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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3023



At that time, the Qianlong list was released, and Chen Fei was on the list for the first time.

Zhu wanted to join the young apprentice, and asked him to join the alliance.

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, “Lao Lintou, don’t be so numb. When did you feel so deeply for me. Sit down and talk

As soon as he saw Chen Fei, he got excited and stared at him with a trembling voice. “Master Chen, you are still alive. I -”

in a room, Lin Hu knocked on the door and came in with the white haired Lin Zhentian.

At the same time, Chen Fei returned to an old compound in the northern suburb of the capital.


The phone hung up.

“I see.”

“Wait! It’s a big deal now. That boy, when he has a chance, he’s going to die. ” Cao Xu disdained the way.

“That –”

Cao Xu’s eyes sank, “of course not. Lu Hao is a member of Xuri Pavilion. If he is killed in this way, I don’t care how Xuri Pavilion will serve the public in the future. ”

“Yes! Mr. Cao! Is this the end of the matter? ” Asked the other.

Cao Xu was silent for a few seconds and said in a voice, “not for the time being. That crazy Chen is no big deal. There’s no need to provoke the old people of the armed forces Committee for him. ”

“It’s like this. Mr. Cao, shall we do it? ” Asked the other.

After hearing this, he was a little surprised. “Lin Zhentian came out in person and picked up that crazy Chen!”

Not long after Chen Fei left Dongshan prison, Cao Xu received a call from the first military school in Beijing.

It’s just that the central character is the white haired old Lin. When they left, Chen Fei was surrounded by them.

So, this group of people who came here, now they leave again.

Chen Fei nodded and got up to leave.

Then he came to Chen Fei and said, “Mr. Chen, you are free. Let’s go.”

On one side of Lin Hu, seeing this, he quickly winked at Mr. Lin.

“Chen –” old Lin, the leader, saw Chen Fei and cried out, his expression became excited.

When Chen Fei stretched out and came out of the detention room, he was surprised to see the dark crowd in front of him. “You are –”

then, the white haired old man came to the 108 detention room to welcome the young man.

In the end, the warden turned pale and ordered, “detention room 108, Chen Feng, you can leave.”

Half an hour later, the office door opened, and the white haired Mr. Lin and the warden came out.

There was a slap and a shout from the table.

After hearing this, the old man with white hair changed his eyes and rushed into the warden’s office.

“Mr. Lin, here you are!” Lin Hu went up and whispered in the old man’s ear.

The leader was an old man with white hair, followed by a group of people, each with a serious face and a dignified face.

At this time, with the opening of the gate of Dongshan prison, a group of people poured in.

If the atmosphere goes on, the two sides will fight on the spot.

The two sides are still deadlocked, and no one can convince anyone.

In this way, in Dongshan prison, the meeting was held all night, and in the early morning of the next day.

So, the conference room, a phone call out, you come and I go, without stopping.

No one can be convinced by your coming and going, so we can only pull relations and compare forces.

On the other hand, he insisted that Chen Feng had a huge criminal suspect and could not be released easily.

One side insists that Chen Fei is not a prisoner now and should not be put in Dongshan prison. He is even beaten and plotted against.

Late at night, the two parties sat in the conference room, still arguing.

In this way, that night, the whole Dongshan prison fell into a busy debate.

With that, Lin Hu continued to be busy.

“Mr. Chen, I understand. Please believe me, I will save you clean

Seeing this, Chen Fei said in a voice: “Lin Hu, don’t worry. Don’t affect yourself. It’s a big deal. I’ll just kill it. ”

“No, I’ll report again.”

“What’s the matter with the above? Why don’t you approve this kind of obvious non-compliance?”

However, in less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Hu’s report was typed back with three big words of “no approval”.

Chen Fei nodded slightly, but he was not in a hurry.

After some operation, Lin Hu said: “Mr. Chen, your current identity is not a criminal at all, it’s just a case related person. They brought you to Dongshan prison. It was against the rules. I’ll make a report right away and take you out. ”

“Mr. Chen, I’ll try to get you out!” Lin Hu looked serious, and then looked it up on the computer.”Don’t get excited, this group of people, don’t care.” Chen Feidao.

After hearing this, Lin Hu hit the table with a fist, full of anger, “it’s too much. These guys are lawless.”

Later, he focused on his experience in Yuncheng during this period.

Chen Fei gently smiles, presses Lin Hu, and then briefly talks about his coma for three years, and then wakes up and comes to Yuncheng.

A series of questions came out.

“How did you come over these three years? And now, what’s going on? How did you change your name? What happened? ”

Lin Hu takes Chen Fei to his office, closes the door and looks eager. “Mr. Chen, you are still alive. It’s great. I thought you, you died in that battle. ”

The words came out and the gunmen had to retreat.

“If something goes wrong, I’ll take care of it!” Lin Hu said.

“But -”

Lin Hu said in a deep voice: “why, did I not listen to my orders?”

“Captain Lin, this –” the man with the gun was puzzled.

So, suppressing his excitement and surprise, he waved and ordered, “everyone, retreat.”

Lin Hu a Leng, immediately understood Chen Fei’s meaning, he does not want to expose his identity at the moment.

Chen Fei patted Lin Hu on the shoulder and said, “my name is Chen Feng, nicknamed Chen lunatic.”

That’s why Lin Hu is so excited at the moment.

Therefore, when Chen Fei says these three words, it is equivalent to admitting that he is Chen Fei.

No one knows about this except Zhu Kuishan, Lin Hu, Lin Lu and Chen Fei.

At that time, because of this, Lin Lu and Chen Fei had a little misunderstanding.

This Lin Zhentian, originally the owner of the Lin family, had a conflict with Chen Fei at the beginning, but later he was beaten and accepted by Chen Fei.

“This -” Lin Zhentian smiles awkwardly and sits upright opposite Chen Fei, just like a primary school student.


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