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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1820



Sitting on the bed, Chen Fei recalled what happened just now. Chen Fei generally believed what king mokafa said, but he didn’t believe everything.

He will not simply treat Dabu living Buddha and King mokafa as good people and Jiamu living Buddha and King Danba as bad people just because of each other’s words. Then help one of them to destroy the other.

Chen Fei will judge according to what he sees. This is one of the reasons why Chen Fei made that plan.

But on the surface, he pretended to be nothing. After thanking him, he returned to the team.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei was more and more alert to the actions of Dharma king and Jiamu living Buddha in Danba.

As for oneself drench water more, think also with oneself actual strength strong relevant. The other side worried that they could not control it, so they increased the dosage.

At the same time, Chen Fei also understands the real purpose of the other party’s so-called baptism. It is nothing more than to use the pool water to influence the spirit of the baptized, so that they can submit and be controlled, so that the living sacrifice ceremony can be held tomorrow.

And now, this pool of water can even affect their own spirit, although it is very weak, but also very good.

I was also in the island mocao temple, and I got the two peach stones by accident, which can be regarded as some means of spiritual attack.

Although this dizzy time is very short, Chen Fei soon wake up. However, it made Chen Fei alert immediately. After all, the spiritual things are very precious.

Just when Chen Fei was puzzled, he suddenly felt that the spring water on his forehead had produced a trace of subtle Qi, which went down his forehead into his head and made his head dizzy.

Moreover, it seems to be different from the previous people. Chen Fei feels that he has more baptism.

Chen Fei closed his eyes according to Yan, then felt a cold liquid pouring on his forehead, and then slid down his cheek.

It’s Chen Fei’s turn. When he comes to the pool, a monk in red smiles at Chen Fei and says, “close your eyes and feel the baptism of Buddha.”

With yesterday’s reminder, Lin Hui and Xu Gang are now behind Chen Fei, with a look of excitement on their faces.

Because the pool is very small, the baptism can only be carried out one by one. However, the whole process is very simple, and the speed of baptism is very fast.

The area of the cave is not large. There is a small pool in the cave. The so-called baptism, is to use the pool of water in the pool, in the forehead gently drench, even if completed.

One day passed, and the day of baptism came the next day. A group of people in the valley, led by King danbafa himself, came to a cave deep in the valley.

Xu Gang rolled his eyes and wanted to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth after all.

Lin Hui obviously didn’t think so much. She nodded and agreed, “well, brother Chen, we will follow you closely.”

Chen Fei said that because of the words of King Moka, Chen Fei worried about their misdeeds. Let them protect Lin Hui together.

Chen Fei light smile, immediately thought of what, to Lin Hui way: “Lin Hui, tomorrow baptism time, you with me!”

Lin Hui was full of smile to welcome up, “brother Chen, congratulations.”

After all, no matter where his power is, he has just talked nonsense.

“What I said is not a lie. Many people were at the scene when he said not to pay homage to his teacher before. He –” Xu Gang said in a voice with some dissatisfaction. But in the middle of his words, he saw Chen Fei come out of the crowd and walk this way. He immediately closed his mouth and did not dare to speak.

“Xu Gang, stop talking!” Lin Hui glared at Xu Gang.

Xu Gang turned his mouth aside, and his face was sour. “Didn’t that guy say that the king of Dharma is unreliable, let’s not worship the teacher? How can you turn around and change your mind, ha ha

Outside the compliment crowd, Lin Hui looked at the scene excitedly, with a smile on her face and cheered: “great, brother Chen is finally connected. He worships Jiamu living Buddha, and is sure to have a bright future. It is possible for him to become a great master in the future. ”


“We all worship Dharma king of Danba as our teacher, and you worship Jiamu living Buddha as our teacher. In terms of seniority, we are going to call you martial uncle. ”

“Brother Chen, I came with you on the same day. I saw you outside that day. At that time, I thought you were extraordinary. That’s true!”

“Brother Chen, you are so powerful that you worship the living Buddha as your teacher.”

Then, Chen Fei suddenly became the focus of the public, and surrounded them one after another. Many of them flatter and flatter.

“All right, then you should be ready. I will go to the baptism with you tomorrow and attend the ceremony the day after tomorrow. ” The king of Dharma said, and then he left.

Chen Fei thought for a few seconds, then nodded: “yes.”

“So you’re baptized with everyone. After tomorrow, I will take you to the ceremony. At that time, my master will show up, and you can see him, and you can visit him on the spot. “Hearing the words, the Dharma king of Danba showed a smile at Chen Fei and said, “this is the right choice. However, my master Jiamu is a living Buddha. I don’t want to see him. ”

Chen Fei came to the point and explained his intention directly, “Dharma king of Danba, I have considered your proposal clearly yesterday. I’d like to learn from Jiamu living Buddha. I don’t know when I will see him. ”

Soon, tsochin informed the Dharma king of Danba and came to Chen Fei.

After the chanting, Chen Fei took the initiative to go on stage and found the chanting tsochin, saying that he wanted to see the Dharma king of Danba.

Of course, Chen Fei knows the reason. That’s because when Moka and they stole people, they drugged them.

But different from before, this morning, there were several people who overslept, including Lin Hui.

After a night’s rest, the next morning, with the bell ringing, everyone came out of the small room.

If Jiamu living Buddha and Dharma king of Danba really have a live sacrifice, they will naturally stop each other.

Behind him, Lin Huigang and Xu Gang were soon baptized.

Outsiders seem nothing, but Chen Fei carefully observed, or found that the spirit of the two were affected, lively Lin Hui at the moment a lot of silence, eyes seem to be a few more dull.

Quietly, Chen Fei enters into a few breath, shattering the spiritual breath in their minds, relieving the influence of Tanshui.


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