LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 8





Scott has been visited by Vokan and Kox, he’s meant to be possess on the night of the next full moon but will it work? Liam hasn’t been found yet but will his father succeed in finding him? What happens next? The next episode commence…..
🔑🔑🔑NOW ON LOBANA⚒️⚒️⚒️



I fell weakly to the ground, spitting out vomit after I got drool from the portal, I felt so nauseous, I could feel my whole intestines twisting against itself

“Don’t worry Liam, it always like that the first time, you will get use to it!”

The strange figure known to be my Alpha shit said and I huffed at his words, shuddering off the feeling as I wail weakly on the floor

“You got me wrong, I don’t wanna get use to it, I wanna end it!” I yelled

“Very well then!” He replied

my vision was blurry but soon cleared off and I gasped as I stirred on my feet, the air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped open as I breathe the strange air, so natural, it felt so good and the Buildings looked ancient but glowed beautifully

“How are you gonna get rid of this thing, I need to get back home!” I said as we move through the passage which led to a strange room

“As soon as the others arrived!!” He replied and I frown my brows, I needed this done quickly

“Who are the others!” I asked.

“See for yourself!” Damon said as we stood before the huge table, the soft wind blew pass us as two figures now showed vividly, they emerged from the darkness

“Is this the human!” A strange man asked, he looked younger, they all looked young, I tilted my brows in confusion, who told him about me?

“And who are you supposed to be?” I asked, showing no sight of fear, his face was as white as a snow, his eyes were a shade of brown and his hair’s were extremely long, he wasn’t a normal being, I guess

“How dare you talk back to me? Interesting, let’s get this this over with, give him the cure!”

He said and I felt a flow of joy as I plunged forward, I needed this done quickly, I heaved a sigh of relief as a box was placed before me

“Wait, is this gonna hurt?” I asked

“It won’t hurt but after this, we are gonna have to get rid of your last memories, you won’t remember a thing about this!” A figure said and I felt my skin crawl with fear

“Let’s get started!” I said, the figure smiled as he gently opened the little box before me, dipping his hands Into it as he brought out a little substance

“Drink it!”, He ordered and something kept tugging my mind at the mentioned of his words, I wanted to be cured but I was gonna miss this, it really felt good

I thought as I gulped in the whole content, I smile in satisfaction as I stood on my feet, I felt normal again, a smile creeped to my lips as I stood before them

“So fast, I like this!” I said

“Wait for it!”

Damon said and I cringed with fear, what did he meant by…., I was about saying when all of a sudden, a seering heat flow down my core, I clutch my head tightly as I felt a banging pain in my head, I could feel my bones slowly shifting as my veins burned with fire, everything in my path slowly turned red and I hummed in pain, was I gonna die?, It hurt so much, I crashed weakly to the ground as the whole pain surface, it was gone, I thought as I stirred back on my feet, I felt so….. Human!

“Did it work?” I asked, groaning weakly as I stood before them

“Only one way to find out, I will let you know a little secret before you leave, am Rokon and he’s Aiden, we are the protectors of the Supernatural realm!”

He said as he gently nodded his head to Damon who grinned as he plunged towards me, what was he trying to do? I thought as he advanced towards me!

I yelled in pain as I got punch by Damon, I felt bruises all over my cheek, I yelled louder as a kick connected to my jaw which sent me crashing to the ground, just before I stood on my feet, Damon moved at insane speed, grapping me by the neck as he smashed my head against the Wall, it hurts a lot, I felt sour all over

“Stop it!!”

I yelled as I crashed weakly to the ground while he slowly advanced towards me, I felt numb as he swoop me off from the ground, connecting a punch to my lower abdomen which sent me crashing to the ground again, I felt something changed in me, I felt a little flow of energy, I felt strange, a seering pain burned my chest as I yelled in pain, I wasn’t gonna take it anymore, he was gonna pay, tremendous anger surged through me and I gasped as my body moved on it’s own, slipping and in a flash connected a heavy punch to Damon jaw which sent him crashing on the huge table

“OMG!!! He’s still an alpha!!!”

Damon muttered, trying to regain his stance but I wasn’t gonna allow that, he was gonna pay, I felt my eyes glow, Taking a red shade as I moved at insane pain, grapping Damon by the neck as I fling him away, the wall had a dipped hole as he collided with it and crashed weakly to the ground, blood spluttered out from his mouth

I furrowed my brows as strong arms grap me by the neck and pinned me to the ground, it was Rokon, he finally made an entrance, I smiled, escaping his grip as I moved at lightening speed and in a flash swoop him off from his feet as I pinned him to the ground, a loud thud could be heard as he collided on the ground

I felt more anger, I gasped as claws crept out from my Fingers, my toe nails grew longer, I could feel hair’s growing on my cheeks, Fangs petruded out of my mouth as I howered below the two weak body, I felt so powerful.

I grinned evilly as all three stood on their feet and moved towards me with lightening speed, each grapping me as they pinned me to the ground, causing me to crash to the ground as I knelt on the hard floor with arms wrapped around my body, my mind drifted off to the pain I received from Jackson’s goons, feeling so much anger as veins sprouted out of my neck


I yelled, creating a mighty blast which shook the whole realm from it hinges as they all floated in the air and crashed to the ground, I heaved in satisfaction as I felt a little cut on my arm, blood dripped from it, I wail weakly, staring at them as my whole system died down and I crashed weakly to the ground as my vision became blank…





I slowly opened my eyes, frowning my brows as a banging headache clouded my head, I felt sour all over, I felt weak, a bright light blurred my vision as I saw a version of a being, well, at least a human version, the whole light cleared off to reveal Damon who sat on the other end of the bed.

“I can see you are healing faster!!” Damon muttered as he fixed his gaze on my arm, I followed his gaze as I sighted the unbelievable, the wound on my arm fused together, slowly merging and soon it all closed up, there wasn’t a single scratch

“Oh my God, this is not real!!! It’s not real!” I muttered, closing my eyes as I muttered indecently

“You are not a student anymore Liam….. ”

He said, slightly pausing as he stared at me, I held a confused gaze, waiting for him to speak

“You are now a Supernatural!!” He finally completed his words and I heaved in frustration, I never wanted this, I don’t!!

“Isn’t there any way you can cure this, I don’t want this!” I muttered, he frown his brows as he stood from the bed

“You saw what happened, the cure didn’t work on you which is unusual, there’s something off with you!” He replied and I sighed as I bored my eyes to the ground

“Are they more like me, I meant, what am I?” I asked

“There are a lot more like you Liam, there are creatures like vampires, people like Rokon and Aiden, they are both vampires!” He replied and I shrugged in confusion, he still hasn’t answered my words

“You still haven’t answered my question Damon, what the fuck am I!!” I yelled

“Cool down Liam, you have to be in control, you are a werewolf now, an alpha to be exact, so Strange but you are still my beta!” He said, the air thickened as I also stood on my feet to face him

“What does that makes me huh?” I asked

“Come on, you need to learn!” he said
“I don’t wanna learn, I need to get home!” I fired

“You need to learn control or else, on the next full moon, you are gonna hurt people around, you can also kill them if you don’t learn control!” He said and I felt tears boil in my eyes

“Am gonna control it okay, it will be simple, right now I need to get back home!” I yelled in anger and he just giggled, forming a smirk as he moved an inch closer to me

“Are you kidding me? That’s literally the most hardest thing to do and you need someone to guild you, how about this, I will give you a substance, go back home and come back when everything is cleared, you need to learn control!”

He said and I nodded, that was much cool but I had to think about it, am still gonna give it a thought

“I will think about it and get back to you!” I replied, stretching out my arm to him, he smile as he handed over two substance to me

“You won’t need to think about it, you need to learn control if you wanna keep your family save!”

He said and I grin, shuddering off the feeling as I smashed the substance on the floor, creating a large smoke as a portal appeared, a smile creeped to my lips as I walked towards the portal

“And remember Liam, if you wanna keep your family and friends save, do not tell anyone about this!” Damon said and I nodded, walking into the portal which in turn closed up……

Damon could be seen walking briskly towards the huge table, Rokon and Aiden tilted their gaze towards him as he stood before them

“Where’s the boy?” Rokon asked

“He’s gone! I sent him home!” Damon replied, the two duos frown their gaze as Rokon stood an inch closer to Damon

“You what?? We need him, the cure didn’t work on him which means he’s extraordinary, he could be an asset to the great war to come, we couldn’t even defeat him!” Rokon asked with a masked expression

“Back off Rokon, he’s my beta and believe me, he’s gonna come back, he will!” Damon elucidated and formed a smirk as he sat on the huge chair which stood few feet away from him

“How’s the search for Lobana going?” Rokon asked

“It’s all lead to a dead end Rokon, or maybe Alina prophecy was wrong, Lobana doesn’t exist, we’ve been in the search for 18 years and it all leads to a dead end, we don’t even know the whereabouts of the Scarlet Sword!” Aiden bartered angrily, his face held destruction

“How dare you doubt the prophecy of the great priestess of Zalwanga? Do you also doubt the prophecies of the seven gods!” Damon roared

“Spare me that, let’s focus on finding Lobana!” Aiden fired back

“Summon Alina!!!”…..
🌳🌳🌳🌳THE WOODS🌲🌲🌲🌲

The sheriff (Mr Dunbar) and the entire despatch could be seen searching through the woods for Liam, the search have been going for several hours now as they digged deeper into the woods

“We haven’t found him sheriff, how about we give up?” A man asked, Mr Dunbar stated eyed daggered at him, furrowing his brows as he continued the search

Suddenly, a bright light shown brightly from the other end of the woods, blurring their Visions as they shielded their faces

The sound of Rusting of leaves diverted their attention as they all stared at the woods, moving toward the woods at a low rate

“Guns out! I repeat guns out, do you copy, Batch one, take the left side, batch two take the other end, the rest of you…. With me!!” Mr Dunbar ordered, the whole team nodded as they went in different position, the sound came nearer and nearer as they all clutched tight to their guns

“It’s the sheriff of Brinkon City, show yourself, there’s no way to escape, you have been surrounded, surrender now!” Mr Dunbar stated, his voice carrying authority round the woods


Liam said as he came out from the woods, his face was covered in dirt and he sure smell like hell, Mr Dunbar smile widely, retreating his guns as he Liam tayn towards and ended up in a warm hug, the rest of the despatch all retreated their guns as a smile escaped to their lips

“All men down! I repeat all men down! The mission is accomplish, we found Liam!!”…..


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