LOSS OF DIGNITY … (18+) … Part 1

Emeka was a youngster in his teens, he was
tall, dark in
completion and always on low cut. He had a
baby face look that
made girls go gaga. Despite his age, Emeka was still in
secondary school. Though intelligent, he had to
repeat class
several times when his parent moved from
one resident to the
His father Mr. Chukwuemeka Johnson was a police officer
who always seemed to be transferred to
other states for official
duties, the last time he was transferred he
had to relocate from
Enugu to Lagos. Although his father had brought the idea that his
wife and children remain in Enugu whilst he
travel alone. He
thought of Renting a two-bedroom
apartment where he would be
living and then travel back to Enugu at the end of every week.
His wife Mrs. Chidebere Yetunde Chukwuemeka
did not buy the
idea as she thought of the possibility of her
husband having a
ghastly car accident once in 52 weeks of the year which may lead
to his death and she didn’t want to become a
She was
probably not trying to be a pessimist but
according to her words
“when people seek for good deeds they should also think of the
bad that comes along with it, because nothing
good comes
without a price.” She also thought of being
alone 5days in a week
without seeing her lovely husband, and even though she knew
their moving together was going to affect her
education, it was worth doing.
Mr. Chukwuemeka who is a listening man had
no other option than to agree with his wife. When Emeka
came back from school
that friday afternoon, his mother broke the
news to him, on
hearing it, he was startled, he could not
decipher why his father had to be transferred for the third time in
five years, he was sure
going to miss alot of people.

The first on his mind was Chinedu; Chinedu was
his best-friend
and next-door-neighbour, he was 15years of age but never acted
like a teenager. Chinedu is that kind of guy who
will see you in
the morning without greeting even though
you’re older than him,
it’s not as though he had any grudges against you, i guess he
just had the ego thing working for him. Emeka
was two years
older than Chinedu in age but Chinedu was two
years older than
Emeka in class.

Emeka was in ss1 while Chinedu was in ss3 but
despite Chinedu’s Stubbornes he had always
showed Emeka his
deserved respect when he dim fit.
By this time Emeka was already day-dreaming
as he suddenly switch from Chinedu to Amaka. Amaka was a
girl of moderate
height, also in the same class with Emeka, she
was 16years of
age with nice curves and dark sleek skin.
Emeka had alot of female classmates who were pestering over
him because of his
looks and intelligence but he boycotted them
all just because of
Amaka. He had a strong crush for her but
never had the confidence to let her know how he feels about
her. Although both
of them were close friends, they usually read
novels together, gist
together and once played roles of man and
wife in a drama playlet when their school went on extra
curricular activities
which was organised by the state ministry of
Several times he had had the spurred to ask
her to be his girlfriend but to no avail. Sometimes he
thought a spell was
casted on him because ugly girls always had a
way to
manoeuvre their ways into his life even though
he didn’t show them face but when he saw a pretty girl who
he really loved so
much he could not approach her with
relationship intentions
because he didn’t have the boldness to do so.
But who exactly will curse him when he had not offended
anybody, he thought.
Just then the Audible voice of his mother
disrupted his
“chidi! chidi! chidi!” she shouted above her tiny voice.
“Mm.. Mm.. Ma!.. Yes Ma!” he stuttered.
“What are you thinking about?, i’have been
calling your name for
over a minute but you refuse to reply” she
retorted. “Nothing mama, i’m sorry but i have to go to
my room now” he
“Alright!, you may leave, do call me your sister
on your way
inside” she commanded. “okay, ma” he said and dashed into his room in
the speed of
Chidi is actually Emeka’s first name but his
classmate are fond
of addressing him as Emeka after he was dubbed Sergeant Emeka
after his father.
Immediately Emeka got to his room, he sat on
his bed weeping
and started to soliloquies. He said to himself.
“Amaka, you’re the love of my life, although i might be leaving
you but my heart will forever remain for you, i
see you as a good
girl and i want to spend the rest of my life
with you, i promise to
remain celibate, and for not being able to propose my love for
you, i will remain a VIRGIN all because of you.
This i promise…


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