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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2963



Chen Fei took the lunch box and opened it.

Xiao Hu immediately scooped a spoon into his mouth and said with a smile, “Mr. Chen, don’t mind. I’ll try it.”

Little tiger looked, sighed, and said in a helpless voice: “it’s the warrior of the hunting team.”

Such a situation made Chen Fei curious and asked, “what’s the matter? Who are those two? ”

At the moment, boss Liu, with a sad face, is constantly complaining.

Chen Fei looks over his head and finds that in front of boss Liu, there are two warriors in leather armour uniforms. They are pleading with each other, saying something and begging for mercy from time to time.

Boss Liu got out of the car and said something.

However, this time did not go far, the team suddenly stopped.

At dawn, the team set off again.

Another day passed, and there was not much danger at night. Basically, they are wild dogs and cats, which are easily solved by Chen Fei.

Before long, boss Liu seemed to have negotiated the price with the other party. After paying, the team passed the journey smoothly and went on.

Before, what he considered was the change of aura to the warrior. For ordinary people, he doesn’t think it has much influence. But now it seems that the impact on ordinary people is equally huge, or even greater.

After listening to Xiao Hu’s story, Chen Fei nodded slightly and looked at the group of people below, his thoughts surging up.

“The boss of these people is quite authentic. The price will not be too high, but also provide some material exchange services. It can be used as a service station on the smuggling road. ”

“The earth has changed a lot in the past three years. Many factories collapsed when transportation was interrupted, raw materials couldn’t be delivered and goods couldn’t be delivered. As a result, many ordinary people are unemployed. On the other hand, because of the closure of factories, the prices of all kinds of daily necessities have skyrocketed, and ordinary people can’t afford to consume them. We can only come out of the city and gather together at the edge of the city to seek a way out. ”

Xiao Hu explained: “Mr. Chen, these people are not really bandits. Most of them are ordinary people who can’t live in the lake city and can only come out to find another way to live. ”

“Can all these people be bandits?” Chen Fei pointed to those old, weak, sick and disabled, and asked.

Let go of the breath and feel it for a while. Chen Fei finds that most people are ordinary people, except for a few who are martial arts. Although they look fierce, they have little fighting power.

Chen Fei looked around in the car and found that there were a lot of people on the other side. There were thirty or forty people on the other side, but the personnel composition was quite complicated. There were young men, rickety old people and teenagers.

Although boss Liu didn’t want to, he was surrounded by a group of people when the motorcade passed the boundary of Hucheng.

Boss Liu became nervous and told everyone, “in front of the Lake City, there are a group of bandits around. If it happens, don’t act rashly. Don’t do it unless it’s necessary. ”

At about 10:30 a.m., a silhouette of a city appeared in front of the motorcade on the left.

The next morning, the team set sail again.

In the middle of the night, there were a few more attacks by wild dogs, weasels and other animals, but they were not strong enough, so they were easily repulsed.

While wiping the blood on his hands, Xiao Hu introduced to Chen Fei: “most of these wild dogs are gradually transformed from stray dogs after they flow into the wilderness. It’s one of the most common fierce beasts. However, these wild dogs are not strong. Occasionally, a few of them can evolve into first-class fierce beasts, and most of them are not fierce beasts. ”

However, the strength is not strong, without waiting for Chen Fei to make a move, he was beaten back by big and small tigers.

That night, sure enough, a group of wild dogs attacked.

Boss Liu arranges people to watch the night, and Xiao Hu takes the initiative to ask Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, in the wild, night is the most dangerous. Many ferocious beasts come and go at night. Therefore, night watchmen should be more cautious than day watchmen. ”

At night, the car stops and stays overnight.

However, all the way, it was very peaceful, and there was no fierce beast.

The road has been destroyed by luxuriant plants, the car has been bumped, and the roadside plants are luxuriant. Chen Fei feels like he is in the forest.

After lunch, we drove all the way to the afternoon.

Because of fierce competition, the road was destroyed and blocked. These foods and products that ordinary people could buy in supermarkets three years ago are now becoming precious.

For example, we can transport seafood from the seashore to Yuncheng inland, exchange some local herbal medicines from there, and then transport them back to the seashore to earn a price difference.

However, the two brothers are not the kind of big traitors, nor the courage and strength. I can’t get involved in the smuggling of high-grade goods such as martial arts, weapons, fierce animals, blood and meat. I can only follow boss Liu to smuggle some daily necessities and food.

At the same time, because the other party’s father was the leader of the martial arts school, they were blacklisted, and they could not find work in the local area. In the end, he had to go underground to do this kind of smuggling escort business.After coming back, the association will investigate the matter and punish them. They tried their best to explain, but it still didn’t help. In the end, they could only be revoked the martial arts certificate and expelled from the martial arts association.

At that time, the leader of the team was the son of a military school leader who came out for training. He was not strong enough, but he had to go deep into the forest against the rules. As a result, he met a level 3 fierce beast, which led to the boy’s failure.

As a result, unexpectedly, the first time they went on a mission, they met with a bad thing.

Later, he also passed the second level examination of the martial arts association and became a certified martial arts person, which can be described as boundless scenery.

Tiger and tiger are brothers. They were born in the countryside and worked in the city. Three years ago, the earth’s aura changed, and they were lucky to get a Book of stall skills. After confused practice, they actually entered the door.

Chen Fei is chatting with Xiao Hu, and has gained a lot of confidence from him.

After lunch, Xiao Hu didn’t leave. Instead, he came to Chen Fei and asked, “Mr. Chen, where are you from? What did you do before? You are so skilled. Did you graduate from the martial arts school or come out of the clan? ”

Chen Fei smiles and understands what he means. He wanted to prove that the lunch was OK.

“They are all regular warriors. They are professional teams specially organized by nearby cities to hunt wild animals and collect raw materials. In general, the military strength of this hunting team is not weak. ”

“Boss Liu is so unlucky that when he meets them, he will have a lot of bleeding this time. Maybe this trip will be in vain. But there’s no way. We can’t report them in this business. ” The tiger sighed and shook his head.


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