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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2967



When the four sat down, boss Liu took the initiative to say: “Master Sun, the sale of fierce beasts –”

before he finished, Master Sun said in a voice: “you say, you have four fierce beasts on hand?”

Sun Yu felt the intention of killing and was even more frightened. “No, you can’t kill me. My father is sun Lincheng. If you kill me, he won’t let you go. ”

Chen Fei was unmoved and raised his right hand.

Sun Yu struggled to retreat, “no, don’t kill me. I’m willing to do business, I’m willing to pay, 500000, 600000 or 1000000

“What do you want me to do?” Chen Feidao.

“You, what are you going to do?” Sun Yu was afraid and his voice trembled.

Chen Fei walked to Sun Yu without expression and looked down at him with cold eyes.

Sun Yu, with a smile on his face, froze. “You, you killed Ali. You should — ”

” bang “, the woman’s head directly exploded, and she died suddenly.

Then, the right hand bang, a punch hit the woman’s head.

But Chen Fei is faster. He grabs her by the neck and presses the woman to the ground.

The woman was shocked and wanted to dodge.

Chen Fei cold hum, left hand out, “pa” about, directly in the air, a toward the woman’s neck.

The woman rushes in front of Chen Fei, like a poisonous snake spitting out a letter. With a deadly attack, she attacks the key parts of Chen Fei.


Suddenly, there was a sense of killing in Chen Fei’s eyes.

Moreover, judging from her breath, it is obvious that many people died in her hands.

But now, this woman is with the ice cold incomparable intention to kill.

He was very angry at the four bodyguards just now, but he was merciful. He just knocked them out and didn’t kill them. After all, they are just following orders.

Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a look of anger in his eyes.

Slender body, like a poisonous snake, with a terrible intention to kill, flying attack.

In an instant, the woman rushed out.

“OK, kill him!” Sun Yu ordered.

The woman squinted, paused, then nodded and said, “it’s not a problem.”

“Can you fight?” Sun Yu asked.

There was a serious look in the woman’s eyes, and she said in a voice: “those who are at level Four must have reached level Four. He should have killed those fierce beasts. ”

“This boy –” Sun Yu saw this, also can’t help but be one of surprised, shrink to graceful woman behind, “Ali, this boy, what realm?”

A dull sound, four bodyguards, unexpectedly can not carry Chen Fei a punch, directly knocked to the ground, fainted in the past.


However, Chen Fei’s face remained the same. With a cold hum, he directly met the four bodyguards, straight forward with his right hand, and banged out with a few punches.

Boss Liu and tigers change color instantly.

With an order, four third-class bodyguards in the private room pounce on Chen Fei.

“Give it to me, it’s useless!”

“Boy, you are threatening me!” Sun Yu got up from his seat, patted the table and said, “I’d like to see how you can accompany me to the end.”

Chen Fei said coldly, “I just want to do business peacefully, but if someone wants to find something, I don’t mind staying with him to the end.”

“Ha ha!” Sun Yu laughed, “rob your money, so what?”

Chen Fei said: “I mean, you are robbing my money now!”

“Er –” Sun Yu picked his eyebrows and looked at Chen Fei, “what do you mean?”

At this time, Chen Fei stood up and looked at Sun Yu in a flat voice: “I killed those fierce beasts.”

Boss sun and tiger gnash their teeth, angry, but helpless.

Four bodyguards, with heavy steps, approached.

“Rob, ha ha, rob you, so what!” Sun Yu had a fearless expression on his face.

Hot temper of the tiger, finally can not help, angry voice: “you this is a robbery.”

This is already a naked threat.

“Crush me with my dad!” Sun Yu snorted coldly, his eyes even colder. “I’ll tell you, Liu. Or you leave your stuff, take a hundred thousand dollars and go. Or, if there’s nothing, you’re gone. ”

Boss Liu’s face suddenly changed. He looked at Sun Yu and said, “Mr. Sun, you do this. Who dares to do business with boss sun in Yuncheng? ”

While speaking, the four third level bodyguards in the private room blocked the door and approached several people.

However, Mr. Sun snorted coldly, “don’t sell it? When you come to my site, do you say that if you don’t sell it, you won’t sell it? ”

“If Mr. Sun insists, we won’t sell it.” Boss Liu is going to turn around and leave.Sun said in a deep voice: “in Yuncheng, when I speak to Sun Yu, there is nothing impossible.”

“A hundred thousand dollars!” Boss Liu’s face changed greatly. He said in a deep voice, “don’t make a joke, Mr. Sun. It’s a hundred thousand dollars. It’s impossible. ”

Mr. Sun narrowed his eyes and said in a voice, “100000 yuan, I’ll pay 100000 yuan to buy your things.”

“What is this? I don’t understand Boss Liu looks a little ugly.

Mr. Sun stretched out a finger and said in a voice, “this price?”

Boss Liu’s face changed. He paused for a moment and said in a voice, “how much is Mr. Sun going to offer?”

“Half a million!” Mr. Sun knocked his finger on the armrest, considered it, shook his head and said, “this price is not good.”

“However, if boss sun and master sun give us such face, we will naturally give them face. So, half a million, we sold it. ”

“Level three or four fierce beasts are also very good cultivation resources for martial arts practitioners. I inquired about it in the market. To buy these things, Yuncheng now needs at least 600000 yuan. ”

Boss Liu said directly: “Mr. Sun, according to the market, these fierce beasts are worth at least 400000. Moreover, all kinds of prices in Yuncheng have been rising recently, especially the cultivation resources. ”

Mr. Sun nodded gently, looked at boss Liu, and said in a voice, “give me a price.”

Soon, the woman finished the examination and nodded to Mr. Sun: “it’s true.”

It seemed that he didn’t adapt to the smell of blood, so he covered his nose. Wave a hand to indicate for a while, nearby that graceful woman, immediately stepped forward to check up.

“The ears of the white forehead moon wolf can be checked by Mr. Sun.”

Boss Liu didn’t say much. He turned to look at the big and small tigers. They took out a leather bag and a few bloody ears.

“White forehead moon wolf, wolf king, really good.” Mr. Sun nodded, “do you really have one?”

Boss Liu nodded and said, “yes, the wolf king of the white forehead moon wolf is the best among the four level fierce beasts. Moreover, there are more than ten third level white forehead moon wolves, which are all good products. ”


Chen Fei is not polite. With a bang, he opens Sun Yu’s head.


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