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Chen Fei looked at them and asked in a voice, “what’s the matter with you people? And now, what’s the situation in the capital? ”

Speaking of this, Lin Zhentian’s expression is one of the deep, slowly told up.

Chen Fei didn’t have to take a deep breath

“Mr. Chen, would you like to inform Mr. Wei?” Lin Hu asked.

After Lin Hu’s introduction, Chen Fei’s face sank and said coldly, “if I don’t give Chen Fei’s things, no one wants to rob them!”

“And recently, it’s approaching the verdict of a lawsuit. The Junwu group and the Qiuqiu group started a war of words in the media. ”

“In recent months, the autumn group has been in various investigations and lawsuits, which has greatly affected the development of the company.”

“So, Jun Wutian found a relationship, slandered Qiuqiu group’s products involving national security, asked the official intervention, forced acquisition.”

“Among them, the most powerful is the Junwu group. Jun Wutian, the boss of Junwu group, has talked with President Wei for many times. He wants to buy Qiuqiu group at a low price, but all of them are rejected by President Wei. ”

“Because of the bright future of the company and the recent promotion of Mr. Chen’s statue, the trend of downplaying your heroic title is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, some people have their eyes on the fat meat of autumn group and want to take it as their own

“But from this year, Mr. Wei led his staff to repackage the Shengquan water of his Shengquan company and put it on the market. It sold very quickly and set off the market. In the autumn, the scale of the group company rose rapidly, and recovered to the level of 100 billion, and there is even a further trend. ”

“At first, people thought that the group would gradually decline in the autumn. In addition, Mr. Chen, you still have the title of hero, so there are not many people fighting against autumn group. ”

“In autumn, the group has a large scale. Three years ago, its market value reached nearly hundreds of billions. Then, because of great changes, the market value of the group fell a lot in the autumn. ”

Mentioning this, Lin Zhentian does not quite understand, Lin Hu tells Chen Fei.

Immediately, Chen Fei thought of something and asked, “by the way, how much do you know about autumn group? What kind of acquisition is going on? ”

“Yes They nodded.

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “no, Mr. Zhong is busy. Don’t disturb him. Also, my identity, don’t make a big fuss, I don’t want to expose it for the time being. Do you understand? ”

“Mr. Chen, do you want me to contact Mr. Zhong and let him come over?” Lin Hu asked.

Most of the time, however, Zhong Xu is the official chairman of the wuhui.

Of course, from another point of view, it is precisely because of the Zhong family’s participation that the very weak martial arts committee has a little confidence and can barely compete with the three schools in the Martial Arts Alliance.

So, in the end, the talks collapsed. The Zhong family unexpectedly joined the Military Commission.

Now, for the sake of the so-called promotion of martial arts, the alliance has to cooperate with them in a low voice. He even distorts the facts and vilifies Chen Fei. This is totally unacceptable to the Zhong family.

As a benefactor of the Zhong family, Chen Fei didn’t agree with the attitude of the alliance at that time. Moreover, the main martial arts halls are essentially servants of the three palace masters of taboo island. Many of them and Chen Fei are enemies. They use earth people to do experiments and refine martial arts, and even don’t regard earth people as human beings at all.

Generally speaking, the attitude of the alliance is to try to contact the martial arts hall, and reach cooperation with them to enhance the strength of Chinese martial arts. At the same time, try to play down Chen Fei’s heroic image, control the resources in the hands of Chen Fei’s relatives and friends, and re divide.

At that time, people did not understand the reason why the Zhong family made such a decision. Only the insiders knew that the Zhong family and the alliance of martial arts and Taoism had great differences in their attitudes towards Chen Fei and his relatives and friends, so they didn’t reach cooperation in the end.

However, after some negotiations at that time. In the end, there was no cooperation between the two sides. Instead of joining the Martial Arts Alliance, the Zhong family later joined the not so powerful martial arts committee.

In this case, as the Zhenwu family on the outer island, the Zhong family became a hot potato, invited by the alliance of martial arts and Taoism, and became a major martial arts force in China.

In China, for various reasons, except for Qingmu hall, other martial arts halls did not choose to take root in China. The development of martial arts in China also lagged behind other countries where martial arts halls took root.

Later, the great change took place, and the main martial halls on taboo Island left one after another, taking root in all countries in the world.

At the beginning, Chen Fei got to know Zhong Zhuyan, a young lady of the Zhong family, and came to Zhenwu family on the outer island of taboo island to help the Zhong family defeat their rival Yuwen family, making the Zhong family the largest family in Zhenwu family.

Among them, the most powerful member of the armed forces committee is Zhong Xuzhong, the owner of the original Zhenwu family.

For example, there are some martial arts forces involved with Chen Fei, such as the hidden family where Lin Zhentian lives, the members of the five elements team who had a good relationship with Chen Fei before, and the former members of the Martial Arts Alliance such as Lin Hu and Lin Lu.

The Military Commission, however, can only absorb some marginalized fighters and forces who are unable to join the alliance.

The whole Wudao alliance is very powerful.These four forces are the backbone of the alliance. As for other martial arts schools, schools and sects, most of them have also joined the alliance.

Wanwuzong almost all the elites of the major sects after the great changes were included in the bag, and together they became the overlord of today’s sects.

One is wanwuzong, the most famous sect of wudaozong in China.

The so-called three schools are the three most famous martial arts schools in China today. They are the first martial arts school in Beijing, the first military school and the women’s school.

However, in today’s society, the vast majority of martial arts are absorbed by the alliance of martial arts and Taoism. In particular, the young elite martial arts were almost all absorbed by the three schools and one school in the Martial Arts Alliance.

In order to attract warriors, the official level, in addition to the Wudao alliance, set up a warrior Management Committee, referred to as the Wushu Committee. Take in those who are not in the Wudao alliance.

In today’s society, the expansion of power is almost equal to the improvement of the quantity and quality of military personnel.

The official government does not want to be marginalized and is trying to expand its power.

However, over the past three years, with more and more Aura, there have been more and more martial artists. The proportion of Wu Dao alliance in the co governance is higher and higher, and its influence is also larger and larger, which gradually suppresses the official government.

Today’s Chinese government is nominally governed by the alliance of martial arts and Taoism and the official government.

Chen Fei listened carefully. Half an hour later, he was clear about the current situation of martial arts in the capital.

“Yes, I’ll spare you a car.” Lin Hu said.

Afterwards, Chen Fei washed up, changed his clothes, dressed himself up fresh and fresh, and then got on the bus and went to the autumn group.


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