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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2971



Listening to these conversations, Chen Fei can’t help but worry. He can’t sit down any more and gets up to check out.

Regardless of the others, Chen Fei burrows into the mountain forest, and then goes out quickly with the location in his memory.

“But unexpectedly, one night a few days later, a group of people suddenly came and launched a joint attack on us. After close up, we know that after the poison cloud hall was repulsed by Xuanyuan, we were not reconciled, so we tangled the people of Qunfang hall and crazy dragon hall to attack together, trying to catch us and ask ah Fei your secret. ”

“In this way, after a period of temporary calm, we are also ready to find other places to live in seclusion.”

“However, it wasn’t long before the poison cloud hall sent a group of stronger experts to come. We are almost no match for them. We are about to lose. At the critical moment, ah Fei, your master came. He helped us fight back the poison cloud hall. He also shouts to the poison cloud hall that we are not allowed to interfere in our affairs. ”

“We know the relationship between you and Duyun hall. Of course, we didn’t agree with the conditions of Duyun hall. So, the poison cloud hall wants to start, but master Xu beat it back. ”

With worry, Chen Fei continued to watch.

Now that the poison cloud hall has found its relatives and friends, nothing good will happen, which worries Chen Feifei.

However, Duyun hall, crazy dragon hall, Qunfang hall and thunder hall, which were originally in taboo Island, had a bad relationship with Chen Fei. They can be regarded as enemies.

Unexpectedly, he killed Luo Yi. He was in a coma for three years. Unexpectedly, they made these hall masters bigger and became the overlord one after another.

He recalled the war with Luo at that time and did notice that the temple owners fled one after another.

Seeing this, Chen Fei could not help but pause and looked up out of the window.

“Among them, the poison cloud hall occupied the area of South Asia and became the real leader of the countries in South Asia. Other martial arts halls, such as Qunfang hall, became the absolute bigwigs of the island. The mad dragon hall almost unified the Korean Peninsula, while the thunder hall, on the other side of the United States, has also developed into a major force. ”

“After you left, taboo island was destroyed, and many Temple owners fled with people. Later, you closed the gap and made the earth calm again. The temple owners came out of the mountain gradually. Because the new world regards martial arts as its priority, the temple owners have high strength one by one, and they also have martial arts skills from the taboo Island, so they rise rapidly and become the overlords all over the world. ”

It seems that there is a general explanation on the paper.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help squinting, “poison cloud hall?”

“They said that they are from the thunder hall. They want us to go out and cooperate with the propaganda to investigate your affairs.”

“So, more warriors came here under the banner of treasure hunting. Although master Xu tried his best, in the end, we were found here. ”

“But the change in the situation is more and more obvious. By the third year, the world’s major powers have basically become the countries dominated by the armed forces, who are becoming more and more important and have a higher and higher status in society. ”

“So, one after another, people came here and began to look for your treasure in the mountains. Of course, with master Xu Junshan, they didn’t get anything in the end and returned empty handed. ”

“But by the second half of the second year, things were beginning to change. In various media, there are more speculations about you and more legends about treasures. Here, naturally, we have become one of the main points of suspicion. ”

“We’ve been here for three years since you disappeared, living in peace. At the beginning, everything was calm and the outside world was busy, which had nothing to do with us. We were just waiting for your return. ”

“Fly, if you come here and don’t find me and my friends, don’t be nervous. We’re OK.”

After wiping the corner of his eye, Chen Fei continued to look.

Just look at an opening, Chen Fei’s eyes are a little wet.

“Fei, if you see this letter, then my belief has come true. I’m sure you’ll be OK. I’m sure you’ll come back one day. And now, I’m waiting for you. ”

Suddenly, Chen Fei’s heart, nervous for it, beat up hard, looked down at the contents of the paper.

Chen Fei recognized the beautiful font at first sight. It was written by his wife, Lin Qiuhan.

Take out a look, you can see that the paper is full of words.

When Chen Fei was dejected, suddenly, he saw a piece of paper under his pillow.

Sitting on the wooden bed, Chen Fei reached out to touch the messy quilt on the bed and said to himself, “what happened? Wife, where are you now? ”

After looking at all the rooms, Chen Fei finally comes to his wife Lin Qiuhan’s room.

Immediately, Chen Fei came to the second floor, which was almost the same as the first floor. There was still no one. Every room was empty, but most of the things in it were still there. It can be seen that everyone was in a hurry when they left.

Chen Fei was worried.”Is it true what the passers-by in the small town down the mountain said? Three months ago, what happened –”

the house was not big. Chen Fei walked around on the first floor and didn’t see a single person. Moreover, judging from the living utensils and rooms inside, people had been leaving for some time, and it seemed that they were in a hurry and didn’t have time to tidy up a lot of things.

Chen Fei frowned, but still slowed down, carefully into the house.

“No one?”

Because, at the door of the house, there is a messy and scattered plant, and there are dust and soil stains at the door. Inside, it is quiet and almost silent.

When Chen Fei came to the house, he couldn’t help frowning.

If Chen Fei were not familiar with this place, I’m afraid he would not have found another house here.

Around the lake, a two-story house was built in accordance with the topography of the ridge.

Above the lake, the sunlight along the slope of the ridge, sprinkled on the water, sparkling, like a ground of fine gold.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Chen Fei’s eyes lit up and a small lake appeared in front of him.

Enter the cave and move in.

Through these plants, came to the side of the valley, split the vines, there is a hole inside.

Inside is a valley, now full of all kinds of plants, lush incomparable, dense almost the whole valley to fill.

Try to slow down, do not cause any movement, Chen Fei into the pass.

Finally, a gourd shaped pass appeared in front of him. Chen Fei breathed and knew that he had arrived.

Chen Fei’s feet were very fast, but he also walked in the mountains for more than three hours.

“Although there are senior Xu and Xuanyuan, they are numerous and powerful, and they are all experts. We soon fell into a disadvantage.”

See this, Chen Fei’s heart, almost mentioned the throat, nervous. The hand holding the paper is also more and more hard up, almost to scratch the paper.


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