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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

LOVE & CROSSES – Episode 49



❤❤Love &


GENRE: Romance

Written By: Dammie Crown

Dammie Crown Library

❤Chapter 49❤


Samuel parked the car slowly still staring at Cindy. He couldn’t believe what he just heard her said. He had always believed that there are just two kind of people that say the truth in the world – little child and someone that’s drunk.

So, for Cindy to spat out what she just said,…it’s what was already in her mind, head and soul. He breathed out heavily not taking his gaze away from her.

“Cindy?” He called softly as if she’d hear him, but she’s asleep already.

He checked the time – 11:15pm.

“It’s so f*cking late. They’d have closed the estate gate.” He muttered as he ignited the car and started driving.

His house came first before Cindy’s so he decided to stop at his house instead because of the time.

He carried her in a bridal style to the guest room. He removed her shoes and covered her well with the duvet.

He left minutes later and went to his room after taking a glass of water.


The Next Day

Samuel was the first to wake up and he entered the kitchen to make breakfast immediately. He was humming to himself, a song as he prepare breakfast.

Minutes later, he was done..
He placed everything in a blue tray with smiles plastered on his face as he walked into the dining.

He set the table and turned to leave when he saw a figure seated in the living room…he almost flinched but he immediately remember who it’d be.

He dropped the tray noiselessly on the dining table before walking to the living room staring at Cindy closely.
He waited as he just stared continuously at her.

She doesn’t seems to know he’s right in front of her – she has no idea.
Suddenly, Samuel called her making her to startle.

“Oh…Jeez! You scared me!” She exclaimed looking up to him and holding her chest.

“Sorry If I scared you but you’re lost in the world of your own thoughts. Tell me what’s bothering you.” Samuel said sitting beside her.

“Where are your manners? Good morning.” Cindy said plastering her earlier sad face with smile.

“Sorry…good morning princess..” Samuel said

Deep down, she missed being called with pet names. Her husband has long stop petting her or calling her romantic names. He addressed her by her name now. Hearing Samuel called her ‘princess’ made the butterflies in her stomach to rejoice unendingly.

Somehow, she felt that she missed Samuel. despite the fact that they see everyday at work, she still miss him because there are some things he has stopped doing ever since she got married.

Like, he no longer peck her on her cheek or forehead or anywhere again. They hardly take lunch together now. He no longer call her late in night again and lots more.

“How I ended up in his house is still baffling me. I should be in Ellen’s house.” Cindy thought to herself.

“Cindy.. ” Samuel called softly and gently.

Cindy can’t help but love the way her name sounded on his lips. She smiled genuinely for the first time ever since she’s married.

“What’s bothering you?’ He asked.

“Nothing, why did you asked?’ She asked.

“Why did you went to the club last night?” He asked.

“I went with Ellen to have some fun of course.” She answered.

“Why can’t you go with your husband instead?” He asked knowingly

Cindy paused for some second before answering

“Nothing. He hasn’t come back from work when I went out.” She said.

“Lie. You just lied, Cindy. You and I know that you can lie to others but to me you can’t . there’s no way you’ll lie that I won’t know, right?” Samuel said while Cindy bite her lower lip looking at her feet.

“I can’t tell him. No I can’t. I know the extreme he can go to save me from that abusive marriage. He may even let my parents know about it which I don’t want.. No. He don’t need to know. Emmanuel will come back to his senses. Every marriage go through one trial or the other. But is this one of those trials or self will? Is Emmanuel intentionally hurting me or what?” Cindy thought unknown to her that she’s at the brink of tears – tears were threatening to fall from her eyes.

Samuel understood immediately that something’s wrong but he decided not to burge her. He believe she’d let him know when the time comes- when she’s ready to.

Cindy had no iota of idea when he shifted closer to her and closed the gap between them by hugging her. She felt delighted. she felt safe in his arm. What she needed most now is what he’s doing to her.

He was caressing her back as he was hugging her. Cindy didn’t know when she hugged him back gently fighting back her tears.

“Sorry. I don’t know what you’re passing through in your marriage but I know all isn’t right in your marriage. Whatever it is, I pray it’d be solve soon. I want nothing but your happiness.” Samuel said.

Cindy smiled with her eyes closed and hug him more tighter forgetting she’s pregnant.

After few minutes of hugging…. They disengaged staring at each other lovingly. The air in the living room was tensed with romances.

“Thank you…Sam.” Cindy said with smile.

“How’s the baby? Is he kicking?’ He asked touching her tummy but stopped immediately.

“Sorry for touching you.” He apologize quickly taking off his hand.

“No. It’s fine.” Cindy said holding his hand and placed it on her tummy.

She felt loved. Emmanuel hasn’t touch her tummy or even asked how the baby is doing ever since they got married. So, seeing Samuel asked about her baby and touching her tummy made her heart thumps for joy.

Samuel smiled touching her tummy. First time he’d b touching a pregnant lady’s tummy…

“Is he not disturbing you?’ He asked still not taking away his hand from her body.

“No. Not too much but sometimes.” Cindy answered in smiles.

“Really? Let me talk to him then.” Samuel said bending over to her tummy and slightly raising up her blouse.

“Baby boy…I don’t want you to disturb mum too much . you know mum has a lot to do to keep you together when you finally come to our world. Please, don’t stress mummy, hope you understand my language or I should your language?’ He asked.

Cindy was smiling lovingly at him all through. Suddenly, she felt a warm feeling on her tummy.

She looked down to see Samuel placing a kiss on her tummy. It was such a tingling sensation as all her body reacted to the feeling. She’s suddenly craving for more but one thing is ringing in her head – ‘I am married’.

Samuel quickly get hold of himself and sat up properly.

“Sorry…I’m going too far princess.” He said.

“No, it’s fine. It’s our baby after all. We might not be the one that made it together but it’s my baby and your baby. We owns it. It’s ours Sam.” Cindy said holding his hand.

Samuel smiled beautifully and kissed her hand he’s holding too.

“Thank you. If you feel like no one loves you, remember that someone sitting right beside you right now loves you dearly.” Samuel said.

Cindy’s heart was beating very fast now. She can’t believe her heart was thumping this fast over what he heard from her very best male friend.

She nodded with smiles ’cause she’s short of words right now.

“Thank you Sam. Thanks a lot and I love you too.” She said touchingly.

“You are welcome my princess. Please come for breakfast.” He said helping her up.

“Thank you.” She said as they walked to the dining to take breakfast.

As she was about sitting down, the pain gripped her that she almost fell if not for Samuel that held her.

“My…tummy Sam.” She cried holding her tummy.

Samuel quickly carried her to the nearby couch and laid her down not leaving her. He held her body not knowing what to say.

“sorry.’ Was all he could uttered.

“My stomach…God!’ Cindy cried painfully as she wailed.

“Sorry…princess.” he said again.

After some minutes, the pains subsided. And Samuel can’t help but asked her what has been in his head.

“Are you okay? He asked softly

Cindy nodded.

“are you still a virgin?’ He asked.

Cindy was silent.

“No. Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin.” Samuel said standing up.


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