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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2966



The delivery of goods into the city was naturally arranged by boss Liu, while Chen Fei stayed in the hotel and had a good rest all day.

After a busy day, that night, boss Liu finally came back, although it can be seen that he was very tired and his stomach was almost thin.

Sure there was no problem, the woman stepped back and whispered something to Mr. Sun.

The woman Zhenyuan releases the weapon and checks on Chen Fei. She determines that Chen Fei’s strength is probably between the second and third level warriors.

Therefore, the woman soon finished checking boss Liu and big and small tigers, and finally came to Chen Fei.

Of course, today’s body search is not the traditional sense of hand touch, a little bit of inspection. But after approaching, release the true yuan aura directly to explore the other side.

This woman, keep searching.

The tiger forbeared and bowed his head.

What’s more, this is Mr. Sun’s territory. It’s obvious that if we start, there will be no good result.

Obviously, women are much better than them. It’s at least level 3, maybe even stronger.

However, the tiger on one side quickly held him.

“You -” tiger angry, hard stare at the woman.

However, as soon as Xiao Hu’s voice fell, the woman suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghost. She slapped Xiao Hu in the face and said in a cold voice, “I dare to talk nonsense again and kill you.”

Seeing this, the tiger behind him said with a smile: “this kind of beauty to search, I would like a thousand.”

The graceful woman came forward, ready to check.

Boss Liu took the initiative to open his arms and said in a voice, “please check with Mr. Sun.”

Chen Fei understood his meaning and nodded gently.

It doesn’t matter that he was searched. However, he didn’t know that Chen Fei was such an expert. He couldn’t help it.

Hearing this, boss Liu was embarrassed and couldn’t help looking at Chen Fei.

“This -”

the woman said in a cold voice: “in order to ensure the safety of Mr. Sun, you can continue the negotiation only if you have no problem in body search.”

Sun took a deep puff on his cigar and didn’t respond.

Boss Liu’s face suddenly changed, “Mr. Sun, this -”

however, before he got close to Mr. Sun, a 26-7-year-old woman with graceful figure stood up, stopped boss Liu, and said harshly, “stop.”

At this time, boss Liu squeezed out a smile and went over with a flattering voice: “Mr. Sun, I’m Liu Wei.”

“This is sun Chenglin, not like him!” Chen Fei and big and small tigers are almost confused at the same time.

Four bodyguards escorted a 30-year-old young man with long hair, sitting at a big round table, with his legs crossed, a stout cigar in his mouth, and a posture of rambling.

Entering the private room, there are four black bodyguards in the luxurious decorated private room. Their momentum is stronger than that of the outside, reaching the level 3 martial arts realm.

However, Chen Fei was calm and came to the private room all the way.

Such momentum makes boss Liu and big and small tigers feel palpitating.

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you can see is a line of hardcover bodyguards. Judging from their breath, they are all second-class warriors with the lowest strength.

The next morning, boss Liu, Chen Fei and big and small tigers, a total of four people, went to the agreed place of business.

Boss Liu got in touch with boss sun and decided to buy and sell on the spot tomorrow.

It’s almost impossible to avoid the regular distribution channels of yunsun beast.

Sun, who controls almost half of the business in the underground world of Yuncheng, is involved in all kinds of casinos, bars and black fists.

Fierce beast found a buyer, is a local Cloud City Underground boss – Sun Lincheng.

He went back to the hotel empty handed. That night, boss Liu came back with good news.

Of course, because of the change of aura, the variation of wild animals and plants, the resources on the whole have become more and more, but the difficulty of obtaining them has also increased a lot.

The competition for various cultivation resources is more intense than three years ago.

It can be said that in this world, the number of warriors is increasing.

There are very few herbs to refine the body and repair the spirit. I went to several herb shops, but I didn’t find one. Even if you encounter one or two occasionally, the price is sky high, which was set by other warriors early.

However, the result disappointed Chen Fei.

Therefore, Chen Fei wants to continue to refine his body, so that he can continue to make progress in the four levels of Yuanti. On the other hand, if you can recover the almost exhausted spirit breath in your mind, it’s the best.

After all, Chen Fei, who has no Dan he, can hardly improve his spiritual cultivation.

Chen Fei is not interested in these things. Apart from staying in a hotel to practice, he goes to several herbal medicine shops on the street to look for herbs that can improve his strength.

Big and small tigers also call Chen Fei to go out to eat, drink and have fun together. After all, for their work of tying their heads on their belts, it’s the right way to make money and enjoy it for the first time.The rest of the motorcade, too, could not stay in the hotel and began to wander around the city.

In the next two days, boss Liu was busy selling fierce animals.

“Mr. Chen, you are my life-saving benefactor. Such a small matter is no trouble.” Liu said.

Chen Fei light way: “trouble boss Liu.”

“But fierce beasts are not easy to sell. It will take another day or two to contact local buyers. So please wait for Mr. Chen

“But, Mr. Chen, that’s a good thing. Those fierce beasts in hand can be sold at a good price. ”

Boss Liu is not very concerned about these, said: “not clear.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help asking, “do many warriors come to Yuncheng for any activities?”

Boss Liu said: “it’s said that many warriors have come to Yuncheng recently, and the prices of all kinds of things have gone up. The cultivation resources of the martial arts are rising even more. My goods just went up by the way. ”

“The price has gone up? What’s the matter? What’s the matter with Yuncheng? ” Big tiger asked.

Boss Liu waved his hand and said, “I’m just lucky. Yuncheng is short of material recently. All kinds of things have gone up in price, so I sell more of my goods. ”

“I made a small profit, boss Liu. You are really good! Plus the money for selling fierce animals, boss Liu, this time is worth the last two or three times. ” Xiao Hu said in a voice.

“I thought I would lose money if I sold it this time. I didn’t expect to make a small profit. ”

Boss Liu came over and said with a smile, “OK, OK!”

“Boss Liu, you’re so happy. You’ve made a lot of money!” Tiger joked.

However, the smile on boss Liu’s face can’t be covered. Obviously, this trip has gained a lot.

After hearing this, Mr. Sun nodded and put on a smile.

Then he pointed to the seat and said in a voice, “sit down.”


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