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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2972



Holding the paper tightly in both hands, Chen Fei continued to look at it.

Eyes scan, the contents of the letter, finally let the nervous and angry Chen Fei, the expression on his face eased down.

“Hunter!” Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Then she said, “big brother, my name is Li Yun, a native of Lincang County. Our family is the hunter of our ancestors. ”

“Big brother, you are so powerful!” The little girl has a look of worship and dark eyes, staring at Chen Fei’s eyes.

Then, Chen Fei turned around, looked at the little girl and said with a smile, “it’s OK.”

“Bang”, the two were blasted out, hit the ground heavily, spewed out a mouthful of blood, and turned white instantly.

“Don’t worry, they can’t hurt me.” Chen Fei smiles at the little girl, then turns around, his face sinks and his fists pop out.

The little girl was so scared that she turned pale and cried out, “big brother, run away.”

The two men rushed over with fierce spirit, and their momentum was extremely fierce.

“Damn it, I’ll kill you.”

“Boy, how dare you fight with us? You are looking for death.”

The little girl was about to open her mouth, but at this moment, the two tall men rushed to Chen Fei with a roar.

“I am -”

Chen Fei asked, “little sister, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Thanks, big brother. Thank you.” The little girl thanks Chen Fei.

Then, when he came to the little girl, Chen Fei said gently, “little sister, it’s OK. Don’t be afraid

Chen Fei slaps the man in the face with his backhand, then kicks the other man away.

“Don’t you understand me, boy?” A man with anger on his face yelled at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei was not moved at all. He stepped forward to the little girl.

“Boy, get out of here, it’s none of your business!”

Hearing the sound, the two men turned their heads and saw that Chen Fei was only one person, and his figure was rather thin. They immediately showed a sneer of disdain.

“Stop it Chen Fei drinks and rushes out.

“Damn, do you know who we are?”

“Little girl, let you lead a way, that is to give you face, you still don’t go, is to seek death ah!”

It was the little girl who called for help just now.

At the moment, two tall men in their thirties are pulling a girl in her fifteenth or sixties.

In less than ten seconds, Chen Fei saw a small wooden house on a fairly flat ground on the hillside in front of him.

Frowning, Chen Fei gives birth to the wind under his feet and rushes towards the source of the sound.

“Help, I won’t go, I won’t –”

however, at this moment, Chen Fei suddenly heard a cry for help in the woods.

The speed of going down the mountain is very fast. After walking for less than an hour, Chen Fei can see the scene of Lincang County through the woods.

After finding a package and taking what he could use, Chen Fei went out of the valley and prepared to go down the mountain.

However, Chen Fei doesn’t want to be intruded into by outsiders. Therefore, he spent the whole night to rearrange and repair the array.

Now that Qiuhan and Chen Fei are no longer here, Chen Fei is not allowed to stay here and is ready to leave.

After Chen Fei confirmed the effect of his new addition, which can run normally, he finally showed a satisfied smile.

“The new attack effect is not bad.”

In the surrounding dense forest, there are bursts of roaring sound, and sometimes there is energy, shooting out from an inexplicable angle, which makes people defenseless.

Then, he tried to get some momentum.

“The effect of mirage hiding is also good.” Chen Fei nodded again.

At a glance, I can’t see where there is. There is a house.

Then, the surface of the shimmering mask began to become transparent and hazy, and finally turned into a mountain forest, completely integrated with the surrounding scenery.

“Good protection effect!” Chen Fei nodded, and then stimulated a few strength.

All of a sudden, a layer of hazy light completely shrouded the hut, and then hit the light with a force of Qi, which produced a ripple like water wave, and the force of Qi was directly broken.

After arranging the jade, Chen Fei gets a touch of aura and inspires the formation.

Then he went out and buried the jade in the surrounding mountains.

In this way, busy all night, Chen Fei will repair all the jade ready.

However, perhaps because of the fighting, some of the jade was damaged and needed to be replaced or repaired by Chen Fei.

These jades are mainly used for array and shelter.

After sorting out the herbs and elixirs that can be used, Chen Fei began to gather aura on the jade and carve.I didn’t expect that they didn’t use their wives, but let Chen Fei use them.

Another small part was buried on the mountain around the hut by Chen Fei as a spare place for retreat and hiding.

Most of them, of course, were in the house, but they should have been taken away by other wives.

These are the resources and things that Chen Fei brought when he moved to the mountains.

When the package was opened, there were some carved jade, some herbs and pills in special packaging.

That day the color dark down, Chen Fei this just busy, with a bag of things, back to the house.

Then Chen Fei went out and made a circle in the mountains around the house.

Let go of heart, Chen Fei can’t help a long breath.

Then, three years ago, the strength of Qingmu hall, which was similar to theirs, should not be weak now. Wife, they enter the green wood hall. In terms of safety, there should be no problem for the time being.

Poison cloud hall, thunder hall and Qunfang hall can all develop into a hegemon or even control a country in these three years.

At the critical moment, the master of Qingmu hall saves Qiuhan, which makes Chen Fei feel surprised and relieved.

Seeing this, Chen Fei felt warm in his heart. He carefully collected the letter, folded it and put it in his arms.

After writing this paragraph, it is the final sign – always waiting for your wife, Qiuhan.

“Fei, if you come back and see this letter, don’t worry about us. We went to the green wood hall. With the care of the Lord of the green wood hall, we are very safe. ”

“At that time, our battle fell into a tailwind, and we were almost defeated. But fortunately, at the critical moment, the master of Qingmu hall showed up in time and saved us

The little girl nodded seriously and said, “big brother, you don’t think I’m small. But I’m very good at hunting. When I was ten years old, I killed a wild deer

Speaking of this, the little girl’s face was full of memories.


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