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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3019



Feeling the turbulent atmosphere of the three, Chen Fei’s face was slightly serious, “three five level warriors!”

After a pause, Chen Fei looked at the three men who attacked him and said to himself, “don’t waste your time. Let’s make a quick decision.”

In the sea of gods, there was a murmur of the burning dragon, “call me a beast, good death!”

A dark red shadow, whew, drilled back to Chen Fei’s clothes.

Chen Fei was standing in the air with his hands on his back.

So far, the three leaders all died.

At this time, Chen Fei has come over, a little light, fell on zuofei, ignited it, burned quickly, and turned into a pile of ashes.

“Ah –” Zuo Fei let out a cry of pain.

Zuo Fei felt a sharp pain on his face, and his cheek seemed to melt.

However, this snake, more flexible than he imagined, cleverly avoided zuofei’s sword, and then spewed out a fire, all of which fell on zuofei’s face.

“Get out of here, beast!” Zuo Fei didn’t expect that an unknown fierce beast would dare to attack himself. He was very angry and split out with a sword.

Turning his head around, he saw a red, half meter long snake coming towards him.

Just as Zuo Fei was whistling and thinking, suddenly, he felt a black shadow flash in the corner of his eye.

“That Chen madman, after all what origin, unexpectedly so fierce?”

At this time, zuofei had already opened a distance of several kilometers. Seeing this scene, he was relieved, “I’m safe!”

After killing mu yetian, the fierce fire dragon seemed to consume too much. With a puff, it burst and dissipated in the air, turning into countless small red light spots and slowly scattered.

In the despairing eyes of Mu yetian, he swept it, swallowed it, and finally turned it into ashes.

However, without waiting for him to get angry, the terrible fire dragon behind him has swept over.

“Zuo Fei, you –” Mu yetian saw this, angry and angry.

Even, worried that he would be implicated, Zuo Fei made some efforts to slow down his escape in the direction of Mu yetian’s escape.

So Zuo Fei didn’t pay any attention to Mu yetian and continued to run away.

It’s only meaningful to survive and talk about other things.

No matter how greedy Zuo Fei is, he is not a fool. He knew that the primary goal now was to survive.

However, this heartbeat is just a flash.

After all, it’s a precious herb. It’s hard to buy with money at ordinary times, but now muyetian wants to give ten free.

Hearing this, Zuo Fei’s heart beat instinctively.

“Ten tianlingcao!”

“Left leader, help me!” Seeing this, mu yetian yelled, “you save me once. I’m willing to take out ten plants of Tianling grass as a gift of thanks.”

Behind the terrible dragon, roaring swept.

As a result, Muye fell behind.

However, mu yetian is old after all, and Yuling Pavilion is good at cultivating herbal medicine, which is inferior in combat ability.

At the moment, they were really afraid, and they didn’t want to fight any more. As soon as their faces changed, they turned around and began to run wildly.

They didn’t expect that Chen Fei’s attack was so strong that they couldn’t even take one move.

Later, some of the wood night sky and left fly see, scared pale.

The terrible fiery dragon directly enveloped the wind, and a scream rang out. The wind was enveloped by the fire layer upon layer. In just ten seconds, it turned into a pile of scorched black and fell from the air.

However, after he met Chen Fei’s dragon, he was burned out and couldn’t hold it for three seconds.

At the front is the main wind language of Fengxiao valley. Seeing this real fire dragon coming, wind language also wants to control the wind meaning and use the wind to change the direction of the fire dragon to avoid this attack.

The fire dragon roared and rushed to the three men.

The spirit of terror swept the three people directly. The burning and incomparable smell evaporates and dries up the trees in the forest instantly. The originally lush forest turns into a dry land.

However, they underestimated the power of fire dragon.

Three people feel the terrible power of the attack, can’t help but face a change, hasten to urge the body of Zhenyuan breath, want to resist Chen Fei’s attack.

With the words of the moment, Chen Fei’s palm, red Zhenyuan breath, condensed out, like a roaring fire dragon, rushed up to the sky, toward the three.

At this time, after resisting the attack of the three, Chen Fei raised his mouth slightly, sneered and said: “enough? Now, it’s my turn to do it. ”

“Can –” what else does mu yetian want to say.


“Seven level realm, that is the realm that even Cao Xu has just reached. How can he?”

“It’s impossible. He’s only at the top of level 4. He’s far away from level 7!”Listen to wood night day so say, wind language and left fly instinct is not believe.

“Is this the jade of yuantijing?”

However, mu yetian, the oldest, seemed to think of something suddenly, and his face was shocked. “I heard that when a martial arts practitioner reaches the seventh level of cultivation, that is, the former Yuanti level, he will refine his body and produce a jade like effect. If it is tempered to the extreme, it can even resist the attack of vitality with the body. ”

Zuo Fei also frowned and looked puzzled.

“What’s going on? How can his body be so strong? ” Fengyu felt that she was going to collapse and could not understand the current situation.

But, their attack, the next bang on Chen Fei’s body, like tickling general, can’t cause a little damage to Chen Fei.

Surprised by one of the three, they launched another offensive.

“What’s going on?”

On the contrary, Chen Fei’s body surface is blooming with a layer of lustre, which completely defuses their offensive.

Although the three men’s joint offensive broke Chen Fei’s aura shield and hit him, it couldn’t shake his body at all.

Because Chen Fei, who resisted the attack of the three men, was not hurt.

But in the end, the three of them had no idea.

Originally, the joint strike of the three level five fighters was a matter of course even if they could not kill Chen Fei, the top level Four warrior.

But then, with a loud noise, Chen Fei, who breathed wildly, ran directly into the attack of the three.


For a time, three breath, as if to cut across the sky, cut off all obstacles.

When they saw that Chen Fei was only at the top of the fourth level, they even took the initiative to attack him. They suddenly drank angrily. Their breath came to Chen Fei with the intention of killing him.

“To die!”

Seeing this, Chen Fei looks at the breath soaring to the extreme. The three people who attack him, move and rush up.

Immediately, it turned into a shadow, rushed out from behind Chen Fei, and then went around to the side, ready to launch a sneak attack on the three.

On hearing this, Huo Jiao was afraid and could only say in a voice, “I’m going to fight.”

Chen Fei didn’t care so much. He said directly, “it’s useless. It’s waste. Instead of wasting my cultivation resources, I’d better kill them and sell them for money.”

As soon as he finished, Chen Fei felt the voice of huojiao coming from the sea of gods, “I’ve just been promoted to the level five beast realm, and their realm is higher than mine.”

“If it’s not qualified, it’s not qualified to stay and be my man.”

At the same time, he communicated with huojiao in the sea of God, “snake, since you are obedient to me. This battle, as a test of your assessment it

With that, Chen Fei’s breath surged up.

Chen Fei said: “snake, it’s a good job this time. I won’t kill you for the time being. Keep it and continue to use it!”

Huo Jiao shuddered, shivering, no longer making a sound.


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