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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2978



Chen Fei takes Li Yun back to the hunter’s hut. It’s getting dark.

It was late, so Chen Fei did not leave. He meditated in the cabin for a night.

“Some people say that the statue is to inspire the first martial arts school. Now, the martial arts school is expanding in order to enhance its strength. Isn’t that the inspiration? It’s just in line with the original intention of setting up the statue

“It’s just a statue. It’s on the line one by one. It’s so serious that it’s like digging Li’s ancestral grave.”

Of course, although there are many voices of opposition, there are many voices of support for demolition.

“To demolish the statue of hero Chen Fei for the expansion of the martial arts school is completely putting the cart before the horse, contrary to the spirit of the first martial arts school.”

“At the beginning, the statue of Chen Fei was set up to let everyone remember the hero and reflect on himself all the time. Moreover, the purpose of setting the statue at the gate of the first martial arts school is to encourage the students to fight bravely for the country and the people. ”

“Chen Fei is the hero of China and even the whole mankind. It’s only three years since the statue was set up, and now it’s time to dismantle the statue of the hero. Isn’t it forgetful? ”

There are people who object to the removal of the statue.

Li Yun handed over the mobile phone, Chen Fei casually turned over, saw all kinds of views and analysis.

News broadcast to this, public opinion on the network completely exploded, triggered a round of hot discussion and debate.

“Today is the day to dismantle the statue of Chen Fei.”

“The decision was reported to the Wudao alliance and the official government, and after discussion, the decision was approved by the top management.”

“Some time ago, because the first martial arts school in Beijing was about to be expanded, someone proposed to remove the statue of Chen Fei at the gate of the school. As for this matter, the first military school in Beijing and the Beijing Municipal Government jointly discussed and decided to dismantle the statue of Chen Fei and expand the first military school in Beijing. ”

“Hello, everyone. Where I am now is at the gate square of the capital’s first martial arts school. Here stands a statue of Chen Fei. ”

On the other side, the reporter of official radio one is introducing the news here in a smooth and indifferent tone.

Some of the big machines came near the statue.

A group of uniformed people sealed off the statue.

It’s just that the atmosphere of live TV is obviously different from that of the past.

At the moment, the base under the statue is also full of flowers and letters, which is people’s grief and miss for Chen Fei.

In the past three years, I don’t know how many people came here to visit and mourn.

This human figure statue is no other than Chen Fei. It is a memorial statue set up by the government to commemorate Chen Fei’s saving mankind.

Because, at this moment, the live video is aimed at a tall gilded statue standing on the square.

And a look at the content of the live broadcast, Chen Fei can’t help but face a sink, expression coagulation up.

Transferred to official channel one, it’s a live news broadcast.

Li Yun took a sip of water and calmed down, whistling, “official one, master, look at official one.”

Now, listening to Li Yun’s urging, he turns on the TV with curiosity and doubt.

“TV?” Although there is a TV in the house, Chen Fei has no interest in TV programs, so he has never turned it on.

Li Yun gasped, excited voice: “master, you, you watch TV.”

“What’s the matter, in such a hurry?” Chen Fei looks at Li Yun.

All of a sudden, a rush of footsteps sounded, and Li Yun rushed back, panting, “master, master –”

on this day, Chen Fei was meditating in the small courtyard, refining the seven leaf red Shouwu, refining his body, and improving his strength.

In recent days, the county is more lively, and there are more fighters coming and going.

So, the two apprentices lived in Lincang County.

Chen Fei, on the other hand, provided some herbal medicines, and specially selected some skills and martial arts suitable for Li Yun’s practice, which was quite attentive.

Fortunately, Li Yun is very familiar with these and does everything cleanly.

Then, it is to arrange the courtyard and prepare various daily necessities.

Come to the county, Chen Fei rented a small courtyard, as their own and Li Yun living place.

After breakfast, they took all the useful things in the cabin and went down the mountain together.

“Yes, master!” Li Yun looks excited.

“Master all yelled, you –” Chen Fei laughed, and no longer explained anything, but patted Li Yun’s head and said with a smile, “OK, go to dinner. After dinner, clean up and let’s go down the mountain together. ”

“I’ll leave with you, master. I’ll go wherever you go!” Li Yun is in a hurry.

Chen Fei nodded and said, “it’s not impossible to teach you, but I said in advance. I may not stay here long, I may leave at any time. At that time – ”

” brother Chen, did you promise me? ” Li Yun looks forward to Chen Fei.

Looking at the girl with a firm face, Chen Fei felt soft in his heart, helped Li Yun up and said in a voice: “get up!””I don’t want to see my father taken away, and there’s nothing I can do. I don’t want my grandfather to go into the mountain forest and die in the mouth of a fierce beast in order to live. I – ”

Li Yun didn’t know what Chen Fei thought. Seeing that he hesitated, he thought he didn’t want to, so he banged his head several times and said with a pleading face:” brother Chen, I really want to practice martial arts. I want to become stronger and protect myself and the people around me. ”

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be a believer. It’s that he doesn’t have much time to teach his apprentices in his current situation, and he may leave sometime.

Chen Fei hesitated.

Li Yun then PA of for a while, knelt directly in front of Chen Fei, kowtow a way: “still ask elder brother Chen to accept me as an apprentice.”

“Learn martial arts from me!” Chen Fei had some accidents.

“Brother Chen, you are very good at martial arts. I want to learn martial arts from you.”

Li Yun quickly nodded and said: “brother Chen, my grandfather and father are gone, and there are more fierce animals on the mountain. It’s hard for me to stay here alone.”

“Follow me?” Chen Fei was surprised.

Li Yun shook her head and said, “brother Chen, that’s not what I mean. I mean, I, I don’t want to stay here any longer as a hunter. I want to follow elder brother Chen. ”

“Xiaoyun, do you want to go down the mountain? Then I’ll take you with me. It’ll be easier then. ” Chen Feidao.

Hearing this, Li Yun’s eyes flashed a touch of loss, and then said: “that, brother Chen, can you take me down the mountain?”

Chen Fei paused for a moment, nodded and said, “well, I’ve finished my work. I’m going to go down the mountain today.”

Taking a deep breath, she finally got up her courage, looked up at Chen Fei and said, “brother Chen, do you want to go down the mountain?”

Li Yun lowered her head and hesitated for a while, which was not very interesting. “Brother Chen, I, I –”

looking at Li Yun’s expectant eyes, how could Chen Fei not see that the little girl had a mind, so he asked directly, “Xiao Yun, do you have anything to tell me?”

Chen Fei took the towel and washed his face. Then, the little girl took the initiative to bring a hot meal, “brother Chen, eat.”

Early the next morning, Chen Fei just opened her eyes. Li Yun, a little girl, warmly brought hot water and offered a towel. “Brother Chen, wash your face, just burned hot water.”

“In the past three years, China has declined, and the first martial arts school is the only one left. For the sake of the first martial arts school, it’s no big deal to demolish a statue. ”


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