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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2965



However, when the words came out, the wolf king’s claws had been protruded, and a white cold awn gathered on his claws. With a sharp air blade, he grabbed Chen Fei.

The power of this claw absolutely exceeds the attack of ordinary level 3 fighters.

The crowd cheered and applauded.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen!”

Speaking of this, Chen Fei no longer refused, nodded and said: “in that case, I’ll take it. When I get to Yuncheng and earn money, I invite you to dinner and drink. ”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Chen.”

“We are satisfied to have three white fronted moonwolves. Moreover, we know that if it wasn’t for Mr. Chen’s help and containment, let alone killing three level 3 beasts. We may not even survive. ”

Xiao Hu said in a voice: “Mr. Chen, you are very generous. Thank you. But our brothers are not greedy villains who don’t know what to do and take advantage of others. ”

“This –” what else does Chen Fei have to say.

“Mr. Chen, we really can’t take advantage of you like this. In this way, the three white fronted moon wolves we killed belong to us. The rest, you killed Mr. Chen, will be yours. ” Big tiger road.

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, “what do some big men look like. It’s just a little money. It’s nothing. ”

“Mr. Chen, we’re taking advantage of this. I’m sorry Tiger refused.

Chen Fei said: “everyone has made efforts. It’s not good for me to monopolize. In this way, I will take the wolf king, and the rest belongs to you. ”

Obviously, no one competes with Chen Fei, whether it’s thanks for Chen Fei’s help or awe of Chen Fei’s strength.

Big tiger also hastened to say: “we just helped a little bit. It’s Mr. Chen who really contributed. We all have to thank Mr. Chen for surviving. These fierce beasts, of course, should belong to Mr. Chen. ”

However, at this time, boss Liu came over and said in a voice: “big tiger and small tiger, Mr. Chen. Thank you all for being alive. I don’t have the face to ask for these carcasses. The money is for three people. ”

“Under normal circumstances, I don’t know how many times boss Liu has to run to earn such a large sum of money. It’s developed this time. ” Xiaohu road.

“All that adds up to 380000.”

“The wolf king is a rare beast. If the product is complete, it can be sold for about 200000 yuan. However, it’s a pity that the price of these wolf kings will be discounted if they are cut in half by Mr. Chen. About 140000. It should be about the same. ”

“The price of the white forehead MOON WOLF we meet now is medium among the three level fierce beasts, which is 221. We killed 12 of them, and 10 of them had complete appearance, which was 220000. The remaining two were about 20000. That’s two hundred and forty thousand. ”

“Of course, these are just approximate prices. Because of different varieties, different shapes, and some special uses, the price fluctuation is also very big. ”

Xiao Hu broke his fingers to Chen Fei and said, “generally speaking, a level-1 fierce animal, a complete one, costs about 800. Level 2 beast, about 4000 yuan. Level 3 beast, about 20000 yuan. Level 4 beast, about 100000 yuan. Higher, a lot of money can’t buy it. ”

“How much are these white forehead moon wolves worth?” Chen Fei is a little interested, can’t help but ask.

“However, even the most common level one fierce beast has nothing special. Flesh and blood is also a delicacy. It’s worth a lot to sell in various high-end restaurants. ”

“Even some fierce beasts have condensed Dan cores similar to those of human warriors, which are called beast Dan. That’s a good thing. It’s said that after taking it, ordinary people can directly become level 4 warriors. Of course, the beast Dan is a high-level fierce beast. ”

Tiger quickly nodded, “of course, fierce animal body, that’s a good thing. Blood, bones and fur are all good things for medicine or weapons. The higher the level, the more precious the beast is. ”

“Back to the original, those fierce beasts, can sell money?” Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Seeing that Chen Fei didn’t want to talk about it, Xiao Hu knew that he had a secret, so he stopped asking him. Instead, he said, “Mr. Chen, we can make a lot of money by killing a wolf king, a level 4 beast, and more than ten Level 3 white forehead moon wolves. What boss Liu lost before, he earned back. ”

Chen Fei didn’t care about these. He waved his hand and said faintly, “I didn’t take part in the examination. I’m not sure.”

Just now Chen Fei’s skill was to kill the level 4 fierce beast. Even a fool knows that he can’t be a level 2 Warrior. It may have reached level four or even higher.

After some thanks, Xiao Hu came to Chen Fei with awe and curiosity. “Mr. Chen, what level of martial arts are you?”

Everyone quickly thanks, big and small tigers are also among them.

“Thank you for saving my life.”

Or boss Liu came back first and said in a voice, “thank you for saving my life.”

A piece of silence, all people are gaping at Chen Fei.But Chen Fei, finally did not continue to pursue, turned and walked back, looked at the crowd and asked, “are you all right?”

When the wolf king died, the rest of the wolves immediately scattered and fled.

Chen Fei points to the sword, and a red streamer bursts out of his fingers. Whew, he cuts the wolf king in half.

He’s not finished, though.

Seeing this, Xiao Hu called out: “Mr. Chen, don’t chase me. There may be danger in the depths – ”

after defeating the wolf king, Chen Fei didn’t stop, instead, he caught up with him.

However, the next scene made them nervous again.

Seeing this, the big and small tigers not only let go of their breath, but also got lucky.

Wolf king seemed to be surprised. After a pause, he let out a whimper and ran away.

The arc of the moon was smashed by Chen Fei.


However, Chen Fei was not afraid at all. He gave a cold hum and hit him with his right fist.

Looking up at the moon in the sky, a curved arc came from his forehead and shot at Chen Fei.

Wolf king screamed, green eyes, full of killing.

In our imagination, the picture of Chen Fei’s arm torn by Wolf’s claws did not happen. On the contrary, it was Chen Fei’s fist that broke the wolf’s claw with a direct click.

Fists and claws collide.

A bang.

Chen Fei smashed out with his right hand, and his fist was covered with a layer of red strength.

But just when almost everyone is desperate and waiting to die.

“It’s over. We’re all going to die here.”

“No, Mr. Chen can’t handle it.”

The big and small tigers turned pale in an instant.

This night, though breathtaking, scared a lot of people. But the result is quite good, not only no personnel injury, but made a sum of money, it can be said that everyone is happy.

So, the night passed safely, and the next day, there was no accident, and the team arrived at Yuncheng smoothly.


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