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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

LOVE & CROSSES – Episode 52



❤️❤️Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌺Became BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: Romance


Written By: DAMMIE CROWN✍️





Fred came to visit Ellen in her hotel & restaurant. They’re discussing and laughing so hard. Ellen was in his arms on the couch they sat on in Ellen’s penthouse.

Earlier, Cindy had called her that she’s gonna come to meet her this afternoon before Fred suddenly showed up.

“Babe, when would you like to settle down?” Fred asked

Ellen’s heart did some somersaults with the butterflies in her tummy rejoicing before answering him.

“I don’t know, but anytime is fine.” Ellen answered in smiles.

She couldn’t believe he was asking her that type of question meaning he’s not just dating her but wanna marry her for real.

“Wow! Fine then.” Fred said checking his golden wristwatch.

“You’re leaving already?” She asked pouting her mouth like that of a new born baby.

Fred chuckled lightly and kissed her cheeks. Ever since they started dating, they haven’t done more than to kiss, hug and cuddle.

“You want me to stay here with you? Guessed you’ve gotten another job for me.” Fred said smiling.

” Yes, of course. In fact, it’s less tedious.” She said still pouting.

“What? Where? And what’s the pay?’ he asked.

” Since my heart is with you, you just have to sit and nurture it.” Ellen said biting her lower to prevent her from laughing.

“Gosh! Ladies!” Fred exclaimed in smiles.

“What happened to us?’ she asked.

” Nothing, just let me go already, okay?’ he said trying to stand up.

Ellen shifted a little for him to get up not smiling.

“I’m going babe. See you later!” He announced.

“Stay till girlfriend come now.” She whined.

“When is she coming?’

” Soon.” She answered standing up to meet his height but he’s taller.

Fred said nothing as he just stared at her.

“And, are you planning to leave without kissing me?” She asked.

” Oh…i will never do that. Let’s do that now.” He said and drew her closer to himself holding her delicately on her waist.

He gently placed his lips tenderly on hers making her shiver in tingling emotion and wanting more of his lips.

“Uhmm…” She moaned into the intense kiss wrapping her hands around his neck.

The hot kiss was interrupted by a knock on the door. They slowly disengaged breathing heavily and fanning each other’s face with their breath.

The knock came again.

“Come in.” Ellen said.

A waitress came in and bowed before talking.

“Mrs Scott is here ma.” She said.

“Let her in.” Ellen replied before facing Fred.

“She’s here already.” Ellen said.

“I can go now, right?” He asked.

” Yes, you can. See you laterr. I’m gonna miss you.” She said huggjng him.

” I will miss you too babe.” Fred said stroking her hair and kissing her forehead…

” Alright. Go quickly.”

“But, i thought you said you’ve gotten a job for me.” Fred asked.

” No. Not anymore. Drive carefully.” She said.

” I love you.” Fred said.

” I love you more dearly.” She replied and they kissed again.

The sound of the door opening interrupted them.
They turned their gaze to the door and saw Cindy standing looking magnificiently as ever.

“Sorry for interrupting.” Cindy apologized.

” No. It’s fine. You are welcome.” Ellen said and gestured for her, a seat.

” Good afternoon Cindy.”

” Good afternoon Fred.”
They both said at the same time. They all chuckled and exchanged pleasantries before Fred took his leave.

“You are looking so good today!” Ellen gushed immediately Fred left.

” Have i been looking bad before?”

” No. Just that today’s own is enticing!”

” Oh..thanks then.” Cindy said.

” You are welcome. What should i get for you?”

” Nothing. I’m okay.” Cindy replied.

” Are we fighting?”

” No. I am just okay. You can make it a take away then.”

” Good.” Ellen said and made a call downstairs to bring Cindy some take away meals.

” Thank you friend.”.

“My pleasure. So, tell me, what is really happening?’

” No need to waste time on that. You’ve seen it all.”

“I can’t believe Emmanuel could do all that i witnessed despite how loving and caring he was before you guys married.”

” I don’t blame him. I caused it.”

” How?” Ellen asked and Cindy pointed at her tummy.

“If this didn’t happened, he wouldn’t have changed his mind or behave abnormally.” Cindy said.

” How do you mean? Oh, i am not sorry to say but you’re dumb. Why would you think like that? Even if you ain’t pregnant, he’d still behave like that, i’m very sure.” Ellen said…

Cindy was quiet as she was trying to digest what Ellen had just said.

“Have you tell anyone about it?”

“No. I haven’t.” Cindy answered.

“Why? Oh, so if i hadn’t witnessed it myself, you wouldn’t have let me know about it, right?”

Cindy didn’t reply.

” I’m telling mum and dad right away.” Ellen said taking her phone.

” No, Ellen. You can’t do that.” Cindy said trying to get the phone away from her but to no avail.

“Don’t try to stop me. Let them know the kind of marriage you are in so they’d find us a solution. I can’t open my eyes while you’re suffering.” Ellen shouted as she was about a tap away to dial mrs Veronica number when Cindy shouted

“I will tell them myself.” She said quickly.

“You said?” Ellen asked to be sure.

“i will let them know about it.” Cindy repeated.

Ellen placed the phone on the stool nearby and face her.

” When will you let them know?”

“Soon, i promise.” Cindy said.

Emmanuel held the phone tightly after hearing what Dammie told him on phone.

“So, Cindy is keeping an affair with her pastor’s son without me knowing. My thoughts were even on Samuel not knowing it’s Philip. Oh! Cindy…till tonight.” He mutterred and remembered Jenny.

He left the lobby and walked into Jenny’s ward.

“Sorry Jenny. How’re you feeling now?” Emmanuel asked sitting beside her

Jenny glared at him under her badaged head without saying anything.

” Jenny?” He called again but no answer.

He tapped her gently but she didn’ t burge. He breathed out.

“Why are you acting this way?” He asked.

No answer.

” You know i love you with everything in me.”

No response.

” Please, get well soon. I miss you.”

” Okay, tell me what you want, i promise to do it for you.”

” Really? You promise to do it for me?” Jenny asked slowly clearing her throat

“Yes, tell me” he answered.

“I want to be your wife.” She answered ….

“Huh?” He asked raising his eyebrow.

“Why huh? You can’t marry me?” She asked.

“No ….nothing. Just that, what about my wife?” He asked shifting uncomfortable where he sat

” Divorce her!” She said without emotion .

“what!!” He almost shouted as Jenny’s glare shut him up.

‘divorce’ the word kept ringing in his head.

TBC. .


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