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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3025



Sitting in the car, with the distance from the autumn group closer and closer, Chen Fei’s heart, involuntarily nervous.

At the moment, various thoughts constantly came into his mind, imagining how he would see Wei Ling later, what to say and how to explain all this.

Chen Fei takes a step directly and grabs it in the air with his right hand.

“Well, how is that possible? Who the hell are you? ” The uniformed man gets nervous, raises the muzzle of the gun and aims at Chen Fei again.

And Chen Fei, in addition to the clothes on the hole, his body, intact.

But then, as if the warhead hit the steel plate, it made a metal collision sound, twisted and deformed, fell to the ground and rolled to one side.

Chen Fei’s bullet hit a small hole in the heart.

Chen Fei didn’t dodge at all, and didn’t even move at all, so he walked straight ahead.

However, at this moment, a shocking scene happened.

And that uniform male, the canthus of the eye then flashed to put on a ruthless and fierce color.

Such a scene, let Wei Ling can not help but show the color of worry.

All of a sudden, “bang”, the muzzle of the gun ejected a group of fire, a bullet, toward Chen Fei’s heart position, shot over.

“You –” the uniform man gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger.

But Chen Fei remained unmoved and continued to move forward.

“Stop!” Uniform man a fierce drink, fingers have been pulled on the trigger, began to work.

As he spoke, Chen Fei stepped forward again.

Chen Fei squinted and said in a cold voice, “I don’t like being pointed at with a gun.”

Speaking, the man raised his right hand, the muzzle of the gun aimed at Chen Fei.

The uniformed man frowned, and his breath began to surge. With his right hand, he felt the pistol around his waist and asked in a deep voice, “I’m asking you, who are you? Report your name at once

Chen Fei didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at the man coldly and asked, “is it you who hurt sister Ling’s face?”

But the uniform man, with a deep look in his eyes, stopped in front of Chen Fei and said, “who are you?”

“Sister Ling, I’m back!” Chen Fei steps forward to comfort Wei Ling.

Seeing that familiar cheek, Wei Ling was stunned, and then her tears could no longer be held back. She burst out with a cry in her voice, “you, you’re back. I knew that you were OK. You must be OK. I knew that… ”

“Sister Ling, it’s me!” Chen Fei lifted his long hair and showed his cheek.

Hearing the voice, Wei Ling looked over and frowned, showing a look of doubt.

Seeing Wei Ling, Chen Fei got excited and couldn’t help shouting.

“Sister Ling!”

However, at the moment, Wei Ling’s cheeks are red and swollen, her clothes are messy, and even there is a large amount of blood on the ground, which makes her look very embarrassed.

Opposite the man, a woman in a professional suit with black glasses is Wei Ling.

In the spacious and familiar office, Chen Fei saw a man in his thirties, also wearing custom-made security clothes.

A loud noise, Chen Fei directly knocked open the office door, rushed in.


“What are you doing out there?”

What happened outside attracted the attention of people in the office.

Chen Fei didn’t talk nonsense. He went forward and hit several bodyguards to the ground with a few clicks.

When these bodyguards saw Chen Fei, they immediately drank.


“Who is it?”

Outside the office, there are also a group of people. However, they are not armed special police, but a group of strong men in custom-made security clothes. It seems that they should be the bodyguards of which family.

Then he walked quickly to the president’s office.

However, at the moment, Chen Fei doesn’t want to talk nonsense with them at all. Direct instant step forward, slap a few times, will a few people stun.

Seeing Chen Feichong coming, they were stunned for a moment, and then cheered: “stop!”

Outside, there are several uniformed armed police.

Hearing these noisy voices, Chen Fei was more and more worried, quickened his pace and rushed to the past.

“You –” the other party was angry, and it was a crackle again.

But the female voice is still firm, “we’re right. If we fight a lawsuit, I’ll accompany you to the end.”

“Jun Shao, if there is any accident, you are all finished. No one can protect you, even the old man Zhong Xu! ” A threat sounded.

“Pa!” A crisp ring, and then a burst of angry voice up, “do not know good or bad things, seek death!”

“My brother is in self-defense. We have no collusion. The company, I also won’t sell, you don’t wishful thinking

Then, a firm and familiar female voice rang.


“Sign, or your brother will die!””Who sent the man to do it, is it Zhong Xu of the armed forces commission?”

“Who’s behind you? Say

Chen Fei came out of the elevator and immediately heard a loud shout.

Soon, to the top floor.

After landing on a platform on the fourth floor, Chen Fei immediately entered the building and headed for the president’s office on the top floor.

Chen Fei’s legs bent slightly, and then he started to work. His whole body was like a spring, and he jumped up to a height of ten or twenty meters.

Around the outside, looking for a few people in the corner.

Chen Fei frowned, didn’t want to delay time, took the initiative to step back.

However, within the blockade line, the armed special police stopped Chen Fei and said, “step back. No one is allowed to come near.”

When Chen Chao Fei heard these words, he couldn’t help breaking into the building.


“Certainly not ordinary people. Otherwise, these armed special police will not appear at will. ”

“It’s not just the rich second generation. It’s said that someone in my family is an official. I don’t see. The helicopters just arrived. ”

“I heard that the man who was killed was a rich second generation, very rich! I brought a group of bodyguards with me

Besides, other people’s comments also came into Chen Fei’s ears.

“Homicide Chen Fei became nervous and worried.

“I heard that there was a homicide. Someone was killed.”

Other people looked at Chen Fei and said.

Suddenly, Chen Fei frowned and asked the onlookers: “brother, what’s the matter? With so many policemen, what happened? ”

Squeeze into the crowd, Chen Fei found that under the building, even pulled a circle of cordon, there are uniformed police, are busy.

“What happened?” Chen Fei with doubts, speed up the pace of the past.

Because, at the moment of autumn, the group building downstairs, surrounded by a group of people, hustle and bustle, are talking about what.

However, as soon as he got to the bottom of the building, Chen Fei couldn’t help frowning.

Chen Fei takes a deep breath, opens the car door and gets off. Go to the tall building in front of you.

Just then, the car stopped and the driver’s voice rang, “Mr. Chen, here we are.”

For a moment, Chen Fei felt as if he had just become an adult.

Suddenly, the gun in the man’s hand turned into a scrap metal.

The hands and feet of the subdued man made a click, the bones broke, and the scream burst into the sky.


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