MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1945



But the fact that his younger brother was seriously injured and almost died is a hard fact.

Gao Han drinks and grits her teeth: “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. You have to be responsible for my brother’s affairs.”

As he spoke, Gao Han’s fighting spirit burst out, and his strength surged like a strong wind, which directly broke out the strength of the early days of Tian level. He turned into a sweeping wind dragon, roared in the air, and finally grabbed Chen Fei.

Gao Han nodded and said in a deep voice: “before the trial, I can’t recover from my injury. But the results didn’t make much difference. Seeing Chen Fei’s strength, I know that I can’t get one of those two places. ”

“Han’er, will your injury affect the trials?” Gao Zun asked.

Seeing this, Gao Han said in a voice: “Dad, I went back to my room to heal.”

“Can –” Gao Zun’s face is not willing, but at last he can only sigh and bow his head.

Gao Han shakes her head and says, “Dad, we can’t provoke them. This time, we Gao family can only give up. ”

“What, too much. Who is it? It’s so bold that it’s up to my Gao family. ” Gao Zun is furious.

“If I can beat Chen Fei, it will be a good thing for them. Even if I can’t beat it, I can try Chen Fei’s skill. By the way, it can also make a mistake about Chen Fei’s reputation. To them, my Gao family is just a chess piece. ”

Gao Han said in a deep voice: “Chen Fei did give a hand to Gao Lei, but it was not heavy. It was someone who deliberately injured Gao Lei and led me to fight Chen Fei. ”

“Calculated?” Gao Zun’s face was full of doubts.

Seeing his angry father, Gao Han shakes her head and says in a voice, “Dad, this has nothing to do with Chen Fei. I’ve been calculated. ”

Gao Han’s father, Gao Zun, clapped his hands on the table and said angrily, “the boy surnamed Chen is too much. He hurt my two sons. Does he want to fight with my Gao family?”


“Chen Fei, it’s too arrogant. There’s no one in it.”

“It was Chen Fei who hurt him. He was too much. It was a provocation to my Gao family?”

“Dashao, you are injured!”

On the other hand, Gao Han comes back to Gao’s home, and the people rush up. Seeing this, he can’t help but be concerned and angry.


Chen Fei shook his head and said, “it’s all connected with those people. As for who they are, what’s the difference for me.”

“Who is it that secretly uses such dirty means?” Zhuo light language is full of hate.

“It’s someone who deliberately injured Gao Lei, and then put the blame on me, and then attracted Gao Han to take revenge on me.”

“That is to say, someone is playing tricks in the dark.” Chen Fei said in a voice, “Gao Lei’s injury, you and I have the discretion, just teach him a lesson, and will not cause such serious consequences.”

At this moment, Zhuo light language came over, face still some doubts, looking at Chen Fei, “master, you say Gao Han was taken as a gun officer? What do you mean

Gao Han looks like she has thought of something. She asks people to help her up and then leaves with a group of people.

With that, Chen Fei waved his hand and drank coldly, “go away!”

Hearing this, Chen Fei squinted and said, “it seems that you have realized something. You have a hot temper, but you are not bad in essence. I will not kill you today. However, if there is another time, I will kill you no matter what you mean or if you are taken as a gun officer. ”

“How do you know, it’s -” Gao Han was stunned, almost instinctively wanted to say a name, but halfway through, she realized something and then closed her mouth.

But at the moment, Chen Fei looked at the reporters shooting around, and said faintly, “I think you are impulsive. It seems that you didn’t think about calling reporters here.”

“You –” Gao Han is so angry that he wants to refute.

Hearing this, Chen Fei shook his head and said in a voice, “as I said just now, it’s not a big deal for me to kill Gao Lei or even your family. But Gao Lei’s serious injury has nothing to do with me, that is nothing to do with me. ”

Gao Han glared angrily and said, “I’m not your opponent, surnamed Chen. But when you hurt my brother badly, I will never give up. ”

When he came to Gao Han, Chen Fei was condescending, his hands behind him, and said in a cold voice, “now, do you want to do it?”

Gao Han struggles a few times and wants to get up from the ground. But the pain in his body made him cry and fall to the ground. I can only gnash my teeth and look at Chen Fei with hatred.

At the moment, Chen Fei is coming.

Fall on the ground, Gao Han’s mouth gushes out a mouthful of blood, complexion instantly pale.

However, the shield of Zhenyuan, which he had just condensed, burst apart in an instant after it was collided by Chen Fei’s force, and it was completely unable to resist. The air mass penetrates the shield and bombards Gao Han’s chest, which directly blows him out.

Seeing this, Gao Han instantly returns to her senses and runs Zhenyuan to resist Chen Fei’s attack.And just when he was shocked, Chen Fei kept on attacking. With a flick of his fingers, he played a ball of energy and flew away.

But now, his indignant blow was broken by Chen Fei’s light palm. Gao Han was shocked and surprised by the difference in strength.

Although Chen Fei is famous, there are many negative rumors on the Internet. Gao Han ranked fourteenth in the trials, and thought she was no worse than Chen Fei, who was seventh. He even thinks that he is likely to defeat Chen Fei.

This result is not only unexpected to many journalists. It’s something Gao Han never thought of.

“How could it be?”

Cohesion of the palm wind, bang clap to the tornado, and then, “pa” of a, extremely violent tornado, directly broken open, quickly dissipated.

Chen Fei’s right hand hovered in the air, gently clapping forward.

However, for Chen Fei, this terrible offensive is nothing more than that.

The wild wind dragon roared, with countless sharp wind blades, as if to cut everything in front of him.

Moreover, Gao Han, who is full of hatred at the moment, seems to be more aggressive than usual because of his anger.

As a master of martial arts, Gao Han is only at the beginning of Tian level, but her strength is still powerful.

The reporters behind, feeling the terrible pressure, can’t help but retreat one after another, at the same time, one by one carrying the camera, crazy shooting.

“However, Chen Fei also showed me the strength of the younger generation of warriors. I will continue to work hard to improve myself. ”

Smell speech, Gao Zun sighs a, complexion some dispirited, namely swing a hand, let the servant take Gao Han to return to the room.


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