MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1943



Immediately, she turned her eyes, seemed to think of something, and said in a voice: “brother, there is a gambling organization, which expelled the gambler from this trial. Odds are basically ranked according to the ranking, brother is still ranked seventh. If that’s the case, why don’t I bet a lot of money on you. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of money at 12 for one. ”

Chen Fei said with a smile, “it’s unnecessary. Your brother doesn’t need this money now.”

After chatting for a while, Chen Fei left immediately.

“To love or not to love one’s country has nothing to do with it. It’s just two different things!”

“You say who is brain disabled powder, you are not patriotic, you are brain disabled.”

“Brain powder.”

“I don’t believe it? Master Chen is a foreign dark list expert who has invaded China. I support him just because he is patriotic. ”

“Well, didn’t you see the comments on the Internet? This Chen Fei, is will hype, therefore only then ranks high, the strength is not how! Gao Han is likely to beat him. ”

“Chen Fei, master Chen, ranks seventh. It’s not easy to be provoked. What are you afraid of?”

“Yes, it is. As I remember, Gao Han ranked 14th in the list of trials, which was very high. He’s not easy to be provoked

“If I remember correctly. Is Gao Lei Gao Han’s younger brother? ”

The busy streets have gradually returned to normal. It’s just that there’s a new topic in people’s talk.

Then Chen Fei goes on with Zhuo light language.

Gaolei immediately such as amnesty, rolling away.

“Go away!” Seeing this, Chen Fei waved his hand and gave a sharp drink.

“I’m sorry. I had a bad mouth. I apologize for offending Mr. Chen and this young lady. I’m wrong. I’m sorry With that, Gao Lei endured the pain and kowtowed three times.

Gao Lei shivered all over his body. He didn’t dare to speak any more. He could only say in a low voice, “I apologize. I know I’m wrong.”

“One last chance, either apologize or die!” Chen Fei looks at Gao Lei coldly. His eyes are so cold that he can kill people.

In an instant, Gao Lei uttered a pitiful howl. The sound is thorough all day long, attracting all the people in the street.

“So much nonsense!” One side of Chen Fei, at the moment came over, waved his hand to play a strong, direct click a crisp ring, will gaolei’s right arm to discount.

Gao Lei was blinded by his great strength. Blood oozed from the corner of his mouth and he was in a trance. Then he roared: “my brother also participated in the trials. You move me, my brother will not let you go. My brother — ”

” apologize Zhuo light language doesn’t wait for him to finish, directly a palm draws on Gao Lei’s face, crisp voice of a slap, instantly draw his cheek red and swollen up.

As soon as Gao Lei’s face changed, he said in a voice: “I tell you, my Gao family is also a martial family. If you move me, my Gao family won’t — ”

then Zhuo Qingyu walked up to Gao Lei and said coldly,” sorry! Apologize to me and my master immediately

However, these guys are not as good as Gao Lei, and how can they be the opponents of Zhuo light language. Less than a minute, several people were Zhuo light language hit fly out, one by one fell to the ground, more than wail.

Suddenly, gaolei around the group of thugs, immediately toward Zhuo light language siege up.

Gao Lei screamed miserably, and then he was very angry. He yelled: “up, all up, kill this little girl.”

Huge strength, instant will gaolei hit fly out, hard to fall on the ground, mouth spurt out a mouthful of blood, complexion instant pale as paper.

He is a Xuanji middle strength, has been regarded as good. But against Zhuo light language, he felt a crushing force, which made him unable to resist.

Because the strength of Zhuo light language is much stronger than he imagined.

But when the attacks of both sides collide, Gao Lei immediately detects the abnormality, and his face suddenly changes.

Gao Lei hands to block up, arm movement, palm turnover, want to seize the opportunity to seize Zhuo light language wrist, pull her over.

“Hooligans!” Zhuo light language complexion a sink, can’t help completely, bang of a palm clap.

On the other side, Gao Lei, with a flowing face and claws in his hands, poked out, “little beauty’s figure is really good, this arc, this straight, tut tut. These little hands are also very white – ”

” bah Zhuo light language spat one mouthful, the facial expression is more and more ugliness, the air strength of palm, also more and more turbulent.

Seeing this, Gao Lei grinned. He didn’t give in, so he grabbed him. “Little beauty, you want to fight with me! It seems that I can’t help but want to make out with me! In that case, I’ll satisfy you and let you have a good feeling of my brother’s heroism. ”

“Yes, master.” Zhuo light language already angry almost explosion, smell speech step out, transport palm condensate gas, clap to this Gao Lei.

“You are not qualified to let me do it.” Chen Fei cold hum a, immediately look to Zhuo light language, “light language, let him shut up.”

“Don’t think Chen Fei is famous. I’m afraid of you. I tell you, my Gao Lei is not easy to be provoked. My family is also a martial arts family. “The chaopai man was startled. He stepped back and looked at Chen Fei. However, his mouth was still stiff. “What do you want to do?”

Walking in the Chen Fei, also stopped, eyes a cold, toward this tide card man swept over.

“You –” Zhuo’s tone was silver teeth clenching, and his pretty face was full of anger.

This tide card man, seeing that his face changed, licked his face and continued to follow up, “beauty, have a chat! How is your master’s Kung Fu? Is it fierce? I tell you, my kung fu is very powerful. I promise I can satisfy you. How about learning martial arts with me

Zhuo light language frowned, fiercely glared at him one eye, did not pay attention to.

“Little beauty, I am also a warrior. Are you interested in learning martial arts with me Chaopai man whistled to Zhuo light language.

“But it’s really good-looking. If I want to be her master in bed, too! ”

“What apprentice! Well said, it’s just the third child who is taken care of by others. ”

“Is this little girl Chen Fei’s Apprentice?”

A young man dressed in fashion, with a group of rambling gangsters, pointed to Zhuo light language and talked.

But the voices behind him kept on talking, even more and more harsh.

Said, Chen Fei with Zhuo light language, step forward.

Chen Fei sees this, light way: “do not need to be angry, let them discuss just.”

Ironic words spread over, immediately let Zhuo light language eyebrow frown up, face show discontented color, fist clenched up.


“I’ve heard that this guy is in conflict with the top players. When the time comes, don’t be killed.”

“Ha ha, so much hype, it’s only the seventh.”

“It’s the one who’s hyped so much that it’s No.7 in the selection list.”

“Aren’t you Chen Fei? The warrior who is very hot recently

But as soon as they came to the market, they felt a burst of finger pointing and all kinds of voices coming from around them.

The next day, Chen Fei guides Zhuo Qingyu’s martial arts, and then goes out with her to buy some suitable herbs.

“Ha ha, I think you are just worshiping foreign countries and flattering foreigners!”


For a time, all kinds of arguments have developed in various strange directions, and the matter about the trials has become increasingly hot.


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