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LONELY WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 2


My muscles began to contract and relax and
I knew that I would soon be cumming. Rather
than just thrust in and out, in and out, I
stopped for a brief moment and rubbed the
swollen lump that was my cl!t. With just the
tip of my index finger, I excited myself to new
heights. I rubbed and circled the little nub
with my finger and when it seemed that I was
going to come again, I stopped once more.
Without realizing it at first, I had begun to
talk to myself; when I wasn’t uttering words
of endearment for my own ears I was
groaning with the ecstasy that I was giving
Finally, I closed my eyes to close out the
image of myself in the mirror and then
concentrated solely on getting off.
I brought myself, time and again, right to the
brink but each time I made myself wait. I
wanted this orgasm to be a gut-wrenching,
mind-blowing climax that would leave me
After several minutes of thinking about shola,
i let my mind wander to an incident that had
occurred years before and dwelled on that
s*x fantasy for a while.
In the fantasy, I was standing under a
bedroom window watching a man please his
wife. I had passed through the couple’s
backyard in search of mango fruit and only
accidentally saw the couple Bleeping. At first
as a fourteen year old girl, I was shocked and
then curious, so I had backed up to stand in
the shadows of a nearby tree and watch the
s*x show unfolding before me. The man
inside was making passionate and tender
love to the woman who lay receptive and
eager beneath him.
I had watched in awe as the man had kissed
the lady very passionately. I watched him
fondle her and whisper softly in her ear.
Although his voice was beyond the range of
my hearing, I knew that he was telling the
lady what he was going to do to her because
the woman cried out, “Oh, yes!
Do it! Do it to me!” i had become so aroused
by the scene in the window that I had
masturbated while I watched.
?Now, that scene came back to me as i once
more was playing with myself. I continued to
squirm and wiggle my butt0ckz about while I
manipulated the wet and needy cunt that l
could still see in the mirror.
While working on the now rigid cl!t and
massaging the lips of my cunt, I watched a
creamy river pour out of myself.

I needed to finish up because I was getting
too excited to continue playing with myself
and then prolong the pleasure. My hips got
into the action more as I continued thrusting
back and forth on my fingers to meet the
pressures of my fingers and the pleasure was
getting more intense by the moment.
Speaking aloud, I told myself, “Faster baby.
Faster. In, can take it, I can do it… I’m going
to get it…” as sweat poured from my body
and my eyes became bloodshot with lust,
and with that I began to come. What I
experienced was not a simple, routine relief. I
began to experience an orgasm that was so
intense I cried out loud my pleasure. That the
neighbours might hear me fingering myself
into such delights was not a concern. I was
too absorbed in the feelings.
I couldn’t have cared less what the
neighbours might think; I was too engrossed
in the finger Bleeping I was giving myself to
even consider the noises I was making.
Moreover, I had already been tagged a Sl*t
by the other wives!
I kept pumping my fingers in and out and
within a couple of minutes I was cumming
again. I began then to hammer my bunched
up fingers into my gasping soaking wet K!
ttyC@t and the orgasm went on and on.
Fluids gushed from my cunt as i came and
came and the slurping noises I made actually
caused the climax to last longer.
The sounds I was making changed from
rational words to animal sounds of lust and
pleasure, “Unnnnnhhh, oh, nnnnnnhhhhhh!”
At length I fell back exhausted and
temporarily relieved although i knew that my
solo s*x sessions were not going to satisfy
me; nothing would satisfy me until i had a
big stiff J0yst!ck stuffed up inside of me.
Shola was working in another part of the
world; I was constantly horny so I knew I
would have to find another man. But how?
And where?


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