MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1997



Seeing Chen Fei and Chen Ziling’s intimate action, long Zetian can’t help but squint and flash a sharp light. Then he turned his mouth gently and said in a voice, “I said it. I didn’t mean any harm. I just want to make friends with Miss Ziling and have a good chat. ”

For a while, Chen Chao patted the back of his hand and walked away

Seeing Chen Fei and Chen Ziling seated, long Zetian clapped his hands and said, “serve!”

Chen Fei nodded and then stood up.

With that, Chen Ziling stood up and said to Chen Mochi and Chen Fei, “Dad, brother, let’s go!”

“Now, for the last time, I solemnly tell you. Long Zetian, I, Chen Ziling, have no interest in you, and I can’t be your woman. You should die of this heart! ”

However, Chen Ziling was not as excited as he imagined, and his face was extremely calm. He asked, “what’s to consider! I don’t care how bad the name of the son of a bitch is, and I don’t care how strong your dragon family is. ”

Long Zetian looked at Chen Mochi’s changing face, and his expression became more and more proud. He said in a voice: “now, how about thinking about it?”

In a word, almost all women want to be the capital.

Almost all the forces of all parties acted to send their suitable women to the dragon’s home. Even the head of a big family once sent his daughter to the dragon’s house in person, only to be the concubine of the prince. As for all kinds of women, it is more numerous.

He knew exactly what the prince’s wife meant. You know, in the past hundred years, every prince’s marriage has been a major event in the capital.

As soon as these words came out, even Chen Mochi’s face changed.

“You should know how many women dream of it.”

After the housekeeper finished, long Zetian said to Chen Ziling confidently with a smile: “Ziling, as long as you promise to be my woman. A week later, when I become the crown prince, I will publicly announce my relationship with you and let you become my wife. ”

The Housekeeper on the other side added at the right moment: “in a week’s time, the dragon family will hold a banquet to invite all the important figures in the capital. The selection of the crown prince of the long family is officially announced. ”

With that, Chen Mochi turned pale and worried.

“Even the Zhao family is slightly inferior to the long family in terms of strength. If we talk about the details and contacts, the Zhao family will not be able to compare with the long family. ”

“It can be said that before the so-called capital four little, all kinds of family children. As long as you meet the prince, you can only stand aside. It’s not comparable at all. ”

“At the same time, these huge contacts and relationships also make every crown prince of the dragon family a man of the moment in the capital. Every prince’s birth will set off a storm in the capital. ”

“The long family has a long history. After so many years of development, although it has experienced many things, it can definitely be said that it has a deep foundation. There are countless people from all walks of life I have met. It is these huge contacts and relationships that ensure the long family’s standing. ”

Chen Mochi, who had been in Beijing for a long time, was quite familiar with the news.

Chen Fei and Chen Ziling listened, but their faces didn’t change much. They haven’t been in the capital for a long time, and they don’t know much about the past events in the capital or the family secrets.

Speaking of this, the housekeeper added: “Mr. Chen Mochi is right. Long Shao is indeed the prince.”

“It is for this reason that the most outstanding male of each generation in the long family will be called the prince, who will be trained as the successor of the family. If long Zetian is the only male of this generation, then he is the crown prince of this generation. ”

Seeing this, Chen Mochi explained to Chen Fei and Chen Mochi in a low voice and quickly: “the dragon family in the capital city has been handed down for hundreds of years, with deep foundation and strong strength. It is even said that the ancestor of the dragon family is the royal family of the former dynasty.”

However, Chen Fei and Chen Mochi are puzzled. They are not sure why.

Almost as soon as he opened his mouth, Chen Mochi was surprised when he heard this.

“Long Haomei’s father is from the family of Zhou Shao. As the only male of this generation, the housekeeper immediately stood up, glanced at Chen Fei and the three of them, and then said in a voice, “ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to formally introduce Longze Tianlong Shao to you.”

He looked at the housekeeper’s words.

But long Zetian didn’t realize it. He leaned back on the chair with his legs crossed. He looked more confident. “You don’t have to believe it. After you know me, you will understand why I said that.”

Chen Ziling looked at long Zetian’s proud face and almost spat it out.

“Because no woman has ever rejected me.”

Hearing the speech, long Zetian showed a confident smile on his face. He shook his head and said, “Ziling, I don’t think it’s a big problem.”

“I don’t know you, and I don’t know anything about you. Now, just because you like me, tell me. Do you think normal people will agree? “Chen Ziling looked at his pale father, suppressed his anger, and said to Longze, “don’t you think that your so-called confession is very abrupt?”

With that, long Zetian looked at Chen Ziling with deep affection. “Ziling, I really love you. Be my girlfriend!”

“It’s just that Miss Ziling seems to have misunderstood me. She hasn’t been able to give me a chance. It’s not until today that I have a chance to show my heart. ”

“In fact, at the first sight I saw Ziling, I fell in love with her. I’m sure she’s the woman I’m going to marry in my life. ”

“Today, the main reason why I invited Uncle Chen here. It’s because I want to propose to Uncle Chen. I want to marry Chen Ziling. ”

Then he looked at Chen Fei, Chen Ziling and Chen Mochi and said with a smile, “actually, I didn’t mean any harm.”

Hearing the speech, long Zetian waved and let the waiters all go out.

Although these dishes are expensive delicacies, Chen Ziling has no appetite at the moment. But looking at long Zetian, he said in a voice, “let’s talk!”

Suddenly, a waiter came in with exquisite dishes, and soon the huge table was full.

On one side, Chen Mochi shook his body, but still stood up with the table.

This result, but long Zetian completely did not expect, for a time, his face sank down, cold hum: “do you want to leave like this?”

Along with long Zetian’s voice, there was a clatter. Inside and outside the house, dozens of figures moved instantly.


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