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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2974



Chen Fei ignored Lu Yuan’s fierce eyes. Instead, he looked at Xu Ying and said, “if you need a guide, I can.”

“What are you doing?” Xu Ying was slightly surprised.

“This should be it.” Chen Fei looked at the map.

This valley is where Chen Fei’s hut is, just outside. And after Chen Fei’s own disguise, even if you come in, it’s hard to find.

Finally, just when Lu Yuan was almost impatient, Chen Fei finally brought them into a valley.

However, they didn’t get much.

Chen Fei did not continue to say anything, with a party in the mountains and turn for some time. Along the way, he tentatively asked some questions.

It was Xu Ying who looked at Chen Fei more and said, “it’s getting late. Let’s go on!”

Lu Yuan said casually: “don’t worry, the map is accurate. It depends on whether you know the way

Chen Fei asks tentatively.

“However, Lu Shao and Miss Xu have this map in their hands, which is much better than most people. But, I don’t know where this map comes from. Is it accurate or not? ”

Chen Fei shook his head and said: “most people just hear a rumor and rush to try their luck. Basically nothing. ”

“A lot of people are here. Did anyone find them?” Xu Ying asked.

Chen Fei quickly waved his hand and said, “Lu Shao, Miss Xu. You all mentioned master Chen just now. Besides, there are so many foreign warriors coming to our county recently. They’re basically for master Chen’s treasure. It’s easy to guess. ”

Even Xu Ying squinted and looked at Chen Fei.

“How do you know?” Lu Yuan, one of them, stares at Chen Fei fiercely.

Chen Fei said: “don’t worry, Lu Shao. I’ll find it. Besides, Lu Shao, you are looking for master Chen’s treasure. Many people are staring at it. ”

“Can you, boy? If you can’t, I’ll change as soon as possible?” Lu Yuandao.

“The map of three years ago has changed a lot. It takes some time to find it.” Chen Feidao.

“It’s the map of three years ago!” Lu Yuan said casually.

Chen Fei said: “Lu Shao, isn’t this the current map? It looks like it’s been a few years. It’s changed a little bit. I need time to recognize it. ”

Lu Yuan was a little impatient. “Boy, you’ve been staring at the map for a long time. Do you recognize it or not?”

Chen Fei thought.

“Judging from the news I saw in the county before, at the beginning, there was a ban on the official search for Chen Fei’s treasure. But now, the situation seems to have loosened and the maps have been leaked. It seems that the situation has changed. ”

“On the map three years ago, our location was marked. It’s not very accurate, but the general orientation is right. This shows that someone marked our position at that time and dealt with us secretly. ”

While pretending to look at the map to identify the direction, Chen Fei thought quickly in his heart.

Now, the world is changing, and the terrain has changed a lot. So Lu Yuan and Xu Ying wandered in the mountains for two days, but they still couldn’t find a place.

However, the map should have been drawn three years ago.

After a close look, Chen Fei finds that the location of his cabin is clearly marked on the map.

In the team, Chen Fei gets the map in his mouth from Lu Yuan.


Looking at Chen Fei’s back, Li Yun secretly clenched her fist and said in her heart, “brother Chen saved me, and now he’s going to be a guide for them. Brother Chen is my life-saving benefactor. I must repay him. ”

Chen Fei looks at the little girl Li Yun behind him and waves goodbye. Then he enters Lu Yuan and Xu Ying’s team and walks into the forest.

“Let’s go!” Lu Yuan waved.

Chen Fei quickly nodded, “you two can rest assured.”

Then he went to Chen Fei and said, “boy, ten thousand yuan. Success leads the way and finds the place. If you dare to cheat us, don’t blame us for being rude. ”

Lu Yuan confidently said with a smile: “in that case, let’s promise!”

Hearing what Lu Yuan said, Xu Ying’s face changed and nodded: “that’s the truth.”

“Besides, the news will be published soon. If we don’t hurry up, more and more people will come, and our chances will be small! ”

“We’ve been in the mountains for two days. It’s hard to find a place quickly without the guidance of acquaintances.”

And Lu Yuan came over and said in a voice, “what can you do if you have an idea? No matter how powerful it is, it’s just a kid from a small town. If he dares to have other ideas, he will just kill them. ”

So Xu Ying nodded and agreed with Han Jie.

Finally, she said in a voice: “this boy, I don’t think the mind is so simple. Maybe, there are other ideas. What’s more, Lu Yuan’s men were knocked down by him, which shows that they have good skills. So, I suspect, maybe he has other purposesThis Han elder sister’s face is serious, a pair of slightly pick eyes, looking at Chen Fei, staring at a look.

Xu Ying looked back at a 30-year-old woman behind her and asked, “sister Han, what do you think?”

Seeing this, Lu Yuan looks at Xu Ying and asks.

Chen Fei patted his chest and assured: “no problem, I promise to find a place. Otherwise, it’s nothing. ”

Lu Yuandao: “ten thousand yuan is not too much for you. But that’s to take us to the right place, or you won’t get a cent. ”

“They are both rich people. This small amount of money should not be a problem.” Chen Fei smiles.

As soon as this figure was reported, Lu yuanleng snorted: “if you take a road, it will cost 10000 yuan. You are greedy, boy

Chen Fei turned his eyes and stretched out a finger, “ten thousand.”

Lu Yuan squinted and said, “how much do you want?”

As he spoke, Chen Fei rubbed his fingers.

“Look at you two, you should be rich, so I –”

Chen Fei laughed and said in a voice: “you don’t have to be so nervous. I’m not interested in asking about your business. It’s just, I want to make some money. ”

Xu Ying’s expression became serious.

“What is it?” Lu Yuan stepped forward with a gloomy face.

Chen Fei spread out his hand and said in a voice, “of course I have other ideas.”

Lu Yuan thought of something and said in a deep voice, “do you have any other ideas? Tell me the truth? ”

“Really?” Xu Ying is a little excited.

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “I’m not, but I’m quite familiar with this place.”

Lu Yuan also narrowed his eyes and said in a voice, “are you a hunter, too?”

“Is it really this? There’s nothing. Are you mistaken Lu Yuan looks at Chen Fei with distrust.

Chen Fei has not yet opened his mouth to explain, but Xu Ying squinted and said: “it should be this. The breath is special.”


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