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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2962



Then, with a reluctant look on his face, boss Du went to talk to boss Liu about something.

After hearing this, boss Liu looked at Chen Fei in surprise and nodded his head.

A figure suddenly jumped into Chen Fei’s car.

At this point, the speed slowed down.

“Is that what the world looks like now?” Chen Fei whispered.

Even Chen Fei feels that the plants are more prosperous now than they were three years ago.

Roadside rural buildings, farmland, are deserted, can not see a little smoke, completely covered by a variety of plants. From time to time, there are sparse sounds from plants and the sounds of birds and animals.

There are more weeds and stones on the road, and all kinds of signs are damaged and fallen down. It seems that they have not been maintained for a long time.

However, half an hour after the car left, Chen Fei clearly saw the surrounding scene changed.

At the beginning, Chen Fei didn’t feel too much abnormality. Ordinary roads, all kinds of traffic signs, roadside scattered rural two-story buildings, and some rice fields.

The truck drove farther and farther along the suburban road.

One truck is mainly loaded with all kinds of goods, and the other is the daily necessities for everyone along the way, including all kinds of weapons.

Chen Fei sat in the van and observed it for a while, but he also understood it.

We got on two trucks, and they started and drove.

Before long, two trucks with green camouflage came out.

Boss Liu nodded, “let’s go, let’s go at once.”

“Boss Liu, let’s go!” Chen Fei asked coldly.

And boss Liu also realized that he was lucky to meet a master, and quickly came over with a smile on his face, “Mr. Chen, big tiger, little tiger, are all martial arts experts, this time, please three.”

“Mr. Chen’s lesson is right!” They quickly nodded yes.

Chen Fei waved to them and said, “it’s OK. You have nothing to do with me. I don’t want to hurt you. But next time you’re so reckless, it’s hard to say when you meet other people. ”

They are warriors. Naturally, Chen Fei saw that move just now, but he kept it. Otherwise, the tiger will break at least one arm. If it hits the chest, even the viscera will be severely damaged.

At this time, the big tiger picked up the little tiger, then came to Chen Fei together, saluted respectfully and said: “thank you, Mr. Chen for your kindness.”


“Just now, it looks very powerful!”

“Xiao Hu is a real level two warrior. He has cooperated with boss Liu seven or eight times! Have you lost to such a boy? ”

“Little Chen Sheng? Is that true? ”

Boss Liu and other people around him do not understand what happened when they see such a situation.

At the critical moment, Chen Fei’s fist turned into a palm, and his strength was greatly reduced. In the end, he just beat Xiaohu back seven or eight steps and sat down on the ground.

At the same time, he realized that it was not right. With a loud cry, he rushed forward and said, “show mercy.”

If it goes on like this, his right arm will be broken by this force.

Because he felt an irresistible force of terror from Chen Fei’s fist, which was not the existence he could bear.

In an instant, tiger’s face changed.

The two men’s offensives collided.


As soon as he could not dodge, the tiger gritted his teeth and clapped his right hand. He was ready to hit Chen Fei.

Tiger see, want to dodge, but under the action, it was found that Chen Fei’s boxing speed is much faster than him.

See tiger’s offensive is about to succeed, at the critical moment, Chen Fei steps gently slip, avoid tiger’s arms offensive. Then, the right arm out, a straight punch, no fancy, directly toward the tiger chest hit in the past.

Chen Fei thought flashed, at this time, tiger has rushed to him.

“It seems that the great changes in the world in the past three years have improved the warrior’s fighting experience a lot.”

Only from the aspect of momentum, it is more than the medium-term warrior of Xuan level three years ago. Judging from his physical posture, his combat experience is much better than that of the ordinary warrior three years ago.

Although he looked drunk just now, it was really impressive.

“Boy, don’t rush to talk big.” Tiger burst to drink, strong legs, hard ground a pedal, the whole person like tiger general, toward Chen Fei rushed over.

In this case, Chen Fei is not polite. He goes to Xiaohu and says in a voice, “practice and practice, but don’t regret it later.”

Chen Fei immediately understood that boss Liu was not completely convinced by the skill he had just revealed. Now, I want the tiger to try his strength.

However, boss Liu did not mean to stop, even with a smile on his lips.

Seeing this, Chen Fei takes a look at boss Liu.

“It’s just kicking a stone. I can crush it with one hand. Boy, come here and join me. I’ll see what you have. If you are too weak. When we’re on the road, it’s not good to drag us down. ” Tiger clenched his fist and came to Chen Fei.Boss Liu said: “little tiger, little Chen Gang can show his hand. You’ve broken that stone with one kick. Don’t mess about

“Not as good as him, boss Liu. You look down on me. At that time, I was a second-class fighter with a real card. I’m not a pheasant warrior. ” Xiao Hu patted his chest and said, at the same time, he looked at Chen Fei with a bad face and was ready to draw.

Boss Liu looked at both sides and said with a smile, “tiger, don’t look down on people. Xiao Chen is a second-class warrior. Maybe you are not as good as him! ”

“This one with small arms and legs can be used as a guard? Boss Liu, you have not been cheated Tiger made no secret of his voice.

On hearing this, the big and small tigers looked at Chen Fei.

Then he pointed to Chen Fei and introduced them: “this is Xiao Chen, the person introduced by boss Du. This time with you, escort the convoy. ”

“Better!” Boss Liu shook his head, but there was no way to take them.

They clapped their chests and said with a smile: “our strength, boss Liu, are you not at ease? It’s not in the way to drink a little. ”

Seeing this, boss Liu immediately frowned, “big tiger, little tiger. You drink so much when you’re on a mission today. ”

About a quarter of an hour later, two dark men with dark skin and strong build came over with wine burping and said, “boss Liu, we are here.”

Boss Du stares at Chen Fei and takes people away.

Chen Fei for a move, just about to start, the result is to see a tiger, carrying a lunch box, a face flattering smile came together.

“It’s lunch time, Mr. Chen. I’ll bring it to you.”


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