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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2976



This one sees, frighten Li Yun complexion to change greatly, retreat repeatedly, the foot falters, almost didn’t fall to the ground.

“Snake, big snake. Fierce beast – ”

in just a few seconds, Lu Yuan’s valet had already died to the last.

If the human body is only a little contaminated, it will be quickly corroded and ulcerated, and fall to the ground and die.

The fire beetle crawled quickly, and the huge snake letter breathed, and a hot and poisonous breath gushed out.

But, they this group of strongest but three level of martial arts, in front of five level of red Yan fire, there is no room to escape.

Lu Yuan obviously recognized it and ran away.

“ChiYan Huo is a five level fierce beast.” Sister Han recognized the snake. Her face changed greatly. She said quickly, “Miss, we are not rivals. Run away.”

Here, Xu Ying and Han Jie are also surprised. They quickly step back and distance themselves.

Lu Yuan was shocked and retreated. “Fierce beast, fierce beast!”

A gust of fishy wind blew, a huge red snake rushed out, bit a hand of Lu Yuan in his mouth, and quickly swallowed it.

Just as they approached the giant tree, Lu Yuan suddenly let out a scream.

On the other hand, when Xu Ying and Han Jie saw this, they couldn’t help looking surprised. But there was no movement.

“You’re a bit of an intellectual!” Lu Yuan, with a smile, takes people to the seven leaf red Polygonum multiflorum.

Chen Fei was silent for a few seconds. Then his face changed. He stepped back and said with a smile, “since Lu Shao wants it, please!”

Lu Yuan picked the eyebrow, a face proud and disdain, “I robbed you, so what? Do you dare to fight me, you villain? ”

Chen Fei squinted, looked at Lu Yuan and said, “Lu Shao, is that ready to rob?”

“There’s no treasure that comes first and comes later. Whoever has strength will own it!” Lu Yuandao.

Li Yun also wants to argue. Chen Fei says at the moment, “Lu Shao, do you want to catch up?”

“Yes? I don’t see any parchments Lu Yuandao.

Although Li Yun was afraid, he still said in a voice: “we have the scroll left by my grandfather, which is marked with the location. This is it.”

“You found it first? Ha ha Lu Yuan sneered and looked at them. “Do you have any evidence that you found it first?”

Li Yun, the little girl behind Chen Fei, couldn’t help seeing this. She stood up and said in a voice, “stop it. Brother Chen and I found it first.”

Han Jie, who is beside Xu Ying, has bright eyes and seems to be eager to try.

“Come on, get the herbs!” At the command of Lu Yuan, he let his men do it.

Xu Ying and her sister Han also look at it and are surprised.

Such a sound, everyone’s attention all focused on the past.

Lu Yuan Shun looked at the past, suddenly eyes a bright, “seven leaves red Shouwu, this is a good thing. Top herbs

Just when he was about to say something, suddenly, a hand around him came up and pointed in a direction to Lu Yuandao: “Lu Shao, look over there.”

“Ah Ying, I -” Lu Yuan’s attitude was obviously softened in the face of Xu Ying.

But at this time, Xu Ying said, “Lu Yuan, don’t be impulsive. Things in the valley are too strange to have anything to do with him. ”

“How can it be so easy?” Lu Yuan couldn’t do it. He wanted to fight Chen Fei immediately.

Chen Fei spread out his hand, with an innocent expression on his face, “well, I don’t know. I walked inside and didn’t notice any traps. I went through the fog and came out

However, he and his party suffered in the valley, Lu Yuan’s heart was filled with anger, “how did you leave the valley? With our strength, we have been trapped for so long. How can you leave smoothly? ”

Although Chen Fei has some Kung Fu, the traps in the valley can only be set up by level 6 Warriors. Chen Fei can’t finish them.

Now, even Lu Yuan can’t speak.

“Lu Shao, this is even more unjust. I didn’t know there were traps in the valley. Besides, Lu Shao thought that I set those traps? Could I have that strength? ” Chen Fei explained.

“You -” Lu Yuanwei said, “how do you explain the trap in the valley?”

“Lu Shao, Miss Xu. The map is provided by you, and the location is also marked on the map. I just took you to where you were going, and I did my job. Is that what I did wrong? In a word, Lu Shao, you haven’t given me the ten thousand yuan you promised me? ”

Chen Fei heard the speech and said, “Lu Shao, you have wronged me.”

Not only Lu Yuan, but also Xu Ying, with a serious face, steps forward and looks at Chen Fei.

“Are you still playing dumb?” Lu Yuan stares at Chen Fei fiercely, “you boy intentionally lead us into that valley, and as a result, there are mechanism traps inside. We almost got stuck in it, and you left alone. What else do you have to say! “What does Lu Yun mean when he squints behind him

With an order, the follower behind Lu Yuan will rush up to fight Chen Fei.

However, Lu Yuan, with an angry look on his face, pointed to Chen Fei and yelled: “you boy, dare to appear in front of me. Kill him for me

Lu Yuan and Xu Ying rush to see Chen Fei and Li Yun. They are stunned.

Gorgeous clothes were cut a lot of holes by the branches, the face and arms stained with stains and blood, and even a few people, the wound is still dripping blood.

They were Lu Yuan and Xu Ying just now. However, compared with their bright clothes just now, they are much more embarrassed now.

Chen Fei was a little stunned.

Then, the grass was separated and a group of people rushed over in confusion.

But just at this moment, suddenly a noisy sound of footsteps came quickly towards this side.

With that, Chen Fei patted the little girl’s head, comforted her, and was ready to start.

Even if Chen Fei lost the core of Dan, he only had the highest level of heaven, which is the cultivation of the fourth level warrior. But with the powerful body refined by the four times of Yuan Ti Jing, it’s not a problem to smash the red flame.

Although the ChiYan huojuan is better than the white forehead moon wolf king he met before, in the final analysis, it’s only a level five fierce beast, and it’s just the beginning, which is equivalent to the warrior who just entered the realm of demigod three years ago.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ve just entered level five. It’s not very strong.” Chen Fei light way.

“Yes, but that’s level five fierce beast, level five!” The little girl couldn’t help emphasizing again.

Chen Fei is indifferent, gently smile, patted Li Yun’s head, way: “have you elder brother Chen here, it’s OK.”

Level five fierce beast, for her, is almost a legendary existence.

“What, level five beast, I, let’s run away!” Li Yun is nervous.

Chen Fei held Li Yun and said, “it should be ChiYan Huo Ji, the fifth level fierce beast.”

There is a big red snake twining around the huge tree. Its eyes are twinkling with cold light. A pair of triangular eyes are staring at Chen Fei and Li Yun. It is obvious that they have found them.

And at this time, the fire has to catch up with Lu Yuan.

Seeing that the situation was in danger, Lu Yuan was extremely frightened. A fierce color appeared in his eyes, and he clapped his hand on the last valet.


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