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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3016



Of course, these thoughts are just a flash.

Hearing Chen Fei’s words, Cai Zheng smiles and explains, “I want to know what happened on the day of Lu Hao’s and he Wu’s death.”

Cai Zheng’s face sank and he said, “Zhou Yi, shut up. Watch what you say and do

As soon as these words came out, Duan Jing and Cai Zheng could not help changing their faces.

“This –” Zhou Yi choked for a moment and paused. Then his eyes sank and he said in a cold voice, “although there is no evidence, I’m sure he did it. As long as we arrest him and torture him, he will certainly confess. ”

“So what? Is there any evidence? ” Cai Zhengdao.

Zhou Yi said: “someone saw it at that time. Chen Feng and Lu Hao fought each other. Moreover, in the end, Mo Tong was defeated by Chen Feng. Therefore, it is very likely that Chen Feng ordered Mo Tong Zi’s hand. ”

“Besides, the autopsy report is also realistic. Lu Hao and he Wu really died in the hands of Mo Tongzi.”

Cai Zheng looked at Zhou Yi and said, “you also said that it’s just the suspect. We have no evidence.”

As soon as he came out, Zhou Yi said in a dissatisfied voice: “team leader, we just left! Is Chen Feng the biggest suspect? ”

Two faces with angry and puzzled color, get up and leave.

Cai Zheng nodded, then waved, motioned Zhou Yi and Duan Jing to leave.

Chen Fei didn’t get up, but said faintly, “no more.”

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Chen. Let’s call it a day. Thank you for your cooperation. ” Cai Zheng got up and was ready to leave.

“Impulsive! He’s not a three-year-old. ” Chen Fei glances at Zhou Yi in a cold voice.

Then, he looked at Chen Fei apologetically and said in a voice, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, it’s our impulse. I beg your pardon. ”

Seeing that the battle is on the verge of breaking out, Cai Zheng takes the hand and presses Zhou Yi down.

Then, in a cold voice, he said, “Mr. Zhou, do you want to do it? I don’t mind staying with you to the end. ”

Chen Fei hummed coldly, and his body was shocked, and a strong air stirred up, shaking Zhou Yi’s breath away.

“You –” Zhou Yi got up in a rage, and the breath of Zhenyuan burst out in an undisguised way, enveloping Chen Fei.

Chen Fei snorted coldly: “Mr. Zhou is an official. I don’t need to teach you the procedure of handling a case. If there’s any evidence, arrest someone. If there’s no evidence, get out of the way. ”

“Wrong people? Just now you have admitted that you are the biggest suspect. ” Zhou Yidao.

Chen Fei laughs. Instead of replying to Zhou Yi, he looks at Cai Zheng and says, “group leader Cai, is that how you work in the special operations office? It’s just a matter of guessing people wrongly. ”

Zhou Yi’s face sank and he said, “if you admit it, that is to say, you caused Lu Hao’s death.”

“What about admitting?” Chen Fei picks eyebrow way.

Zhou Yi continued: “but at that time, some people said that they saw you and Lu Hao in conflict, even fighting. Moreover, before Lu’s family was destroyed because of you, Lu Hao’s family died in your hands. There is a deep hatred between you. Do you admit that? ”

Duan Jing nodded and said in a low voice: “Lu Hao and he Lu did find out the attack means of Mo Tong Zi.”

Wen Yan, Zhou Yi and Cai Zheng turn to look at Duan Jing.

“Yes.” Chen Fei nodded, “if you don’t believe it, you can go to check the body, should be able to find out the ink boy’s attack means.”

Zhou Yi frowned for a while, and wrote disbelief on his face. Looking at Chen Fei, he said: “according to your opinion, Lu Hao and he Wu were attacked by Mo boy of Siam when they were fighting for Dan he, and finally died.”

Three people a burst of silence, bowed his head to think.

Finally, after listening.

The three people on the other side listened carefully to Chen Fei’s story, and sometimes looked at each other, or compared with their known information, to confirm the truth of what Chen Fei said.

Of course, things are generally true, and Chen Fei will not tell us some details.

“Well, it’s easy to say.” Chen Fei did not shirk. He spoke directly and told the whole story over.

Cai Zheng said again: “we want to know the cause and effect of the death of Lu Hao and he Wu.”

Duan Jing took out a tablet and flipped through the information.

Seeing this, Zhou Yi hums coldly and looks at Chen Fei unhappily.


Chen Fei smelled the speech, swallowed the last mouthful of food, wiped his mouth, then looked at the three people and said: “I’m full. Ask

If Chen Fei didn’t know what to do, the three of them would not be able to talk so well.

This has shown Cai Zheng’s attitude. He thinks he has done enough for the previous courtesy.

This time, however, Cai Zheng’s tone became a bit more serious. “Mr. Chen, our special operations department is an organization directly under the alliance of government, military and Taoism. This time, it’s a matter of great importance. Please cooperate with Mr. Chen. If the situation is special, our special operations department has the right to use special means. “However, Cai Zheng held him.

“You –” Zhou Yi’s face sank and he was about to start.

“Can’t wait, then leave.” Chen Fei looks up at Zhou Yi and says, “it’s not salty.”.

This time, flat headed man Zhou Yi can’t help it. He looks angry and stares at Chen Fei. He is about to say, “are you finished or not? We are in a hurry. If you delay again –”

in this way, Chen Fei has been eating for half an hour and still doesn’t mean to stop.

Chen Fei didn’t say much. When they didn’t exist, they continued to eat.

So they sat opposite Chen Fei, waiting and watching him eat breakfast.

“Mr. Chen, take your time. We’re not in a hurry.” Cai Zheng said with a smile on his face.

Three people follow to come in, Chen Fei glanced at at at will, light way: “the thing is many, you are at will.”

Inside, Chen Fei has sat down and started to eat a lot of food on the table.

Behind him, Zhou Yi and Duan Jing take a look at each other and then walk into the room.

With that, he followed Chen Fei and went in.

Cai Zheng said in a deep voice: “this Chen Feng is not simple. Don’t act rashly!”

“Old leader, you –” said Zhou Yi.

Flat head Zhou Yi saw this, his eyes sank, showing a touch of anger, almost ready to start, but Cai Zheng stopped him.

“It’s a long time. I haven’t had breakfast yet. Let’s talk while eating.” Said, Chen Fei regardless of three people, directly toward the house.

“Team leader, I just –” Zhou Yi wanted to explain.

But Cai Zheng interrupted him, “Zhou Yi, I know you graduated from the first martial arts school in Beijing, and you are also a member of Xuri Pavilion. I don’t care who gave you orders or arranged things this time. But remember that before those identities, you were part of the special operations. Some things, don’t cross the line


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