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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2964



Chen Fei looks up again. What does boss Liu say to the other party? He looks like bargaining.

The other side seems to be a little annoyed, with a rising tone and a posture of hands-on.

If this is really hit, it can be said that life is worrying.

In a hurry, little tiger didn’t even have time to gather Zhenyuan to resist the attack of wolf king.

But wolf king was obviously very clever, and immediately rushed at tiger.

“Big brother!” Seeing this, little tiger was shocked and wanted to save people.

The tiger was shot out and fell to the ground with a mouthful of blood.

With a bang, Zhenyuan’s shield broke.

However, the power of the level 4 beast is not what a level 2 Warrior can resist.

The tiger, who is at the front, although prepared, sets up his arms, condenses the breath of Zhenyuan and forms a shield to block the attack of the wolf king.

Obviously, the wolf king’s wisdom is unmatched, can distinguish, with the threat of people.

At this time, the white wolf king, with a roar, pounced on the tigers.

Big tiger and small tiger are a little anxious, “Mr. Chen, we can’t wait any longer. Even if the three of us work together, we may not be able to survive. A decision has to be made. ”

“This -” Chen Fei seems to be hesitating.

Boss Liu looked pale, and finally waved to the three: “you go! To live one is to live one

At this time, Dahu and boss Liu said something.

Xiao Hu shook his head and said solemnly, “Mr. Chen, I know you are a good man. But the level 4 beast, we can’t protect you well to survive. Now, one who can escape is one. ”

“But everyone -” Chen Fei looked at the paralyzed and desperate people.

The big and small tigers retreated while walking. They came to Chen Fei and said in a voice, “Mr. Chen, we may still have the possibility to escape together.”

Even boss Liu, at the moment, is paralyzed on the ground. His face is pale and speechless.

“It’s my first time in the business. Why am I so unlucky?”

“The fourth level fierce beast is equivalent to the heaven level warrior in human beings. We can’t defeat it.”

“Level Four beast, we’re dead. It’s over. It’s all over.”

Hearing this, the whole team panicked.

“The wolf king, the wolf king among the white forehead moon wolves. This is a level Four beast

Just still calm tiger, now also can’t help but change his face, expression greatly shocked.

The White Wolf’s eyes showed a cool green light, sending out a cold killing intention, and approached the motorcade step by step.

This white wolf is about the size of a buffalo three years ago.

But just then, in front of the trees, a white wolf came out.

After listening to what Dahu said, the nervous people finally relaxed a little.

The big tiger was calm, and while commanding the deployment, he said in a voice: “don’t worry, just now two groups of wolves have been repulsed. Now one more wave, and we’re sure to beat it back. ”

The people who had just relaxed suddenly bounced up from the ground, one by one clutching their weapons with fear and tension on their faces.

“No, there are wolves!” Tiger exclaimed.

Then, a pair of dark green eyes appeared in the surrounding trees.

But at this time, suddenly a “Wuwu” sound sounded in the night sky.

“Thank you all -” boss Liu was about to say two words of encouragement and thanks.

Even big and small tiger, at the moment, with a happy expression, picked up a bottle of water and drank it.

Everyone was relieved, many people directly sat on the ground, gasping.

The critical situation was relieved.

At this time, the front of the tiger, with guns and ammunition, will also be the front of the wolves to fight back.

It’s about time for Lin Chuan to kill all the wolves in the rear with a bang.

In addition, last month, the wolf is generally a collective action, the power is better, so it is classified as the third level fierce beast, which can not be underestimated.

What’s more, the white fur is not an ordinary decoration. It can also absorb the moon aura at night and send out a stream of light. Its power is no less than that of the second level warrior’s full blow.

These wolves are bigger than those of three years ago, and their teeth and claws are much sharper. The most remarkable feature is that there is a bunch of crescent shaped white hair in the middle of the forehead.

In the rear, Chen Fei has no problem. Chen Fei is not in a hurry to deal with the wolves. Also take the opportunity to observe the strength of this white wolf.

The big and small tigers kept shouting. Although it was difficult, they still resisted the attack of the front wolves.

For a moment, the roaring sound of Qi, the sound of bullets, the roaring sound of the moon wolf, continued to ring.

Others take up all kinds of guns and weapons and shoot at the wolves.

Chen Fei, on the other hand, was in the rear of the motorcade, guarding against the wolves that surrounded him from other directions.The situation stabilized, the big tiger and the little tiger kept in front, deterred the approaching white forehead moon wolf.

“Everyone, get your weapons and kill the white forehead moon wolf.”

“This is a wild man running about. Do you think you can survive?”

But boss Liu, still very calm, snapped: “calm down, don’t run around.”

“Run away!”

“White forehead moon wolf, we are dead.”

At the moment, all the people in the whole team woke up, even in a panic.

“Chen, Mr. Chen!” The tiger was surprised, and then pointed to the dense woods in front of him. His voice trembled and said, “fierce beast attack, level 3 fierce beast, white forehead moon wolf. And wolves! ”

Chen Fei recognized that it was tiger’s voice. He opened his eyes and jumped to the ground. He rushed to tiger and asked, “what’s the matter?”

However, just as Chen Fei was squinting to rest, he suddenly woke up with a loud cry, “get up, fierce beast, fierce beast!”

Solved a group of wild dogs, Chen Fei’s vigil time, back to the truck to rest, in the second half of the night to the big and small tiger.

In the evening, Chen Fei, like the previous two nights, guards the night.

At this time, it is not far from Cloud City. After tonight, we’ll arrive at about ten tomorrow morning.

So the third night came.

Finally, he could only sigh: “this trip is completely in vain. We can only see Cloud City. If we can get a batch of mountain goods back from there, maybe we can make some money. ”

However, boss Liu’s face became very ugly. He kept flipping the account books and calculating various expenses.

Boss Liu repeatedly begged for mercy. Finally, he took out a thick pile of banknotes and handed them to the other party. Only in this way, the team was able to move on.

At the critical moment, Chen Fei moved. His body was like a phantom. He flashed out and rushed directly to the wolf king.

Seeing this, Xiao Hu exclaimed, “Mr. Chen, be careful -”


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