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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2973



However, this look soon faded, “however, since three years ago. The situation has changed, the animals in the mountains have become fierce, and our hunting has become more and more difficult. ”

“Two years ago, when my grandfather was hunting in the mountains, he met a wolf and was killed by the wolf.”

At this time, Chen Fei suddenly said: “wait a minute!”

Lu Yuan turns his head and looks at Li Yun. It seems that he is not reconciled. However, Xu Ying spoke, he still waved, turned to take people to leave.

Xu Ying waved her hand and said to Lu Yuan, “let’s go!”

Chen Fei thought in his heart.

“They are also looking for my treasure, and there are maps. I don’t know if they are true or not? What’s behind it? ”

But at the moment, Chen Fei’s heart quickly surged up.

They were expressionless and seemed to know nothing.

But in the middle of the conversation, he suddenly realized that he had missed his mouth. He shut up and glared at Chen Fei and Li Yun.

“But, that’s Chen Fei’s treasure. We managed to get the map. This time we came here -” Lu Yuan was a little excited.

Xu Ying shook her head and said, “I really can’t find it. It’s impossible. It’s just fate.”

“Ah Ying, the dense forest is too deep. Even if there is a map, it’s hard to find a place without familiar people. Several groups of people have been here before, and they have not found a place. ” Lu Yuandao.

Xu Ying said: “no matter what, if other people don’t want to, they can’t force them. Besides, if we have a map, we can find it by ourselves. ”

“Ah Ying, let me ask the guide. I didn’t expect them to do it like this. ” Lu Yuan put aside his responsibility.

Her eyebrows drooped slightly. She looked at Lu Yuan discontentedly and said in a voice, “Lu Yuan, we are here to find something. Don’t force others.”

The words were very simple, but Xu Ying quickly found out what was going on.

Li Yun summoned up courage and said in a voice: “my name is Li Yun. Just now those two people asked me to be a guide. I don’t want to. They want to fight me. Big brother Chen has stopped them. ”

But the woman went directly to Li Yun, grabbed Li Yun’s dirty hand, showed a smile and said in a soft voice, “my name is Xu Ying. Can you tell me your name and what happened just now?”

“Ah Ying, you don’t have to –” Lu Yuan said first.

The woman seemed to be aware of something and asked, “little sister, can you tell me what’s going on?”

All the people at the scene were stunned and looked at Li Yun.

“Er –”

so Li Yun summoned up her courage and cried out: “I, I’d like to be your guide. Don’t move brother Chen

Although Chen Fei showed his hand just now, now there are seven or eight more. She is worried that Chen Fei is not their opponent.

Seeing this, Li Yun’s face turned white.

Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly and his breath condensed. He was ready to start.

Then he looked away. The person that follows behind, toward Chen Fei encircled to come over, want to start.

Lu Yuan took the lead and said, “two Dalits have injured my subordinates. I’m going to deal with them.”

The woman came over and glanced at Chen Fei and Li Yun, then asked, “what happened?”

Judging from the dress of the woman and the people around her, it is obvious that she is a rich lady.

While talking, a pretty woman, about twenty-four or five years old, came with six or seven people.

“Ah Ying, it’s nothing serious. I’ll deal with it soon!”

On hearing the voice, Lu Yuan suddenly changed his face, with a smile on his face, turned to meet the woman.

“What happened here, Luyuan?”

At this time, there was a young girl’s voice.

Three seconds passed quickly. Seeing that Chen Fei didn’t move, Lu Yuan frowned and was about to get angry. “Didn’t you hear me? Fast – ”

Chen Fei picks his eyebrows, and his eyes sink with a chill.

“Boy, give you three seconds, kneel down, kowtow and admit your mistake.” The man, Lu Yuan, gave a commanding order.

“Hum!” Man cold hum, full of pride, “I Luyuan people, should not fight, it’s not up to you to decide.”

Chen Fei frowned and protected Li Yun behind him. He looked at the young man and said, “they should fight.”

Suddenly, the young man’s face sank. He glared at Chen Fei and said, “you hit my man?”

They wipe off the blood from the corners of their mouths, get up from the ground, get close to the young man, point to Chen Fei and say something quickly.

“What’s the matter with you? What are you doing lying on the ground?”

Then the voice became surprised.

An arrogant young man’s voice rang.

“What’s the matter with you two? After such a long time, I can’t do any small things well. I have to come to check it myself. “And at this time, a burst of footsteps mixed with voices, toward this side close to come.

“Well, brother Chen! Thank you very much The little girl stood up and bowed to Chen Fei. She was serious and respectful.

Chen Fei was stunned for a moment and said in a voice: “my surname is Chen. Just call me brother Chen.”

Speaking of this, the little girl paused, looked up at Chen Fei, a pair of dark eyes, full of gratitude, “big brother, you are my life-saving benefactor, can I know your name?”

“If it wasn’t for you, I would –”

Li Yun said: “I don’t know them, but they said they would come to the mountains to search for treasure. Let me be their guide. I don’t want to. They want to drag me by force. ”

Chen Fei quickly withdrew his chill and said, “where are these two people?”

Chen Fei’s chill, a little threat, let the little girl Li Yun shiver for a while, can’t help rubbing his arm, “so cold!”

“Duyun hall, Qunfang hall and crazy dragon hall, you wait for me.”

Thinking of this, Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, and a chill came to his heart.

Chen Fei, however, thought of the battle recorded in his wife’s letter. “Three months ago, fighting. Is Li Yun’s father the guide who was captured by those people in Duyun hall? ”

Speaking of this, the little girl’s face obviously darkened down, slightly dark face, showing a touch of sadness.

“It’s not safe in the mountains, so we moved out and came here. However, three months ago, a group of people came here and arrested my father to guide them. Later, my father never came back. Some people say that there was a fight in the mountains and my father died in it. ”

“Er – what’s the matter with you?” The other side turns around and Xu Ying asks in a voice.

Lu Yuan glared fiercely and said in a deep voice: “boy, what do you want to do?”


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