MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1633



In the voice of everyone’s surprise, Lin Zhentian’s eyes flashed and his arms waved down.

In an instant, the huge sword in the air roared down, sharp and heavy, and fell down from the sky toward Chen Fei.

Before the huge sword fell to the ground, the sword spirit had split the ground near Chen Fei, forming a gully two meters wide and nearly twenty meters long.

“Now, she –” Lin Zhentian could not help changing his face, his expression was a little different, and his tone faltered.

But this is not the time to ask. Chen Fei asked, “where is Lin Qiuhan now? Are you in the Lin family? ”

“Granddaughter!” Hearing this, Chen Fei was a little surprised, and many questions welled up in his heart.

Lin Zhentian said: “because Lin Qiuhan is also my granddaughter in name. It’s my Lin family. Zhongyue brought her back. She brought her home. ”

His wife’s whereabouts have been confirmed, Chen Fei’s mood unspeakably excited up, continue to ask: “why do you want to bring Lin Qiuhan back, what is your relationship?”

Hearing this, Lin Zhentian couldn’t help changing his face. He hesitated a little. Then he said, “it’s true. Zhongyue sent someone to bring it back.”

Chen Fei slightly took a breath, and then said: “about half a year ago, did your Lin family bring back a woman from Long’an City, named Lin Qiuhan?”

But in the face of Chen Fei’s breath, he dare not from, can only look at Chen Fei, difficult to say: “you, what do you want to ask?”

At this time, Lin Zhentian would rather faint than wake up and suffer such humiliation.

At this time, Lin Zhentian saw the commanding Chen Fei, the crowd around him, and their noisy voices.

When Lin Zhentian at the bottom of the pit heard the speech, his face muscles twitched a few times, and his mouth gushed out a mouthful of blood. Then he opened his eyes and looked up.

And Chen Fei moves nonstop, directly steps to the pit, looking at Lin Zhentian condescending, cold voice: “don’t pretend to be dead, open your eyes, answer my question.”

Such a scene really shocked everyone. It was incredible to watch the scene on the scene. It was too shocking to speak.

Lin Zhentian was lying in the pit, motionless, and could not feel the breath for a moment.

I felt like a mountain from the sky. He couldn’t resist the huge force. His body was directly patted down, smashing the ground and forming a pit several meters deep.

Without waiting for him to finish, Chen Fei clapped his palm with a bang.

For a moment, Lin Zhentian’s eyes were filled with horror, “have you reached the top of the sky level -”

Lin Zhentian felt the great power, and his face suddenly changed. Because, this strength is even stronger than Chen Feigang’s, which has gone beyond the scope of the later day monks.

This palm looks ordinary, but it seems to be with an invisible pressure, directly toward Lin Zhentian oppression.

With that, Chen Fei raised his right hand and took a slap in the air.

Seeing this, Chen Fei’s face was indifferent. Instead, he shook his head and said in a faint voice: “just now, your Lin family’s unique skill can’t kill me with a sword. Not to mention your ordinary strike. ”

Lin Zhentian’s reaction is the fastest when people are still puzzled. His face was frozen, and he snorted heavily. Then he took out a sharp air blade and attacked Chen Fei.


“No way. How could such a huge sword split. Besides, this kind of attack, even if the edge is touched, is also powerful

“Is it that he missed Chen Fei?”

“It’s impossible. Just now it was a sword of the Lin family. How could it not hurt Chen Fei?”

“Why? Chen Fei didn’t get hurt

This situation really surprised people.

Moreover, at the moment, Chen Fei’s clothes are not damaged, and there is no sign of injury. The whole person was ruddy and energetic, so he stepped out.

In the deep ravine, the light is scattered and the gravel is scattered. Chen Fei came out alone.

Hearing this sound, all the people at the scene were shocked and looked at the gully cut by the huge sword.

All of a sudden, a cold voice rang, “my new president is not dead yet? Is Mr. Lin in such a hurry to take over? ”

Just when Lin Zhentian is ready to announce that he will accept the post of president.

Listening to the echoing voice around, Lin Zhentian couldn’t help smiling. Despite some twists and turns, the position of Presbyterian president finally fell to the Lin family, and the goal was achieved.


“Brother Lin is really suitable. He is the son of old Lin. he is young and powerful, and has high strength.”

“After all, old Lin is too old to be convenient and overworked. In my opinion, brother Lin Zhongyue is the most suitable. “”Yes, Mr. Lin has high expectations. It’s Mr. Lin who is the president.”

Some people take the lead, others react in an instant and speak out one after another.

Smell speech, immediately have a quick reaction person to stand up, immediately flatter a fart way: “old Lin matchless divine power, and for our hidden door aristocratic family get rid of such a villain.”. The post of president should be held by Mr. Lin himself. ”

“However, the post of president is vacant and needs to be re selected.” Lin Zhentian said.

At this moment, the villain turned to Tianyin and said, “I’m back to Tianyin and I’ll smile.”


“Who asked him to provoke Mr. Lin? It’s all a suicide!”

“That’s for sure. Now it depends on how much more body is left. If you’re not lucky, I’m afraid there will be no bones left! ”

“It’s over. Chen Fei is dead.”

In an instant, the golden light completely shrouded Chen Fei, completely unable to see Chen Fei’s figure.

“Go to hell!” Lin Zhentian drinks hard for the last time. The huge sword roars over the last distance and splits down at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei stood in the gully, looking up at the huge sword that was about to fall in the air.

“Answer me, where is Lin Qiuhan now?” Chen Fei noticed the abnormality, and his expression was cold. He asked in a loud voice.

But he had to face Chen Weitian’s embarrassment.

But just as he was about to open his mouth, a young and arrogant voice rang out, “when did a worldly warrior become so arrogant and dare to show off his power in the hidden family?”


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