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There are also many other voices, which are very noisy and lively.

Li Yun puffed her mouth and said angrily, “master, these people are too much. Chen Fei is our hero. They want to tear down Chen Fei’s statue. Well, they’re all bad guys. ”

Just as Chen Fei shakes his head and sighs, a young man with long hair and a cold and proud face appears in front of the camera and stands beside the head of the University.

It’s exciting to be No. 10 on the list. It’s really something to sigh about.

China is a great country of martial arts and Taoism.

Chen Fei looked at all kinds of excited rumors and felt a little happy for them, but at the same time, he sighed.

“The previous ranking was terrible. Cao Xu let us take a breath! ”

“This is our Chinese hero!”

“Cao Xu, win glory for us in China!”

“We Huaxia, finally someone entered the top 20 of chick Phoenix list, but also directly rushed to the tenth.”

“Cao Xu is so awesome. He’s in the top ten.”

Instantly, on the Internet, many netizens were boiling.

Hearing the speech, Chen Fei takes a close look and finds that many people are also writing the news. The list of young Phoenix has just been updated. Cao Xu, the first martial arts school in the capital of China, rose rapidly to the 10th place in the list of chicks and phoenixes, becoming one of the world’s top ten young martial artists.

Li Yun pointed to the mobile phone, some excited way: “the tenth, Cao Xu row to the tenth.”

“What’s the matter?” Chen Fei asked.

When Chen Fei sighs, suddenly, a cry of surprise comes from Li Yun’s mouth.

“The support of Wu Dian!” Chen Fei had some feelings. He didn’t expect that the taboo island was destroyed, but the hall of martial arts, which came out of it, continued to have such a great influence and changed the pattern of the world.

“Therefore, over the past three years, several other big powers have gradually distanced themselves from us in martial arts.”

“Especially in the United States, England and other countries, which are supported by the powerful martial arts hall, in the past three years, experts have emerged one after another and become stronger and stronger. However, we in Huaxia do not have a strong support from Wu Dian. The only Wu Dian in Huaxia, Qingmu Dian, does not interfere in official affairs. ”

Li Yun sighed and said, “master, I can’t make it clear. However, I read on the Internet that it is not that China is lagging behind, but that other countries are making rapid progress. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei was a little surprised. He could not help frowning and said, “Why are Chinese warriors so far behind? I can’t get in the top 20! ”

“Now, Cao Xu has entered the seventh level, and should be able to enter the top 20. However, it’s not sure how many places we can get. ”

“We Chinese warriors are weak in this respect. Before the chicken list top 20, no one is our Huaxia. The highest ranking is Zhu Xu of the first military academy, who is 36 years old and ranks 22nd in the list of chicks and phoenixes

Referring to this, Li Yun sighed and said, “master, the young Phoenix list is a competition among young warriors all over the world. It’s not very difficult, but rather quite difficult.”

After that, Chen Fei looked at the comments and asked, “how many places can Cao Xu get in the list of chicks? Is it difficult to enter the list of young Phoenix? ”

After listening, Chen Fei nodded and understood these lists.

“Outside of these two lists, of course. There are other lists such as the list of fierce beasts, the list of skills, the list of weapons and so on. However, the list of real dragons and the list of young phoenixes are always the most popular

“Besides the list of chicks and phoenixes, there is also a list of real dragons. It’s a list that directly ranks all the world’s warriors without any restrictions. It can be said that the real dragon list represents the top individual fighters in the world today. And the Chifeng list represents the potential warrior in the future. ”

“Master, this list of young swordsmen is a list of young swordsmen’s strength issued by all countries in the world. They are young warriors under 40 years old. ”

Li Yun quickly explained to Chen Fei.

“Chicken list!” Chen Fei is a stranger to this term.


“I think so. After all, this is a level seven warrior!”

“Sure, but I don’t know how many places I can get in the top 20?”

“Thirty two years old, seven level warrior, this, this can enter the young Phoenix list front row!”

“It’s not only as simple as entering level 7, but also depends on Cao Xu’s age. He is only 32 years old this year. He is very young and has great potential.”

“Of course, I don’t know how many experts are stuck at the top of level 6 and can’t make progress. Seven levels, which is completely another level of existence. ”

“To enter the level 7 level of martial arts is to enter the ranks of the top strong.”

“Cao Xu was promoted. Unexpectedly, he really succeeded.”

As soon as the news was announced, it caused a heated discussion on the spot and on the Internet.

“This is the glory of the first martial arts school in Beijing, and the glory of our whole China.”

The head of the University coughed, looked at the camera and said: “today, Cao Xu, the first student in our school’s martial arts class, has just broken through the promotion, from level 6 to level 7. Become the leader of the young generation of martial arts in China, even in the whole world. “”Headmaster Gao, I heard that the first martial arts school in Beijing has good news to announce. What’s the good news?” Asked the reporter.

While talking, a 60 year old man, not tall but strong, came out with a serious face.

With a smile on his lips, the reporter continued: “today, President Gao Xuri Gao of the first military school in Beijing is going to announce a piece of exciting good news.”

The live broadcast is not over at the moment.

After the statue fell down, a machine soon cleaned up the site, leaving a piece of space.

On the Internet, there has been an earthquake, which has caused numerous heated discussions, quarrels and even curses.

Such a scene was broadcast live to more than one billion Chinese people, which shocked many people.

The statue fell to pieces.

However, the decision has not changed and the excavator has entered the site. With the roar of the machinery, the statue of Chen Fei was smashed to pieces, turning into a pile of scattered stones.

At this time, the live video continues to play, although the live and online, all kinds of arguments are very noisy.

This words, pour is to let Chen Fei in the heart clap Deng for a while, faintly thought of what.

“Chen Fei is a hero.” Li Yun insisted, “besides, those people certainly don’t have a good heart. It’s not as simple as dismantling the statue.”

Chen Fei himself didn’t like it. He said with a smile, “it’s just a statue. It’s not that important.”

Obviously, this is Cao Xu, the hero of the university president’s happy news.

With the appearance of Cao Xu, it is now lively. Many reporters and onlookers have come to see it.


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