MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1944



The bustle on the street is theirs. Chen Fei didn’t pay attention to it at all. After buying herbs, he went back to the villa.

She made herbal medicine for Zhuo Qingyu and guided her to practice. It’s afternoon.

Chen Fei is about to get up and move. Suddenly, a quarrel comes.

Chen Fei sneered, his eyes suddenly sank, looked at Gao Han and said harshly, “kill your brother? You overestimate Gao Lei and your family

“You’re going to kill my younger brother. What’s wrong with me to do something to your younger brother?”

Smell speech, Gao Han is also face with anger, clench teeth way: “surname Chen, all this time, you still want to set up memorial archway.”. If you hadn’t done this to my brother, what would have happened today? ”

Then Chen Fei looked at Gao Han, his eyes sank down, and said harshly, “originally, I wanted to explain to you well, but you actually did it to my apprentice, so don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Chen Fei turned to see her one eye, revealing a reassuring look, and said in a voice: “stand behind me, with me, it will be OK.”

“Master!” Zhuo light language Leng for a while to return to God, the heart has a lingering fear of looking at Chen Fei.

For a moment, Gao Han falters and takes a few steps back to stabilize her body.

What’s more, the streamer contains turbulent energy, which also bounces Gao Han’s whole body back.

At the last moment, Qi almost hit Zhuo light language. Chen Fei makes a bold move, and a flash of lightning rushes out, blocking Gao Han’s strength.

Although Gao Han’s action has been very fast, Chen Fei’s action is faster.

At the moment, Gao Han, full of anger and hatred, gritted her teeth and said, “since you don’t admit it, my family name is Chen. Then I’ll give my hand to your apprentice first, and let you taste my pain. ”

Zhuo light language wants to dodge, but it is too late. There was a look of horror in his eyes, and the expression on his face began to twist.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Gao Han has already hit Zhuo light language. The turbulent Zhenyuan breath, with a crazy killing intention, attacks Zhuo light language.

However, Gao Han, who is qualified to participate in the trials, has reached the initial level of Tian level. Zhuo Qingyu can’t be his opponent.

Although Zhuo light language under the guidance of Chen Fei, the strength of rapid progress.

“You, you, what a master Chen!” Gao Han’s eyes are scarlet. As soon as she turns her eyes, she suddenly moves. She gathers Zhenyuan in her hand and rushes to Zhuo light language.

Zhuo light language also voice way: “I at that time hand have propriety, just some skin and flesh injury, can’t be we do.”

Chen Fei gently frowned and said, “believe it or not, I have said that his current situation has nothing to do with me.”

“An arm, that’s all?” Gao Han was full of anger. “My brother, surnamed Chen, was fine when he came out this morning. When I got home at noon, I became like this. I only had a conflict with your master and apprentice. Now you say you didn’t do it. Do you think I will believe it? ”

Chen Fei said faintly: “I said it’s not me, it’s not me. I just broke Gao Lei’s arm. It won’t be like this. ”

“Chen Fei, this is the case, you still want to quibble!” Gao Han stares at Chen Fei, his fists creaking.

However, Chen Fei shook his head and said, “I just said Gao Lei was very weak, but I didn’t say he was caused by me.”

“You admit it yourself!” Gao Han grits her teeth and looks at Chen Fei with hatred in her eyes.

But at the moment, Chen Fei takes a look at Zhuo Qingyu, and then looks at Gao Lei on the stretcher. His eyes suddenly change and he says: “Gao Lei’s condition is really serious. I’m very weak. I’m afraid I can’t last a week without treatment. ”

“You lied, we were –” Zhuo light language was about to explain.

“Acting?” Smell speech, Gao Han eyebrows mercilessly twitch for a while, the face is full of anger, a lift the stretcher on Gao Lei’s quilt, gritting his teeth way, “my brother was you hurt like this? Our Gao family went to the doctor of the capital imperial hospital, but there was no way to cure them. But you said, “it’s just a slight lesson.”

Without waiting for Chen Fei to speak, Zhuo whispered in a voice: “are you trying to blackmail my master? At that time, my master and I didn’t do much at all. We just taught him a lesson. You are acting too much when you are dying

“Today, I’m here to get justice for my brother.” Gao Han said coldly, “my brother Gao Lei just said a few words of nonsense, and Mr. Chen beat my brother so seriously. I need you to give me an explanation for this?”

Gao Han hums coldly: “it’s me.”

“Your brother?” Chen Fei looks at the tall and straight man with a look of inquiry on his face, “are you Gao Han?”

Smell speech, that figure tall and straight man, immediately cold hum a, stare to Zhuo light language, cold voice way: “how to return a responsibility?”? My brother was seriously injured by you, and now he is dying. Do you still ask me what’s going on? ”

Chen Fei frowned, at this time Zhuo light language also came out, see in front of the situation, can’t help but be one of surprised, “this is how to return a responsibility?”………

“Can you tell me something about master Chen’s conflict with Gao Lei?”

“Master Chen, how do you deal with this matter?”

“Master Chen, did you hurt people?”

“Chen Fei is out, Mr. Chen is out.”

When they saw Cao Chen Fei come out, they all burst into excitement and rushed forward.

Then there was a group of reporters with long guns and short guns.

Behind the man, there were four men carrying a stretcher with a person lying on it. Chen Fei quickly recognized the man on the stretcher. It was Gao Lei who had just been taught a lesson by Chen Fei.

On the other side stood a tall and straight man, about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. The man’s sword eyebrows are Starry, and his body exudes a sense of pride and sharpness.

Walking to the door, the security guard stopped him with a look of vigilance and anxiety.

Disorderly voice, let Chen Fei frown, issued a sharp drink, walked toward the door, “what’s the matter?”


“If you mess around again, I’ll call the police.”

“Let Chen Fei and Zhuo light language roll out!”

“It’s a private place. It’s illegal for you to break into it.”

“Master can’t be humiliated. I, Chen Fei, have killed more than ten masters. If you slap Gao Lei, I’ll kill him on the spot. Do you think I’ll plot against him? ”

“Mole ant, I’m not qualified for plotting!”

Chen Fei’s words are crazy and arrogant, but Gao Han can’t refute them. Because what Chen Fei said is true.


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