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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

LOVE & CROSSES – Episode 51



❤Love &


GENRE: Romance

Written By: Dammie Crown

Dammie Crown Library

🎉Chapter 51🎉

Emmanuel calmed his nerve and gave Cindy a long look before leaving the spot. He went upstairs brushing Jenny who was still in shock.

Cindy walked upstairs too but Jenny voiced out,

“Ain’t you gonna talk about me? I have no idea you’re this daft that you cannot just talk, shout at me or at Emmanuel about me. Is my presence not affecting you? Are you okay with me being here sharing your husband with you?” Jenny asked.

Cindy formed her hand into fist and breathed out before turning around to face her.

“Your presence here is like you’re a ghost, meaning you’re nothing but a ghost here, you’ll soon leave! I can’t see you, I only see important people not some rag like you!” Cindy said, surprisingly smiling and gently.

The statement really got to Jenny as she was fuming with anger.

“You dare compare me with a ghost and rag? How disrespectful!” Jenny yelled but Cindy only turned around and walked away.

Jenny furiously stomped her feet on the staircase thereby losing balance – she forgot she’s on staircase.

Her legs wobbled and she fell hitting her head hard on the tiled staircase. She let out a loud scream that echo through the whole building.

Emmanuel quickly rushed out and his eyes widened seeing Jenny in that position.

“Jenny! Jenny!” he shouted rushing to her.

“Oh…my!” she winced in pain tears coming out of her eyes.

Emmanuel carried her and took her to his car driving to the hospital seeing how swelled her head has become and because she complained of not being able to lift any of her limbs.

Cindy gave no attention to them as she concentrated on her dressing. She wore a knee length armless blue gown with a long sleeve white jacket alongside a blue flat shoe. Her hair was packed well in bun. She applied light makeup and lip gloss before spraying herself a perfume and picked her blue handbag with her car key before leaving the house going to work.

Philip was in deep thought in his office. He kept pacing around the office with his hands in his pocket.

“What have I done?” He questioned himself.

Suddenly, the door to his office opened and Dammie walked in slowly. She stared at Philip for some minutes before his voice startled her.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Erm…..I just want to ask if you need anything.” She said.

“I need nothing. You can leave!” He said not looking back.

“Sir…you need to..”

“I said get the hell out of here! Are you the boss or I am?” He yelled making her to flinch.

“S…sorry sir!” She said and turned to leave when the door opened suddenly again.

Dammie was surprised to see her. Word stocked up in Philip’s throat as his body couldn’t contain the weird feelings anymore as he stared continuously at her as well.

“Get out, Dammie.” Philip commanded.

And without saying another word, Dammie left the office but not after giving her some kind of look.

“What is she doing here?” Dammie’s mind asked.

Philip composed himself and acted like a man just like his friend used to teach him.

Cindy walked in fully closing the door. She kept on a straight face as she stared at him.

“W…w..el..come!” Philip stuttered.

Cindy smiled folding her hands below her chest before talking.

“Wow! So, it’s true, right? No wonder you’re stuttering. Well…it’s fine. I can’t do anything. I just branch to give you some warnings. I don’t need your friendship again. When I think about it, I remembered that night I slept in your house…I knew I can’t just sleep off like that, something triggered it, who knows if it was my drink you drugged. I placed it with last night scene and I know you don’t worth me or my friendship, therefore, let’s just greet and nothing more. I’ve forgiven you already. Thank you.” Cindy said and turned to leave but Philip quickly ran to her front….he knelt down on his knees and told her,

“Please forgive me. I am really sorry for what I’ve done. I have wronged you a lot. In any way I have wronged you, please forgive me. I promise….” He couldn’t complete his statement as Cindy just walked pass him and opened the door to meet Dammie by the door – obviously, she listened to every of their conversation.

Cindy stared at her for a second without uttering a word as she brushed passed her too vacating the company.

Dammie looked at Cindy till she was out of sight before looking inside her boss office seeing him on his knees baffled her. Although she heard what they discussed ’cause she gently opened the door while they were talking before closing it back when Cindy’s walking out.

“What could have happened between them that night and last night?” She asked herself as she went to her table.
She knew better than to go inside his office right now.
Getting to her desk, she took out her phone from her bag and placed a call through to his brother.

“She’d be fine after some days. She just need some rest ’cause she had some fractures in her bone. but I assured you shell be fine.” The doctor said looking at Emmanuel with some kind of look.

“Don’t go there today. You’re to treat and nothing more.” Emmanuel said.

He brought Jenny to his family hospital and he was seated in doctor Lawrence office.

“I pity you, Emmanuel. You’re at the edge of losing your wife. Wait, what relationship do you have with your PA?” Doctor Lawrence asked.

“It’s none of your business., okay?” Emmanuel said.

“Emmanuel, don’t talk to me like that! I am your father!” Doctor said.

“You ain’t my father, okay? Don’t mixed things together.” He shouted standing up and eventually left his office.

Doctor Lawrence breathed out and muttered to himself,

“it’s high time I let his mum know what’s going on.” Doctor Lawrence muttered and left the office too.


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