying the man.

“You -” the uniformed officer was angry for one of them and was ready to start again.

The intense pain didn’t make Wei Tian give in, but made him laugh, “ha ha, you have the ability to kill me. Otherwise, don’t make me talk. ”

At least two ribs were broken.

Suddenly, a burst of click sound, accompanied by Wei Tian’s scream.

“To die!” Uniformed personnel a roar, in the hand of swing stick, with the whir of the wind, ferocious hit Wei day abdomen.

“And you, if you want to find an excuse to deal with the armed forces Commission, don’t think about it!”

“Junze that waste, dead best!”

At the moment, Wei Tian was very weak, but his eyes were very firm, even with a bright red smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Boy, don’t you? Who sent you to do less to you? ”

“Boy, you’d better pray that Jun Shao is OK, otherwise, I’ll let you know what life is like to die.”

One by one, they surrounded Weitian with fierce spirits, holding a baton in their hands, and they hit Weitian from time to time.

Around him was a group of people in the uniform of the Wudao League.

At this time, in a branch of Wudao alliance, Wei Tian, covered with blood, lay on the ground.


“Well, I believe you!” Wei Ling looked into Chen Fei’s eyes and nodded her head seriously.

Chen Fei shook Weiling’s hand slightly and said in a voice, “Weitian will be fine with me, I promise!”

At the end, Wei Ling’s voice began to sob because she was worried.

“Now, what worries me most is that they torture Wei Tian. In his condition, it won’t last long! ”

“On my side, because they want to force me to sign the transfer agreement. I also want to accuse Mr. Zhong so that they can deal with the armed forces Commission. So, until you come here. ”

“After learning that Junze was seriously injured, Junwu group soon sent someone to come and transport Junwu by helicopter to heal his wounds. But Wei Tian was arrested by them in the name of official business in the Wudao alliance. ”

“Wei Tian rebelled and seriously injured Junze. But he was also seriously injured by the bodyguards. The situation is very dangerous. ”

“That Junze is a second generation dandy. His strength is not very good. He is not Wei Tian’s opponent. However, there are many experts under his command. Junze called for his men to come in and help. ”

“At the critical moment, Wei Tian stopped each other and fought with Junze.”

“Because I was worried about today’s negotiation, I informed Wei Tian before and asked him to help.”

After a pause, Wei Ling’s face changed and she said, “even he wants to do something to me. In the office, be strong with me. ”

“I said I would rather go bankrupt than sell it to them. If the negotiation failed, Junze threatened me. ”

“Just now, Junze, the son of junwutian, brought someone to talk to me about it.”

Wei Ling continued: “recently, a lawsuit is coming. Junwu group contacted me again and said that we are doomed to lose the lawsuit. Don’t struggle any more and ask me to sign the company’s transfer agreement as soon as possible. “”I saw the news on TV.” Chen Feidao.

Wei Ling calmed down and said in a voice: “recently, Junwu group wants to forcibly buy Qiuqiu group at a low price. Jun Wutian used various means, and even used the official background of the lawsuit to pressure. ”

In the car, finally free, Chen Fei holds Wei Ling’s hand and asks, “sister Ling, what’s going on? What happened? ”

The driver didn’t ask much and drove right away.


Wei Ling said directly: “go to the nearest branch of Wudao alliance.”

Took Wei Ling to the car.

At the moment, Chen Fei didn’t give them a chance to beat them back.

When they arrived downstairs, the armed police, who were on the outskirts of the building, were surprised to see them coming out and wanted to cross examine them.

Then, Chen Fei takes Wei Ling and goes downstairs directly.

“Well!” Wei Ling nodded quickly.

“Wei Tian, what happened to him?” Chen Fei asked, and then saw Wei Ling’s worried look, “where are you going? Let’s go together and talk as we walk. ”

Mentioning this, Wei Ling suddenly thought of something. Her face changed and she cried out, “no, Wei Tian has been taken away. We have to save people quickly.”

Chen Fei asked in a voice, “sister Ling, what happened and what’s going on?”

After some consolation, Wei Ling’s mood finally improved.


“You’re back. You’re back at last.”

“Wuwu –”

Wei lingteng jumps up from his seat, pours into Chen Fei’s arms, hugs Chen Fei tightly and starts to cry.

Chen Fei turns to Wei Ling, and the cold on his face turns into a soft color, “sister Ling!”

“Let’s start the clock!”

A timer, placed in the room, began to run.


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