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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3021



After driving for about an hour and a half, the car stopped in a low courtyard.

When the four got off the bus, Cai Zheng stood beside Chen Fei and took the initiative to introduce: “Mr. Chen, this is one of the branches of our Wu Dao alliance special office. The relevant investigation is going on here. Please cooperate with us.”

Chen Fei roughly guessed where he came to, somewhere in prison.

Looking at the high walls and power grids around, the steel doors and windows with children’s arms thick and thin, and the vigilant guards constantly patrolling.

But Chen Fei, after sitting in the car for more than an hour, was led into a cold gray building by these uniformed men.


“It’s not a good department. I’ll just leave. It’s more promising to follow Mr. Cao than to be here. ”

Later, his displeasure turned into disdain. With a sneer, he turned and went away, “I’m so old-fashioned. I really think the special operations department can be impartial and punish evil.”

Zhou Yi’s eyes twinkled, showing a touch of displeasure.

“Team leader, I –” Zhou Yi also wanted to explain a few words, but Cai Zheng waved his hand, ignored it, and turned his head straight in.

However, Cai Zheng turned his head and glared at Zhou Yi and said, “you can suspend your post. I don’t want to see you any more recently.”

Duan Jing and Zhou Yi follow.

Looking at the car leaving, Cai Zheng was relieved, but his eyes were still gloomy and turned to enter the office building.

Subdue the man and his party, then follow, drive and move.

Chen Fei was silent for a few seconds. Finally, he trembled slightly. The terror on his body dissipated and he took the initiative to go to the vehicle that subdued the man and his party.

At this time, Cai Zheng faced Chen Fei, his tone slowed down and began to persuade him, “Mr. Chen, this matter is very complicated. I hope you don’t be impulsive. Our special operations department will definitely investigate the cause and effect of the whole incident. ”

His face suddenly changed into a serious one.

Zhou Yi nodded gently.

The leading uniform man looks at Chen Fei incredulously, and then looks at Zhou Yi.

This words, the entire uniform team, are one of the shock, his face showed shock color.

“Do you really think that your combat effectiveness can be better than the joint efforts of three level five fighters?”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that in Yuncheng, Mr. Chen fought against three level five warriors and killed three at last.”

Cai Zheng squinted and said in a cold voice, “do you think you can get Mr. Chen with these things?”

“If we don’t cooperate with the investigation, we have the right to use special means -” the uniform man shook his gun.

Cai Zheng said in a voice: “Mr. Chen is still a related person in the relevant cases, not a prisoner. You can’t use force at will.”

“Team leader Cai, now, it’s our business –” the uniform man reminds us.

At the thought of this, Cai Zheng cried out: “don’t do it!”

Even if we finally use stronger force to capture Chen madman, the result will be quite serious loss.

At that time, the entire special operations department of the Wudao alliance, and even the joint investigation office of the martial arts school, will be turned upside down.

Cai Zheng saw this and was shocked. He saw Chen Fei’s terrible strength in Yuncheng. He knew that once he really started, few people in this small courtyard would survive.

Chen Fei’s eyes are cold, his body is full of evil spirit, and he can make a move at any time.

With that, he waved and a group of people approached Chen Fei again.

At this time, Cai Liang took out a document in front of us. Thank you for your cooperation. ”

Zhou Yi’s words are so high sounding that Cai Zheng can’t refute them for a while.

“You -”

“in that case, there is no need to divide so clearly. Otherwise, it would be bad for people to think that we are fighting for credit. ”

With an indifferent expression on his face, Zhou Yi explained: “chief, of course I know my identity. But whether it’s the special investigation office of the Martial Arts Alliance or the joint investigation office of the martial arts school, we are all working for the sake of the capital and the peace of China. ”

“But, you have to remember that you are now a member of the special investigation office of the alliance of martial arts and Taoism. The investigation office should be the first to do things.”

“I know you graduated from the first martial arts school in Beijing. I also know that you and Lu Hao are both members of Cao Xu’s Xuri Pavilion.”

His face sank down, staring at Zhou Yi and said, “Zhou Yi, I warned you before that you should recognize your identity.”

However, in CAI Zheng’s eyes, this state is no different from recognition.

Zhou Yi shrugged noncommittally and did not answer.

On hearing this, Cai Zheng suddenly thought of something. His eyes sank, he glared at Zhou Yi and said harshly, “did you inform them?”

At this time, Zhou Yi appeared beside Cai Zheng and said, “team leader, if they want to check, let them check. After all, their words are reasonable. “The uniformed man specially accentuated his tone in the words of the first military school in Beijing.

The uniformed man said, “what is intervention? The deceased Lu Hao was a student of the first military school in Beijing. Our joint investigation office of the military school has the right to investigate this matter. What’s more, the whole No. 1 Military School in Beijing attaches great importance to this matter. ”

“The joint investigation office of the military academy, how did you get involved in our affairs?” Cai Zhengdao.

Without waiting for him to finish, the uniformed man showed a certificate directly and said proudly, “from the joint investigation office of the military academy.”

Then he asked the uniformed man, “which department are you from? Chen Feng is the person to be investigated by our special operations department. You — ”

CAI Zheng is also a little confused at the moment. Seeing Chen Fei’s eyes, he quickly explains,” it’s not our people. ”

In an instant, Chen Fei’s eyes were cold and cold. Then he turned to look at Cai Zheng, showing the color of doubt.

All of a sudden, the people under his command rush to take Chen Fei away.

“Take it away!” After listening to the answer, the uniformed man gave a direct order.

Chen Fei frowned, looked at Cai Zheng, then nodded and said, “I am!”

One of the leaders looked at Chen Fei and said in a deep voice, “you are Chen Feng, nicknamed Chen lunatic?”

But at this time, suddenly a sound of orderly footsteps came, a team of armed men in gray blue uniforms, armed with guns, stopped several people.

Cai Zheng also nodded, greeting Chen Fei into the building office.

“No problem. Hurry up Chen Fei nodded, ready to end the investigation as soon as possible, so that he could deal with Wei Ling’s affairs.

Maybe Cai Zheng’s words played a deterrent role. He was much more careful when he subdued Chen Fei.

There was no big action. After taking him into a fully enclosed metal room, the other party left a word and then left, “wait here.”


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