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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2970



Out of Yuncheng, Chen Fei didn’t change his means of transportation. He rushed directly into the wilderness and walked towards Lincang County nearby.

This is a small county located in the northwest end of Yuncheng. It is not only surrounded by wild mountains and forests, but also close to the boundary line, so it is inaccessible.

“But I don’t think it’s appropriate! It’s not good for heroes. ”

“In this case, I finally understand why so many warriors have come to our county.”

“That’s right. That’s right!”

“In this case, it’s natural for someone to be interested in the treasure left by master Chen.”

“Besides, you don’t know the current world. Martial arts is becoming more and more important, and the competition for martial arts resources is becoming more and more fierce. ”

The drinker sighed and said, “if it’s suitable, how can we make it clear that we are going to fight against the common people.”

“Even if master Chen’s relatives and friends were defeated, it would not be so. Master Chen is our hero after all. It’s not appropriate to treat heroes like this! ”

“Ah, how could that be? Why has the official attitude changed so much? ”

“The original attitude of the official strict prohibition began to soften, from the initial prohibition, to the later dissuasion, until now it is completely ignored. There is even a rumor that the official of our county is going to publicize that this is the place where Master Chen’s treasure is, attract people from martial arts, and make our county a special tourist destination. ”

The drinker nodded and said, “no one can tell the specific situation and result of the war. But one thing is for sure, three months after that battle. More and more warriors are coming here to look for master Chen’s treasure. ”

“Now that so many people have come to our county, do you still need to ask? It must be master Chen’s relatives and friends who lost! ” Someone is aware of something.

“What was the result of the battle? Who wins and who loses? ” Someone asked.

“Who’s on the other side, I don’t know. But to be sure, one of them is master Chen’s family and friends. It is said that someone coveted master Chen’s treasure and wanted to snatch it, so there was a conflict with his relatives and friends, and there was a war that night. ”

“What, fight, who fight with whom?”

“Of course! The loud noise that night, later the official explained, was a special thunderstorm weather, so that we should not worry. However, I’ve heard that it’s not a thunderstorm at all. It’s a battle, a battle of high-level fighters. ”

“Is the sound of that night related to the present?”

“Yes, I was awakened, too. I also opened the door to have a look, and found that there seemed to be several bright lights on the mountain. ”

“That night, I fell asleep and woke up. I thought it was an earthquake! ”

Many people nodded.

“Three months ago, there was a loud noise that night. Did you hear it?” Asked the drinker.

“I’ll wrap your meal for you. Don’t dawdle.”

“Don’t play the game, talk about it!”

The drinker squinted and said, “this is the inside story.”

Then, someone asked suspiciously, “how can I find it now? Is it true that when master Chen’s relatives and friends are gone, the authorities will not care? ”

Many people nodded in agreement with this statement.

“After all, master Chen is our great hero, others have gone. As a result, it’s not appropriate for you to divide up his treasures one by one! ”

“Besides, even if you are lucky enough to find one or two treasures. But at the official level, they will not agree to this kind of action. ”

“Master Chen’s relatives and friends, what great figures they are and how powerful they are. Do you think you can find treasures under their control?”

“Ha ha, you think too much. Before, you have to look for it. It’s not fatal. ” The speaker sneered, drank a glass of wine, and went on.

“Why don’t I know? If I had known, I would have gone to find it.”

“What, master Chen’s treasure is so valuable!”

“Do you know? Before the war three years ago, there was a rumor that master Chen had sent all his relatives and friends to the mountains near us, and had brought all his treasures and treasures and buried them in the mountains. ”

“How has it changed?” Someone asked curiously.

The speaker waved his hand and said, “the news you know is out of date. Now, the situation has changed.”

“The government has also set up a special memorial day for master Chen. In the past few years, I will commemorate every anniversary.”

“Of course, we know that Huaxia, no, even the heroes of our world.”

Someone immediately explained, “it seems that you don’t pay attention to the news at all. Master Chen, you all know! ”

Many people, with this doubt, have asked one after another.

Hearing this, Chen Fei almost did not have a mouthful of water to spray out, “master Chen’s treasure, when did I have the treasure?””Don’t you know? Of course, they came for master Chen’s treasure

“Ah, you say, why do these big city warriors come to our small place?”

“Ha ha, I’m lucky. I made a fortune.”

“It’s a little bit, but it’s not as good as Lao Xu. You’ve made a lot of farmhouse fun. I heard that you’ve been contracted by some martial arts school. You’ve made a lot of money!”

“Lao Hu, there are so many foreigners recently. You are making a lot of money in this hotel.”

Seeing this, Chen Fei also entered the tour and ordered two dishes casually. While eating, he listened to people’s talk.

At this time, in a small restaurant nearby, a lot of people were talking.

“How can there be so many experts in this small county?” Chen Fei was confused.

Moreover, at a glance, you can find many warriors in the street. There are not only level 1 and level 2 fighters, but also level 3 fighters. Even occasionally, one or two level 4 fighters can be detected.

Because, this small town, the streets are bustling, even a little crowded.

However, entering the county, Chen Fei was surprised.

Walking in the small county, Chen Fei is ready to buy some things. Although he enters the mountain, he goes to his own other courtyard.

At first glance, Chen Fei almost didn’t recognize the direction.

Around, the dense mountain forest is more magnificent and lush than three years ago. The lush trees almost completely envelop the county seat of Lincang County.

Although it was on foot, Chen Fei arrived at the county seat of Lincang County only a few hours later at the speed of Chen Fei.

So three years ago, Chen Fei chose a hill here and built a courtyard in the mountain as a refuge for his relatives and friends.

“It’s not very good. What can we do? Master Chen’s relatives and friends didn’t speak. What can we say to outsiders?” Some people said with emotion.

On one side, Chen Fei listened silently, his face was serious, his chopsticks were pinched out a few cracks, and cracked.


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