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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3020



At this moment, Cai Zheng, Zhou Yi and Duan Jing, who are following, have just arrived at the edge of the forest.

Looking at the forest, their faces were puzzled.

Since they felt Chen Fei’s terror fighting power, their attitude towards Chen Fei has become cautious and even respectful.

“I’d like to thank Mr. Chen in advance.” Cai Zheng said.

Chen Fei nodded and said in a cold voice, “as long as it conforms to the procedure, I will cooperate with the investigation.”

At this time, Cai Zheng thought of something and said to Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, you are still an important associate in the case of Lu Hao’s death. So when you get to the capital, I hope you can cooperate with our investigation. ”

Looking out of the window, Chen’s body moved deeply.

Duan Jing surprised voice: “the capital is coming.”

A few hours later, you can see the outline of a city with many tall buildings in the distance.

Together with CAI Zheng, Chen Fei boarded a small plane, soared into the sky and flew straight to the capital.

At 10 a.m. the next day, Yuncheng airport.


Chen Fei did not refuse, nodded and agreed.

“Boss, we’re going to have a dinner tonight to practice for you.”

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, but maybe the rate won’t come back. Take care of yourself.”

“Return it?”

“Boss, you are serious. You really have to go!”

On hearing this, boss Liu and big and small tigers were stunned.

“Just stay in Yuncheng and take care of what you’re doing. Try not to cause trouble, because I may not come back. ”

“I have time to deal with it. I have to leave,” Chen said


“That is, guarding the Cloud City, even if they are the people in the capital, they dare not make trouble.”

“Boss, why do you want to go back to Beijing with them? They must have been mean to you? If you go to the capital, you’ll get into the mouth of the tiger! ”

Big tiger and boss Liu naturally came together and looked puzzled.

Chen Fei also turned back to his room and began to pack up.

Cai Zheng, the three of them, turned and left.

“Yes!” Chen Fei nodded.

Cai Zheng was stunned again, and then said, “Mr. Chen, it will take some time for us to contact the special plane. How about we start at ten tomorrow morning? ”

“The sooner the better, now.” Chen Fei said.

Leng for a few seconds, Cai Zheng nodded: “thank you for your cooperation, when is convenient for you to start?”

“Er –” this is one of the three people who surprised Cai Zheng.

However, without waiting for Cai Zheng to speak, Chen Fei got up and said, “I’ll go to the capital with you.”

“Mr. Chen, we –” Cai Zheng came in and wanted to have a chat with Chen Fei to see how to persuade him to go to the capital to cooperate with the investigation.

At this time, the three breath came from Cai Zheng and the three of them.

At the moment, he almost wanted to rush to the capital immediately to solve the problems that threatened Wei Ling.

Seeing this, Chen Fei’s heart moved, “sister Ling is in trouble!”

Wei Ling, dressed in a uniform, said solemnly in front of the camera: “autumn group is a private company. We have the right to decide the future of autumn group. No force or individual can forcibly control the autumn clique. That’s our attitude. ”

Immediately, a familiar face of Chen Fei appears in the picture.

“In this regard, Jun Wutian, general manager of Junwu group, publicly declared that if Qiuqiu group does not accept the acquisition, the previous stagnant safety investigation on Qiuqiu group will start again.”

“Recently, Junwu group once again launched the acquisition of Qiuqiu group. Not enough, the acquisition proposal was once again rejected by Ms. Wei Ling, President of the autumn group. ”

Chen Fei is bored to listen. Suddenly, his eyes must be on a piece of news on TV in front of him.


“Sure enough, I didn’t choose the wrong one. Just follow Mr. Chen. ”

“After that, we can walk horizontally in Yuncheng. We don’t care about big families or martial arts associations. ”

“Boss, you are too fierce. You killed all the three leaders! ”

At the moment, in Cloud City, Liu laoben and the big and small tigers gather together beside Chen Fei excitedly and keep talking.

With a sigh, the three turned and flew to the direction of Cloud City.

For a moment, Cai Zheng couldn’t think of a way. He could only look at the direction of Yuncheng and said, “go back and have a look first!”

It’s not so easy for the level 6 fighters to send out reinforcements.

But now the situation, general reinforcement, I’m afraid there is really no effect.

Although Cai Zheng said before that he could offer reinforcements to the capital.

After all, the strength of Chen lunatic completely exceeded their expectations. It is almost impossible to arrest Chen madman and return to Beijing.At the moment, Cai Zheng did not know what to do.

Then Duan Jing asked, “team leader, what should we do now?”

Speaking of this, the three were silent again.

Duan Jing also seemed to think of something, exclaimed: “fortunately, the group leader didn’t let us do it, otherwise, our end might be the same as the three leaders.”

Speaking of this, Zhou Yi can’t help but shrink his neck, with a look of fear in his eyes.

Cai Zheng first came back to himself and said in a voice: “whether we believe it or not, this is the truth. Chen lunatic killed the three leaders of Yuling Pavilion, Yujian Pavilion and fengxiao Valley, and his fighting power may reach the level of level 6 warrior. ”

“In less than five minutes, how did he do it?”

“That madman Chen killed three level five warriors alone. How strong is he?”

“All three leaders have been killed.”

Ten minutes later, the three men stood in the center of the battle with shocked faces.

Finally, Cai Zheng said in a voice, “let’s go and have a look!”

Cai Zheng looked at the direction of Chen Fei’s departure, and then at the center of the battle.

Chen Fei naturally saw the three, but he just glanced at them and ignored them. Then he directly wheezed and turned them into a streamer, rushing to the direction of Cloud City.


“Are they defeated? Well, it’s impossible. They are three level five warriors. ”

“Why did he come out alone? What about the three leaders? ”

“It’s madman Chen. He, he’s ok?”

The three of them fixed their eyes, and the puzzled expression on their faces turned into astonishment and shock.

A figure flew out of the battle center.

Just when the three people were talking with doubts on their faces.

“It’s only a few minutes, not so fast? That Chen madman still has some strength. He can’t be defeated so soon. ”

“It can’t be that the battle is over!”

“No, just now the breath is surging, it should have started a war.”

“Why is there no movement? Hasn’t the battle begun yet?”

In this way, in a roar, the plane landed at an airport in the capital.

The four got off the plane, then got on a military green jeep and drove towards the central area of the capital.


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