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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 2333



After a long silence, Duan Guzhou finally calmed down and gritted his teeth.

“Talent is talent, not absolute strength. In history, there are a lot of talents who have talent but have not grown up in the end. ”

One side of Ji Ling master, also deep voice mouth.

“However, according to General Xu, they said before. When you feel the martial arts will reach ten thousand, you will reach a limit, and you can go to the divine realm. ”

“It’s worthy of being the fire meaning consistent with my attribute. I didn’t expect that I realized 12000 fire meanings.”

He opened his eyes and felt the fire in the sea. A smile appeared on his face.

Just as the outside world was relieved, Chen Fei, who was on the eighth floor, was also relieved.


At that time, will someone lose their mind and do something out of the ordinary.

People can’t imagine that if Chen Fei continues to feel it, their emotions will be bearable.

This seems to be the voice of all the people at this moment.

“It’s over at last!”

I don’t know how long later, when the flashing light on the water mirror finally went out, the people on the scene could not help but feel relieved.

For a moment, the scene was silent? Everyone looked at the water mirror, but could not say a word.

Chen Fei not only successfully came to the eighth floor, but also realized the martial arts, and the number is so much.

In a bad voice.

At this time, the outside world, looking at the water mirror on the mountain wall, which was constantly flashing and turned into a red one, was completely shocked and speechless.


The fire idea quickly rushes into Chen Fei’s sea of knowledge and rolls up a whirlwind in the invisible space.

Ten, a hundred, a thousand

The combination of attributes makes Chen Fei just begin to realize that the fire in the sky is pouring into Chen Fei’s body like a tide.

About half an hour later, Chen Fei sat down on a volcano like pass and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and began to feel.

After all, with this condition, he would certainly choose the best.

However, Chen Fei didn’t feel it right away. Instead, he was ready to find the purest meaning of fire and absorb it.

He felt that at the moment, he could not feel the meaning of fire with any breath.

And the matching of attributes also has an effect. Almost as soon as he stepped in, Chen Fei felt that all kinds of fire were coming towards his shop in all directions.

Chen Fei can’t wait to rush into the flames all over the sky, looking for the right place to feel.

Therefore, the eighth floor, which is extremely harsh to other people, has become a paradise for Chen Feilai.

First of all, in the realm of strength, Chen Fei himself has reached the realm of demigod. On the other hand, Chen Fei’s Jiu Yang Fen Tian Jue belongs to the most vigorous and vigorous method, which coincides with the eighth layer of fire.

However, this is not a problem for Chen Fei.

This is also an important reason why no one has been able to step into the eighth floor for a hundred years.

In addition, this kind of environment is more and more heavy, not to mention the average heaven level top experts, even some demigod experts, I’m afraid it’s hard to bear.

Because the eighth floor is a red world, and the whole space seems to be burning. There are vigorous flames everywhere, and the heat wave is like a tide.

He thought that Lei Yi of the seventh floor had surprised him, but he didn’t expect that a bigger surprise existed in the eighth floor.

In the secret place of Xuankong Valley, Chen Fei, who is on the eighth floor at the moment, can’t help smiling as soon as he steps into it.


Even several headmasters were shocked, and their faces could not help changing.

Du Wuxuan’s expression was very ugly, and his face was so gloomy that he almost dripped water.

In an instant, Shan Yumeng’s expression changed, and a smile appeared on his face. He looked at Du Wuxuan, “who is ignorant? Now I know for myself

But before he spoke, a light spot in the eighth floor of the water mirror flickered up with a cry of surprise.

Shan Yumeng looks angry and wants to say something.

All the others look at Shan Yumeng with an expression of approval.

“Ignorance. The eighth floor. Do you know that in the past hundred years, hundreds of explorers have never entered the eighth floor. At most, they have only come to the seventh floor. Entering the eighth floor is just wishful thinking. ” Du Wuxuan can’t help looking at Shan Yumeng, a burst of irony.

In the discussion, Shan Yumeng turned his lips and said, “nothing is impossible. I believe Chen Fei. He must have entered the eighth floor.”


“It should be quitting.”

“No way, the eighth floor. It’s not that easy to get into.”

“It’s gone again. It’s not going to go up again.”This time, people’s eyes were drawn back to the water mirror again.

At this time, suddenly, someone in the crowd pointed to the water mirror and cried, “the light spot has disappeared again!”


The atmosphere became tense.

Zou dukong snorted coldly, “I don’t dare. I’m just reminding headmaster Duan. It’s up to leader Duan to decide whether to listen or not. ”

“Headmaster Zou, are you threatening me?” Duan Guzhou is not polite.

Zou dukong said: “headmaster Duan, I would like to remind you that you should not be blinded by the short guard. Otherwise, it is easy to cause unexpected consequences. ”

“Headmaster Zou, the evidence is solid and has been confirmed for a long time. It’s up to you to have no final conclusion! ” Section of lone boat road.

Hearing this, Zou dukong could not help frowning and said in a voice, “ladies and gentlemen, the matter of Chen Fei has not been settled yet. It’s not very nice of you to be like this! ”

For a moment, people began to speak, as if they wanted to kill Chen Fei and kill the devil.


“The more talented this villain is, the more he has to deal with it in advance. Otherwise, let him grow up, and then the harm will be great. ”

“Master Ji Ling is right. No matter how high his moral character is, it is futile to hurt people for no reason.”

“The leader is right. Talent is just potential. Whether it can be realized or not is not certain.”

Such words, for Du Wuxuan and others to find an excuse, they have echoed up.

“If the mind is not good, the character is not good. The higher the talent, the greater the harm, I’m afraid

“I’ve got 12000 senses of fire, 6000 senses of thunder, 3000 senses of gun, 1200 senses of sword, 600 senses of sword, and 2300 senses of ice, wind and stone in the first three layers. The total number is 23000.”

“I’ve surpassed so much at one time, so there won’t be any problem!”

At the moment, Chen Fei was a little worried because he felt too much about Wu Yi.


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