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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

LOVE & CROSSES – Episode 50



❤❤Love &


GENRE: Romance

Written By: Dammie Crown

Dammie Crown Library

🍁Chapter 50🍁

Emmanuel had a restless night with the thought of where his wife might be in his head. He couldn’t just show it out because of Jenny’s presence but deep down, he was in deep thought.

“Where could she be? Where could she have slept?’ He kept on asking himself but no answer.

He couldn’t just call anybody. Won’t they ask him what happened between them that made his wife left home? And that is the last question he’d wanna answer right now ’cause the reason why he’s avoiding his wife is yet unknown to him.

Was he in his right sense while doing all those shits with his ex PA? He can’t answer. His life’s in disarray now but first thing should come first which is looking for his wife.

But where does he know she is? He can’t answer. His head was in mess right now. He was only trying to keep it in because of Jenny so she wouldn’t have to take it up with him.

“Good morning.” He heard Jenny’s voice beside him.

He was actually on the bed. He has woken up long ago but didn’t leave the bed. He looked at her and forced a smile.

“Morning Jen.” He answered.

Jenny came on top of him and kissed him on the lip. He reciprocated immediately forgetting about what he was thinking earlier. He held her by the waist deepening the kiss while Jenny moaned into his mouth.

The kiss was getting so intense that everything they wore has disappeared from their body.

“F*ck me already.” Jenny moaned out with pleasure.
Emmanuel quickly turned her around and got to work.
Soon, their moans filled the whole room.

“No, don’t tell me you’re still a virgin.” Samuel said standing up.

Cindy was short of words like, she was speechless right now. She doesn’t know what to say to him. He would finally get to know what she’s trying to hide from him now….but, how will she go about it. If not for the pain that gripped her in his presence. Only God knows why the pain gripped her in his presence . Why not in her house or office?

She cleared her throat and sat up looking at him. She could feel he wants her to tell him nothing but the truth right now.
“Sam?” She called almost in a whisper.

“Don’t tell me what you’re facing is up to the fact that your husband hasn’t copulated with you.* he said.

“Calm down Samuel. It’s not like that.” she said.

“Then it’s like what?” He asked.

“Nothing. Samuel, just rest your mind and self. You don’t need to worry about me. I am fine, okay?’ Cindy said.

“Really? You’re fine?” He asked.

“Yes, I am. Don’t worry.” Cindy answered.

“Fine then. Suit yourself. All I know is you are hiding a big thing from me, but don’t worry it’s fine.” He said.

“Are you now angry at me?” She asked.

“It’s getting late or late already. We need to go to work. I will call Heritage now to take you to your house to get ready for work.” Samuel said.

“What about the breakfast? we ain’t taking it again?’ She asked

“I lost interest. Take it if you want.” He said and went out to called Heritage and told him to take Cindy home.

“I will take it. Your effort can’t be in vain.” She said and went to the dining and started eating.

Thirty Minutes Later

Ellen was trying to reach Cindy but she wasn’t picking it. She left her phone at home. But after some minutes, Cindy picked up ’cause she just gotten home. Heritage had just dropped her home.

it was her ringing phone that she heard first immediately she got home. She rushed to it quickly and picked it.


📞good morning

📲how was your night?


📲are you okay? Hope hr didn’t touch you?

📞who? Samuel?

📲no. Philip. Your pastor’s son.

📞What are you talking about?

📲last night at the club. You drank some alcohol and when you went to the restroom to probably pee or something, Philip took you and that we don’t know what he was doing to you when we rushed in.

📞What? Philip?

📲yes. It was Samuel that saved you.

📞but he didn’t made mention of it this morning when I woke up.

📲when you woke up? What do you mean?

📞yeah. I found myself in his house.

📲oh…maybe it’s late last night and couldn’t come to your house.

📞i think so.

📲hope your husband didn’t flare up?

📞i haven’t seen anyone in the house today.

📲okay. Just be careful and we need to talk about this issue.

📞there is nothing to talk about there. Just let it be.

📲have you told Samuel about it?

📞no. Although he knew I’m still a virgin today.


📞the pain.

📲we need to talk. Will you come or I should visit?

📞i will let you know how it’d be.

📲just be careful and don’t cause problem with him. ain’t you going to work?

📞i’m late already but I’m going. I know Samuel would cover up for me till I get there.

📲alright babe. I love you.

📞i love you more baby. Thank you.

The call ended.

She breathed out and heard someone clapping behind her.
She looked back swiftly and look away again. She made to leave the living room but Emmanuel drew her back forcefully making her almost fall.

“What is it?” She asked breathing heavily

“You dare slept out and still have the gut to tell the person you slept in his house you love him, right?” He yelled, his eyes turning red like a vampire ready to suck out blood from his/her prey.

“Get your filthy hands off me, now!” She yelled back at him taking him by surprise.

He slowly let go of her cloth with an agape mouth.

“You yelled at me? You dare yell at me? You silly scumbag!” He said trying to slap her but Cindy held his hand mid air glaring angrily at him.

“Oh….fuck you! You ain’t man enough. What are you still looking? Come on go ahead and slap her!” Jenny said standing by the staircase.

They both looked at her direction and she shrugged.

“Yeah. Go ahead” jenny said

Emmanuel stared at Jenny back to Cindy contemplating on what to do.

“You dare not slap me, Emmanuel!’ Cindy said boldly.

“really? So, she’d be dictating for you in this house, right?” Jenny asked.

“Dare me, Emmanuel by slapping me and I will show you the stuff I’m made of.” Cindy said as she yanked away his hand.

“Are you lame? Ain’t you a man enough?” Jenny asked

Emmanuel breathed out not knowing what to do.

*why did I want to slap her in the first place?’ He thought to himself as the three of them continued with the staring competition.

Who miss Alice, Fred and Lizzy?


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