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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3018



This cry almost stirred up the whole Cloud City.

Countless people looked over here, and the discussion began to hum.

“What an arrogant man!”

“You -”

immediately, Chen FeiMeng raised his head, with a cold and incomparable chill in his eyes, and said in a voice: “I understand. I don’t need to keep my hand to kill you next.”

“What do you know?” the three frowned.

Chen Fei sees this, nodded, light way: “I understand.”

With that, the three men’s breath surged wildly, and they made no secret of their intention to kill Chen Fei.

Zuo Fei’s body is like a sword, and his voice is cold and fierce. “To kill the people in my imperial sword Pavilion, you have to pay a price. There’s no reason.”

The wind whispered coldly: “crazy Chen, now that he is afraid, he wants to beg for mercy. It’s too late. There’s no chance. ”

Without waiting for Chen Fei to finish, mu yetian clenched his teeth and interrupted Chen Fei’s words, “Chen madman, you don’t want to quibble. My daughter died in your hands. Anyway, I want you to pay for it. ”

Chen Fei looked at the three men, shook his head and said, “all the people I killed are passive backhand. They wanted me first, and I had to fight back. You – ”

three people looked at Chen Fei with hate on their faces and roared.

“Crazy Chen, this is your graveyard.”

Three people present a triangle position, surrounded Chen Fei again.

After stopping, Chen Fei looked back and saw that three shadows followed quickly. They were the three leaders.

After flying for a few minutes, Chen Fei has been more than ten kilometers away from Yuncheng. Below is a lush forest, where you can hear the sounds of birds, animals and insects.

Then the three moved.

Cai Zheng squinted at the direction the four left and nodded: “let’s go and have a look.”

“Team leader, we –” Duan Jing looks at Cai Zheng.

And some people who are not afraid of death or like to watch the crowd rush out towards the direction of the four people leaving.

The people in the city, nervous or regretful, bowed their heads one by one and kept busy.

A few seconds, the figure of the four, into a few small black spots, disappeared in the public eye.

Three people see this, immediately chase up.

“Don’t let him escape.”

Chen Fei looked at the crowd of onlookers below, and then at Cai Zheng. Without saying much, he directly wheezed and rushed out of the city.

Three people looked at each other, to Chen Fei way: “Chen madman, out of the city by death.”

In the air, the three leaders smell the speech and look at Cai Zheng together. They feel the breath of CAI Zheng and confirm his identity.

This shows Cai Zheng’s attitude.

After that, Cai Zheng took a deep breath, and then said: “I’m Cai Zheng, a member of the special operations department of the alliance of martial arts and Taoism. But if innocent people are injured, the alliance will definitely pursue them to the end. ”

“It’s the best choice to let them handle it by themselves.”

Cai Zheng shook his head and said in a low voice, “although Zhou Yi has his own careful thinking. But just now there is a saying that is true. There are too many private fights among the martial arts in the Jianghu. We can’t manage them. ”

Duan Jing looked at Cai Zheng and said, “team leader, are we really not involved?”

Thinking of this, Zhou Yi couldn’t help smiling.

It’s a credit to go back to Beijing and report back. Zhou Yi’s position in Xuri Pavilion can also be improved, and his relationship with Cao Xu can also be further improved.

That being the case, it’s also a good thing to watch that crazy man Chen was killed.

Although Cai Zheng vetoed Zhou Yi’s proposal to make a direct move, in Zhou Yi’s opinion, when the three leaders made a move against Chen madman, the end of that guy was doomed.

Zhou Yi quickly nodded and said, “yes, we represent the official and are not allowed to intervene in this kind of personal resentment. Otherwise, it would be bad to cause misunderstanding. Just have a look! ”

But at this time, Cai Zheng waved his hand and said in a voice, “don’t interfere now. Let’s have a look.”

Duan Jing also wanted to explain the rules.

On hearing this, Zhou Yi, who had just shut up, couldn’t help staring at Duan Jing, and then said: “there are too many things that such martial arts in the river and lake seek revenge for private fights. If our special operations department manages them one by one, can it manage them? Then you don’t have to do anything else! ”

Duan Jing said in a voice: “team leader, this kind of martial arts fight privately. According to the rules, we have the right to deal with it. Now, are we going to step in? ”

“Can –” Zhou Yi wants to say something else, but Cai Zheng stares back.

Cai Zheng frowned and said, “Zhou Yi, remember our identity. We are official people. We can’t do it at will. What’s more, there is no trial and no conclusion on Chen Feng’s case. We can’t act recklessly. ”

Zhou Yi showed a look of excitement and said in a voice: “team leader, that crazy Chen has offended too many people. Now others have come to take revenge. We take the opportunity to kill that crazy Chen.”Even Cai Zheng, who was ready to leave to move the rescue troops, could not help but stop at the moment.

At the moment, in Cloud City, the crowd of onlookers has been buzzing about for a long time.

The three roared again.

“Exactly so!” The three said sternly, “crazy Chen, take your life!”

“I’ll take revenge on you

“Yuling Pavilion, wood night sky. Yujian Pavilion, left wing. Wind howling Valley, wind talk. ”

Three people from report home, Chen Fei after hearing, nodded, a clear appearance.

In the end, the windy Valley master was direct and didn’t talk any nonsense. He stared at Chen Fei and said directly.

“I’m Fengyu, the master of Fengxiao valley. Mo Feng is my beloved disciple. If you kill him, I will take revenge. ”

This Zuo Fei holds a long sword in his hand. His breath is fierce. He is like a sharp sword rising from the sky. He wants to pierce the space.

“I’m Zuo Fei, the leader of the Royal sword Pavilion, Lin Jue, the disciple of the Royal sword Pavilion, and Lin Hongxuan, the elder of the seven. Did you kill me?”

One of them, wearing a green robe, glared at Chen Fei.

“Crazy Chen, I’m mu yetian, the leader of Yuling Pavilion. My daughter Muyu was killed by you. What do you say I’m here for? ”

Three people separated by hundreds of meters distance, in the air and Chen Fei across the air opposite.

Chen Fei, rising from the air, spoke directly to the three people and said, “what’s the matter with you three looking for me?”

“Let’s stay well and don’t come out.”

Chen Fei looked at the fierce air, toward the three people who came close to him, told boss Liu, and then soared into the air.

“Mr. Chen!” Boss Liu is nervous.

In the hospital, Chen Fei naturally heard the sound and looked up.

“Crazy Chen, I want to see how you can kill us!”

In the roar, the three hands together, and the breath roars. The forest trees on the ground shake violently, and the turbulent breath strikes Chen Fei.


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