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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2961



With a cigarette in his mouth, Mr. Du looked up and down at Chen Fei and said, “do you want to do business with me? What kind of business do you do? ”

Chen Fei said directly, “I’m going to southwest Cloud City.”

Seeing this, Chen Fei squinted and pressed his right arm on the shoulder of boss Du. He made a little effort and said in a cold voice, “boss Du had better be wise. Otherwise, if you die, there will be no place to spend more money.”

“You –” Du Laoda was really angry and waved his hand, ready to call the followers behind him.

Chen Fei stretched out three fingers, bit them, and said in a voice: “thirty thousand yuan, one point is not less. Otherwise, don’t talk about it. ”

Du boss some anxious, quickly increase: “ten thousand, ten thousand.”

“Ha ha, boss Du, I don’t know much about the situation here, but I’m not a fool.” Chen Fei sneers and immediately prepares to walk toward boss Liu.

“You –” boss Du was a little anxious, “thirty thousand yuan is too high, it’s impossible. Five thousand. I’ll give you five thousand. ”

“Yes? Then I can lower the price a little bit. It’s better than I can’t get a cent here. ” Chen Feidao.

“You – that’s a bad rule.” “What’s more, not everyone can take the smuggling route in the wild. Without my care, not to mention the fierce beasts, the bandits along the way will be enough for you to drink a pot. ”

Chen Fei disagreed and said, “whatever you think? If boss Du doesn’t want to, I won’t do this business. Or, I’ll talk to boss Liu directly. I believe boss Liu will be happy to save 10000 yuan. ”

“Are you threatening me?” Boss Du stares at Chen Fei.

“If you are too greedy, be careful to burst your belly.”

Chen Fei pressed the boss Du who wanted to leave and said in a deep voice: “don’t forget, boss Du, I’m the main force in this mission. It’s enough for you to make ten thousand yuan from the white wolf. ”

“No way!” Du boss almost categorically refused, “a total of 40000, you have to take 30000. It’s impossible

“Of course, I know you have to find a way and earn money as a guarantee. So, I won’t take it all. Give me ten thousand out of twenty thousand. When I get to Yuncheng, I’ll have the remaining 20000. ”

Chen Fei said, “I’ll share the money you charge.”

“What do you mean?” Boss Du picked his eyebrows and his eyes sank.

Chen Fei looked at the money in his hand and said, “he said that he arranged a way for me to go to Yuncheng. As a result, he sold me as a bodyguard to make money. It’s not very good to earn both ends of the money! ”

“What’s the matter?” Du turned back.

But Chen Fei put his hand on Du’s shoulder and said, “wait a minute!”

Boss Du nodded and was about to leave.

“I understand!” Chen Fei nodded.

Then, boss Du came to Chen Fei and said, “wait, the team will start. You are the bodyguard of the team. You should listen to boss Liu and ensure the safety of the team members and goods. Do you understand? ”

Before Mr. Du took over, he nodded and said, “I can rest assured of boss Liu’s reputation.”

Boss Liu understood, took out a stack of new banknotes that Chen Fei had never seen, and handed them to boss Du, “this is 20000. When the team arrives at Yuncheng safely, the remaining 20000 will be given to you.”

Du immediately poked his finger.

Boss Liu nodded and said, “good, good.”

Du boss is full of smile, “Liu boss, how?”

With this hand, boss Liu and the people behind him were inspired.

The broken stone hit a stone more than 20 meters away, and it banged and cracked directly.

Chen Fei didn’t say much. He kicked out a stone on the ground.

With that, he winked at Chen Fei and said, “Xiao Chen, show your hand to boss Liu.”

Boss Du patted his chest and said, “boss Liu, we have cooperated so many times. Can’t you trust me?”

Sunglasses boss Liu looked at Chen Fei, some questioned the voice: “boss Du, is this boy OK? Looking thin and weak, is he really a level 2 Warrior? ”

His subordinates brought Chen Fei over, and boss Du immediately introduced him to the sunglasses man: “boss Liu, the person you want is here.”

A middle-aged man with sunglasses is chatting with his boss.

When Chen Fei arrived, there was already a team of people here.

After a night’s rest, there was no accident. At 9 a.m. the next day, Mr. Du sent people to take Chen Fei to the outskirts of the city.

“Good!” Chen Fei nodded.

Du Laoda Road: “refreshing. Then you’ll have a rest here tonight, and I’ll send someone to pick you up tomorrow. ”

“Yes, I promise!” Chen Fei hardly hesitated and nodded his head.

Du Laoda Road: “twenty people, two cars. The other side already has two security guards, both of whom are second-class fighters. ”

Chen Fei squinted and said, “what’s the size of the caravan, how many bodyguards there are, and what are the indicators of casualties?”

Forty minutes later, Mr. Du came back and said to Chen Fei, “good news, there will be a caravan to Yuncheng tomorrow. You can go with them. But you need to be the bodyguard of the caravan and keep them safe. “The cold look in her eyes and the terrible chill made her shiver in an instant. Her body was stiff and she left quickly.

Chen Fei gave her a cold glance and said in a cold voice, “I like to be quiet.”

“Are you in any trouble when you come here?”

“Second class warrior, go to work in the official department, at least five or six thousand a month. Why don’t you go?”

“Handsome boy, are you really a level two warrior? Do you have a license? ”

The girl who brought Chen Fei in just now was afraid and curious. She pasted to Chen Fei.

Boss Du waved away.

“Yes.” Chen Fei nodded.

“You wait here for an hour, and I’ll give you an answer.”

“Second level warrior!” Du boss eyes bright for a while, but then pretended not to care about the appearance, “OK.”

Chen Fei pointed to the pinched iron kettle on the table and said with a smile, “is the strength of the second level warrior enough?”

Instead, boss Du calmed down and looked at Chen Fei and said, “what do you have?”

“You boy –” the three men were furious and almost started.

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “I have no money!”

“How much can you offer?” Mr. Du rubbed his fingers.

Boss Du squinted and said, “of course there are ways. However, Cloud City is not near. It’s not easy to go there! ”

“Do you have a way? If not, I’ll go to someone else.” Chen Fei gets up and is ready to leave.

Chen Fei smiles and says, “boss Du, the wise don’t talk in secret. If we go to the station to buy tickets, we won’t come to you. ”

“If you want to go to Yuncheng, go to the station to buy tickets. What are you doing here?” Du Lao Avenue.

Feeling the terrible power on Chen Fei’s arm, boss Du finally didn’t dare to gamble.

Can nod to promise to come down, “I promise you, 30000 return you.”


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