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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

LOVE & CROSSES – Episode 53



❤️❤️Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌺Became BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: Romance


Written By: DAMMIE CROWN✍️



“Are you not gonna say anything?” Jenny broke the silence that has prevailed like forever.

Emmanuel breathed out and stuttered .

“I…. I don’t know what to say. It’s my wife we’re talking about here.”

“Really? Your wife? You knew it’s your wife and yet you came to me.”

” I didn’t came to you, you seduced me into this and I’m finding it hard and difficult to change for better! ” Emmanuel said

” What did I heard you said? I seduced you? ‘ she asked.

“Yes, you did.”

“You are very stupid for that statement! How dare you?” She asked although feeling pains as she’s conversing.

“Be thankful I’m lying down, I’d have give you dirty slap you’ve never received!” Jenny thought glaring at him dangerously.

Emmanuel was about to say something when the door opened and an intern nurse walked in.


Alice was seated in the living room waiting patiently for George, she had calm down now and surprisingly waiting for his arrival.
She took her phone and starts to operate it. Her mind went to Samuel and she sighed out loud in utmost sadness.

“How can I win his heart?’ she questioned herself.

Her thought was cut off by the door opening, she looked up and her face brighten a little.

“Welcome George.” She greeted.

“Thank you, Alice. How are you?’ he asked taking his seat opposite her and slowly losing his tie and buttons.

” I’m good and okay. How was your day?” She asked…

“Good. Thank you.” He answered.

Silence prevailed.

“Uhmn… I prepared you dinner.” Alice broke the silence.

George was surprised, he didn’t expect that from her. Ever since she started living in his house, she hasn’t brought him water talk more of preparing food for him. He was silenced for some seconds not knowing what to say.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t poisoned it. You’re safe and if you don’t believe me, I can taste it before you eat.” Alice said .

“No, I didn’t say that. Thank you anyways. I will go in and freshen up first.” George said standing up with his bag and suit while Alice nodded her thought diverting to Samuel again.


📲 Babe

📞How was your day?.

📲Great. Hope you ain’t stressed?

📞Not really. I’m fine.

📲But babe, Cindy’s pregnant?

📞Yes, why?

📲Nothing. Just that it’s barely two months she wed.

📞Yeah ….she…I..

Ellen was stuttering. She don’t know whether to tell him what happened or not.

📲Did you know something? I’m not trying to poke nose into her business but seeing her tummy, that’s not a month pregnancy. It’s like three months pregnancy or so.

📞Uhmn…the thing is she got pregnant before her wedding.

📲Oh … it’s good anyways. At least, her husband married her not some guys that abandon their lady if discovered pregnant

📞 It’s a bad news for her ’cause her husband isn’t the owner. As a matter of fact, she’s still very much a virgin…

📲What?! How’s that possible?

Fred almost shouted on phone.

📞I should be asking you. I know nothing about medical..

📲 She’s pregnant and still a virgin?


📲That means only one thing – in vitro fertilization method. Someone did it for her.

📞 That’s what Samuel also told us.
But who could have done that to Cindy as easygoing as she is?

📲 Who’s close to her that you think might do that?

📞No one. The closest person to her is her parents then Samuel and i.

📲No other person?

📞Not really except this guy although she’s cut off their friendship earlier today.

📲Does she visit him at his home?

📞I don’t know. Why do you have interest?

📲Nothing… Cindy…”

Fred stressed the name Cindy as he remembered the name Mimi showed him few months ago.

📞Tell me the guy’s name

📲Philip Walter

Fred tried to remember the surname behind the Cindy in the record book but couldn’t. But promise to check it at work the following week ’cause it’s weekend already.

📞Wait, Ellen. I started working here not long when Cindy got married, right?

📲Exactly. Did you know something?

📞Not really, I’m trying to know something. I will let you know when I look into it next week Monday. I will shed light.

📲 We’d be glad if we got to know the culprit.

📞Cindy can’t just suffer like that without offending anyone. The person that did it to her is inhuman.

📲Yes oh. I can’t wait till Monday. Please do as you said.

📞Count on me. There’ll be a way out.

They discussed some minutes more before hanging up.

Cindy was home alone tonight. She was sleeping in the guest room. She had moved her things in to the guest room when she returned from work earlier.

“I can’t sleep on this bed Emmanuel used to commit adultery.” She had told herself before packing.

” Samuel.” She muttered as her thought went to him.

He hasn’t given her any chance to talk to him since she left his house earlier.
Right now, she craved for his presence and most importantly his touch on her body. She can’t believe she’s thinking about that despite being married.. but she can’t just help it.

“I miss you, Sam.” She muttered before drifting off to sleep.

Lizzy entered the house slowly. John had just dropped her in her house. They went out to have some fun and she just came back. She went to Ann’s room immediately. She gently pushed the door opened and walked in fully.

She found her asleep already. She sat beside her and stroked her hair slowly and lovingly.

Her smiling face turned sad as she think about Ann and herself.
Lately, she’s been falling in love with John and she can’t believe it. She no longer find Samuel attractive again.

“Won’t Ann come in between us like this? I can’t afford to lose this guy, never! I’ve never find true love but now I did, someone wanna come in. I won’t allow that to happen. No!’ she said quietly as she stared at Ann again…

“Ann is so beautiful. I can’t abandon you ’cause of love and at the same time I can’t let go of my love ’cause of you. Gosh! I’m so confused.” She said getting rid of her heels .

“I’m the most confused female on earth right now! I’m screwed!” She yelled and laid down on the bed.

She has no idea when she slept off.

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