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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3017



After hearing this, Zhou Yi trembled all over, and his face showed a look of amazement. His mouth moved, as if he wanted to explain something, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Can nod a head only way, “group leader, I understand.”

“Just understand!” Cai Zheng nodded.

And at this time, suddenly, three streamers, whistling through the air, flew towards Chen Fei’s yard.

Cai Zheng did not explain, just waved, ready to let the two leave.

At this moment, Duan Jing and Zhou Yi come up with this idea at the same time.

“This – as for it?”

Cai Zheng narrowed his eyes and said, “report to the headquarters and ask for support.”

“Chief, what shall we do?” Duan Jing asked.

But Cai Zheng interrupted him with a wave of his hand, “needless to say, I’ve decided that I can’t confront Chen Feng head-on.”

“Can –” what else does Zhou Yi want to say.

Cai Zheng shook his head and said, “do you think he used all his strength?”

“Just now, I was defeated by his sneak attack. I haven’t played my full strength yet Zhou Yi defended himself.

“Chief, it’s impossible. We are all level five warriors Duan Jingdao.

Cai Zheng said: “we underestimated Chen Feng’s strength. If you do, you are not his opponent. ”

“What’s the difference?”

Cai Zheng said in a deep voice: “that’s right what I said yesterday. But now it’s different. ”

Duan Jing also doubts: “group leader, you said yesterday. With the case of Luo Chengzhu to arrest Chen Feng, the evidence is solid. If the other party arrests him, we can be serious. ”

“Chief, why did you let us leave?” Zhou Yi asked with a puzzled face.

Cai Zheng arched his hand to Chen Fei, and then left quickly with them.

They were not willing, but they had to stop.

Cai Zheng accentuated his voice and yelled again: “retreat, this is the order!”

“The two leaders were puzzled.

Seeing that the battle was imminent, Cai Zheng gave a sharp drink and stopped them, “stop!”

And at this time, Duan Jing also quietly moved to one side, palm condensed a group of breath, ready to move.

With a roar, Zhou Yi’s breath surged and he was ready to fight again.

“Chen, you dare to attack officials. Today, I will bring you to justice. ”

At this time, Zhou Yi suffered a loss, wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, showed a fierce color and gave a loud drink.

For a moment, Cai Zheng had doubts in his mind.

“My judgment is wrong. This guy’s strength has definitely reached the level five warrior level. But why, his martial arts realm, only four peak

This really surprised Cai Zheng.

But now, Zhou Yi, who is in the level five martial arts realm, fights with him, only to be beaten back by Chen Feng.

As a result, Cai Zheng’s evaluation of Chen Feng’s strength dropped a few points.

However, when he arrived at the scene yesterday, after seeing Chen Feng, he found out that Chen Feng’s martial spirit was only level 4. Although at the peak of level 4, it’s not at level 5.

Before he came, he read the information about Chen Feng more than once. Guess the opponent’s strength should be in the level five warrior realm.

Cai Zheng’s face sank, and his eyes toward Chen Fei became more serious.

“Brother Zhou!” Duan Jing also let out a exclamation.

Zhou Yi was bitten by the attack. He staggered for a while, stepped back a few steps, his throat was sweet, and his mouth was full of blood. Then he stared at Chen Fei with a look of astonishment and anger, “you –”

the scene where the wind was blowing just now was instantly quiet.

The palmprint bumps into the whirlwind and gives out a roar. Then it smashes the whirling wind dragon.

In an instant, a force of air burst out and became bigger and bigger in the air, forming a giant handprint.

Chen Fei sees this, cold hum a, right hand leans out, PA of, a palm clapped to go out.

At this moment, the trees in the courtyard shake, the gravel splashes, the whirlwind is like a wind dragon, roaring and pounding.

The powerful power of the level five warrior is now breaking out on Zhou Yi and sweeping him.

Zhou Yi’s whirlwind energy has already gone to Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Cai Zheng could not help frowning and making a sound to remind him, but it was too late.

“Zhou Yi -”

“crazy Chen, you want to arrest!” Zhou Yi drinks fiercely, and his breath blows like a whirlwind towards Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Chen Fei picks his eyebrows, and his breath starts to stir up.

This posture is ready for war.

As he spoke, Cai Zheng took a step forward. Zhou Yi and Duan Jing also separated to both sides of Chen Fei.

Cai Zheng paused for a moment, then said in a deep voice: “well, our special operations department can only take tough measures.”

Chen Fei squinted, looked at Cai Zheng and said, “if I don’t cooperate?”Cai Zheng nodded and said, “Luo Wei was killed by Mr. Chen in public. Lord Luo is the official appointed Lord of Cloud City. This matter is of great importance and the official attaches great importance to it. Mr. Chen is also requested to cooperate with our investigation. ”

“Lord Luo!” Chen Fei squinted, as if by accident.

This time, Cai Zheng’s face was serious and straight to the point, “Mr. Chen, please come back to Beijing with us to investigate the murder and death of Lord Luo Wei.”

Immediately, the three enter the house and find Chen Fei.

“Chief, I understand!” Zhou Yi nodded.

“It can only be so.” Cai Zheng sighed, then looked at Zhou Yi, who was silent all the time, and said, “Zhou Yi, please pay attention. If it’s not necessary, don’t start a conflict.”

“That can only use the death of Lord Luo Wei to let Chen Feng return to Beijing with us for investigation.” Duan Jingdao.

Cai Zheng nodded and said, “at that time, all the people who were fighting for Dan he died, leaving him alone. We can’t verify what he said.”

Duan Jing said in a voice: “team leader, we checked all day yesterday, but we didn’t find any exact evidence.”

However, at the moment, their faces were a little serious.

The next morning, Cai Zheng, Zhou Yi and Duan Jing came to Chen Fei’s residence again.

Chen Fei’s eyes sank, and he said in a cold voice, “if it’s hard, come. I haven’t been afraid of anyone.”

“Mr. Chen, what should we do if they come to force us?” Liu asked anxiously.

Chen Fei light way: “nothing, don’t worry.”

In the house, after Cai Zheng and the three of them left, boss Liu immediately came up and said to Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, are you ok?”

Then the three left.

“Yes, chief!” They nodded together.

Cai Zheng looked at them and said, “you’ve been promoted so smoothly this year. There are some things that we should learn to be flexible. Study hard

“Chief, I’m sorry. I was impulsive just now.” Zhou Yi apologized.

“It turns out that there is such a skill, worthy of being the team leader.” Duan Jing said with a smile.

After listening to Cai Zheng’s words, Duan Jing and Zhou Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened, showing a sudden realization.

“If not, take Chen Feng back to the capital on the ground of investigating the case of Lord Luo.”

Cai Zheng said: “Chen Feng killed Lu Hao and he Wu. We have no evidence now. However, Luo Wei, the former leader of Yuncheng, died in the hands of Chen Feng. That’s true. Many people have witnessed it

“Back to the capital, but, leader, you just said, we have no evidence, I’m afraid we can’t –” Duan Jing was surprised.

Cai Zheng narrowed his eyes and said, “naturally, it can’t be like this. If you still can’t find the evidence, take Chen Feng back to the capital for detailed investigation. ”

“Chen Feng doesn’t admit it, and we don’t have exact evidence. Is that the way to go back? ”

Duan Jing looked around and broke some awkward silence: “team leader, what are we going to do now?”

Three people, fall into silence for a moment.

At the same time, the three people called together, and their loud voices stirred in the Cloud City.

“Crazy Chen, come out and die!”


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