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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2377



You know, Huo Siyu is a famous beauty lady in the circle of power in the capital. There are countless childe brothers and sophomores in pursuit, but the Huo family never let go.

Now, such a goddess in the powerful circle of Beijing is sent out by her family to be a junior.

Moreover, he was rejected by others, which naturally made countless insiders all surprised and talked about.

Moreover, after the last US attack, the Song family promised not to let song Hongyue appear in front of Chen Fei again.

His anger is not song Hongyue’s abuse and contempt, but song Hongyue’s threat to his relatives and friends, which Chen Fei can’t tolerate.

Chen Fei naturally saw the video and his face sank.

Although the video was quickly deleted by the publisher, it was still downloaded by the fast hand netizens and quickly spread to all parts of the network.

In one of the videos, song Hongyue, with a wine bottle in her hand, blushes with drunkenness and says to her friends: “what is Chen Fei? He’s just a villain who’s had a bad luck. He dares to offend my song family. Sooner or later, I’ll ask him to pay everyone. It’s not just him, it’s the people around him, it’s bad luck. ”

More photos, even videos, have been sent out by netizens. It’s basically song Hongyue’s visit to the capital during this period of time.

As a result, more information about song Hongyue has been picked out by netizens.

Involving the well-known master Chen, this news has been boosted by the expansion of the network, which has attracted many people’s attention.

Even the conflict between Song Hongyue and Chen Fei in the United States has been exposed on the Internet.

With the exposure of identity, more and more news about song Hongyue has been turned out by netizens.

But then, some netizens gradually picked out the identity of the beauty, her name is song Hongyue, and friends to play in the capital, tourists accidentally photographed in.

If only to this, the post is also very normal.

The tourist wanted to get to know the beauty, so he sent the photos to the Internet and asked for the help of netizens.

But in the background of the photo, there is a fashionable beauty.

The post itself is nothing special. It’s just a photo taken by a tourist while traveling in a scenic spot.

The phone finally stopped ringing, but a post on the Internet attracted Chen Fei’s attention.

Chen Fei spent a lot of energy, and finally ended the matter one by one.

On this day, Chen Fei’s mobile phone kept ringing, basically because his relatives and friends asked about the rumors of the Huo family.


“That’s a good way!” After hearing this, Wei Ziyan’s eyes brightened, “brother, let’s start action right away!”

After a little thought, Wei Han clenched his teeth and said in a low voice, “the way is like this, you…”

“Brother, what can I do?” Wei Ziyan came together.

“But not so directly. We have to think of a way! ” Wei Han’s eyes narrowed.

Being reminded by his sister, Wei Han thought of something in an instant and said, “yes, the Song family, and the Song family.”

“That, that -” suddenly, Wei Ziyan thought of something and said in a voice, “brother, you don’t mean. Is Chen Fei the enemy of the Song family? If you tell song Hongyue about it, the Song family will not give up

Wei Han shook his head and said in a voice, “those killers can’t be Chen Fei’s opponents. There’s no point in inviting them. ”

“Then we’ll pay for people. As long as we spend money, we’ll be able to get experts. I know a killer website Wei Ziyan gritted her teeth.

However, after the excitement, the light in his eyes immediately dimmed, “I’m not Chen Fei’s opponent?”

“Yes, take care of him!” When Wei Han heard this, he was inspired and his eyes lit up.

Wei Ziyan was stunned for a moment, then her face sank and she gritted her teeth and said, “if you can’t stop Siyu, stop Chen Fei. As long as he’s gone, Siyu will naturally change his mind. ”

Wei Han gritted his teeth and said, “it’s too late. Siyu’s heart is no longer on me. I can’t stop it. ”

“Brother, let’s go to Huo’s house and make it clear to Siyu. She will change her mind. Let’s move quickly Wei Ziyan is in a hurry.

Wei Han’s face sank and he said in a voice, “she said she had to listen to what she said at home! She would not have said that before. ”

Wei Ziyan looked at his brother, but also distressed, but also angry, “brother, Miss rain, she really changed his mind?”

After the bedroom was torn down by Wei Han, he finally calmed down and came out of the bedroom.

Next, there was a smashing sound in the bedroom.

“Chen Fei!”


Wei Han was dull for a while, and then his face turned red quickly. With a “pa”, he crushed the mobile phone.

With that, the phone hung up.

There was another silence. A moment later, huosiyu said in a voice, “I’m sorry, I can’t disobey the meaning of my family.””I can’t calm down.” Wei Han said excitedly, “Siyu, tell me what you think.”

Hearing the word “elopement”, huosiyu on the other end of the phone changed his mood. He was silent for a moment and said, “calm down.”

“Big deal, I take you elope, with my identity and status, won’t let you live a hard life.” Wei Han clenched his teeth and said excitedly.

“I’ll ask my grandfather to invite friends to come out together, and your grandfather will change his mind.” Wei Han said, “even if he doesn’t agree, as long as our hearts are together, I won’t have any problems.”

Huosiyu said in a voice: “Wei Han, my grandfather will not agree.”

Wei Han bit his teeth and said, “Siyu, you have to resist. I’ll make it clear to my family immediately, and I’ll go to the door as soon as possible. I will marry you. ”

“It means home. I can’t help it!” Huosiyu said.

Wei Han’s heart was smashed, and he said in a hurry: “how can it be like this? You know what I mean to you, I — ”

over the phone, huosiyu’s voice came,” it’s true. ”

Wei Han immediately took out his mobile phone and called Huo Siyu, “Siyu, this morning, you went to Chen’s house. It was -”

but unexpectedly, in a twinkling of an eye, his childhood goddess was sent to be a junior.

Originally, he also planned to think about ways at home to see how to please the Huo family.

Yesterday, he was sent back by Huo Hongxing’s cold attitude. He was in a bad mood.

And to say the most angry is Wei Han who has just returned home.

Countless childe brothers hang their heads and feet, angry.

But this time, song Hongyue not only appeared in the capital, but also said to deal with his relatives and friends.

Anyway, Chen Fei can’t sit still. He has to go.


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