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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2975



“Ah Ying, is this really it?” Lu Yuan came over and asked in a voice.

Xu Ying nodded and said, “even if this is not master Chen’s treasure house, it must be extraordinary. Let’s go in and have a look. ”

“Brother Chen, it’s useful for you. Let’s go to pick it quickly.” Li Yun excited voice, will come forward.

Chen Fei took a close look, and was also very surprised. “Seven leaf red Shouwu, a rare good thing, is useful for me to refine my body. Maybe it can improve my Yuanti cultivation.”

“Found it!” Li Yun is full of surprise.

Soon, they saw a huge tree. Under the tree, there was a red herb with a strong fragrance.

“Over there!” Chen Fei points out the direction and moves quickly with Li Yun.

However, at the moment, Chen Fei let go of aura, explored around, and soon found a rich aura.

“Brother Chen, is this the place?” Li Yun looked around and saw nothing precious.

It was a dense forest, and there was silence.

So, in less than half a day, they came to the location of the precious plants marked on the map.

In Chen Fei’s hands, whether it’s a level one fierce beast, a level two fierce beast, or a rare level three or four fierce beast, it’s a move.

However, with Chen Fei now, everything is much smoother.

If Li Yun was alone, it would be very difficult to deal with the first level fierce beast. When you meet the second level fierce beast, you have to run for your life.

Of course, with the continuous deepening, it is inevitable to meet all kinds of fierce animals.

Li Yun’s grandfather is an old hunter, the map is very detailed, plus Li Yun is very familiar with here, two people move very fast.

“Let’s go!” Chen Fei nodded, and then took the little girl into the forest.

Then, Ding Ding Dang’s preparation, Li Yun for a hunter’s action, out of the cabin, looking at the door of Chen Fei, smiling, “brother Chen, I’m ready.”

The smoke curled up, and soon a meal was ready. Li Yun and Chen Fei had a good meal and filled their stomachs.

“That’s great. I’ll cook right away.” The little girl looked excited and jumped back to the cabin.

Chen Fei looked at the little girl’s expectant look and said with a smile, “you have a rest. We’ll have a meal and then start.”

“That’s great, brother Chen. When are we going to look for treasure?” The little girl looked excited. Obviously, she was very excited about this treasure hunt.

“Can –” Chen Fei looked at the girl with a firm face and nodded, “OK, I’ll take this treasure map. Xiao Yun, I know what you mean. ”

“Brother Chen, my grandfather and my father are gone. I have no other family now. Brother Chen, you have saved me. You are my benefactor and my relative. ”

But the little girl, with a stubborn face, put her hands behind her and shook her head.

While speaking, Chen Fei wants to return the scroll to Li Yun.

“Herbs!” Chen Fei’s eyes brightened. However, he immediately looked at Li Yun and said, “Xiao Yun, this is your family heirloom. I can’t accept it, you — ”

Li Yun’s cheeks are red, excited:” brother Chen, this is what my grandfather left me. Before, I hid it in other places, and now I just got it back. My grandfather said, “this is a treasure map. There is a precious herb in the place marked on the map. It’s very precious and can sell for a lot of money.”

“What’s this?” Chen Fei picked it up and opened the oil paper bag, which contained a roll of sheepskin.

“Brother Chen, I brought you a good thing?” While talking, the little girl took out an oil paper bag from the animal skin bag and handed it to Chen Fei.

“Well, I’m back.” Chen Fei turns his head and sees Li Yun, a little girl, running towards him excitedly. “What are you doing, Xiao Yun?”

Just as Chen Fei was secretly worried, a surprise voice rang, “brother Chen, you’re back so soon! What about those people? ”

“Where’s the little girl? There’s no danger, is there? ”

However, Li Yun, the little girl, has disappeared.

Thinking in his heart, Chen Fei turns around and goes back to the hunter’s cabin.

“It’s just that more and more people have come to look for treasure recently. Before the attack, there were also Qunfang hall and Qunfang hall. It seems that the situation is beginning to change. My name as a hero seems to be useless! ”

At the same time, Chen Fei walked out of the valley with his hands behind him. Looking at the dense fog behind him, he shook his head and whispered to himself, “these guys, let you suffer. It’s a warning.”

“Gather together, don’t stray.”

“Why is the fog getting thicker and thicker? There’s something wrong with this place.”

“Lu Shao, the boy is gone.”

Lu Yuan and his men quickly chase after Chen Fei, but they can’t find him.

However, Chen Fei didn’t slow down. Instead, he walked faster and faster. His figure soon fell into the fog and he couldn’t see anyone.Lu Yuan looked up and found that Chen Fei seemed to go farther and farther ahead. He couldn’t help shouting: “you boy, slow down, wait for us.”

At first, everything was normal, but slowly, a layer of fog suddenly filled the valley.

Lu Yuan and Xu Ying carefully followed.

Then Chen Fei led the way into the valley.

Such a posture, let Chen Fei seem to have no way out, can only sigh, voice: “that’s OK!”

At this time, Lu Yuan has already surrounded Chen Fei with people, “boy, don’t lead the way. You can’t get that ten thousand. And don’t try to get out of here today. ”

“I can’t bear it.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, the 30-year-old Han Jie around her turned her eyes, pulled Xu Ying and said in a low voice, “Miss, we are not familiar with this strange place. Let him lead us. We are safer.”

“Lu Yuan, calculate –” Xu Ying sees this and wants to persuade a few words.

While talking, Lu Yuan is about to start.

Lu Yuan was a little angry, “you boy, do you want me to do it?”

Chen Fei still shook his head.

But Lu Yuan’s eyes glared and frowned, “don’t you just want to add money? Come and lead the way, and I’ll give you ten thousand more. ”

With that, Chen Fei waved his hand and was ready to leave.

Chen Fei quickly stepped back, looking frightened, waved his hand and said, “ladies and gentlemen, I’m just a guide. It’s not my job to find the way. Besides, this place is very dangerous at first sight. ”

Lu Yuan smell speech, eyes a turn, looked at Chen Fei, waved: “boy, lead the way ahead.”

But Chen Fei grabbed her, pointed to the huge tree and said, “look!”

“What are you looking at?” the little girl followed Chen Fei’s direction and looked up at the giant tree.


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