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LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 4



⚓⚓⚓A NEW DAY💭💭💭

Some kind of beast dipped its fangs into liam, what happened to him? Did he survive? What happens next? The next episode commence…….


I yawn loudly, slightly smirking as I swerve my butt round the soft bed, so comfortable, Wait, how did I get here? I jerked up from bed at the thought of that, a while ago I was out in the woods with Scott and suddenly… Suddenly we got separated and… And… Yes, I remember it now

I cringed in fear as I darted my eyes towards my tummy, trailing my fingers all the way to my tummy, everything came rushing back to me, the huge wolf had dipped it’s deadly fangs on me and I had blacked out, how come I was still alive? I thought, pulling off my shirt as I stared at the huge mark that was left on my tummy, I groan in pain, it had the mark of those deadly fangs, I stared at the sword pattern that was broadly impaled on my chest, mom said I had always had it since my birth.

I raised my head up as my door burst open, revealing scott as he barge in, smiling widely as he sat upright behind me.

“You are Awake?” He asked and I nodded

“How did I get here?” I asked, not knowing when I got home

“Never mind about that, Dad saved us, we found you lying in the woods!!” Scott replied, giving me a reasurring smile

“Dad??” I asked

“Come on, He’s waiting downstairs, we need to prepare for school!”..

Scott said and I nodded, jerking off from the bed as we headed downstairs
“Mom! Dad!!” I yelled as I got down the stairs, settling on the dining as I dipped a bread into the tea and dipped it inside my mouth

“Do you mind explaining what you two were doing in the woods?”

Dad asked and I felt my body sparking with fire, I was in for it today, if only we hadn’t gone to the Mountain

“Am sorry Dad, we…. We… We just thought we might help you!” I said, pouting my lips in a pitiful way

“Its okay son, just don’t try that again, eat your food, it’s time for school”

Dad said and a flow of energy racked through my core, suddenly. I clutch my ears in pain, shivering feverently as i crashed to the ground, Scott and dad all ran to me, I hardly heard their wails as I kept hearing several voices piercing through my ears.


I yelled, its so painful, I could hear their heatbeats at the same time, different voices from the streets all kept speaking through my head at once, it’s like my ears were zooming voices, I could hear everything, the sounds of frogs, the bleating of goats, the barking of streets dogs from afar, the voices of several people’s, I could hear it all, so painful

“Liam, stay with me!” I heard mom say as the voices died down, how do I explain this? I needed to prepare for school, I was running late, what the hell wss that??…


“Mr Liam, do you mind explaining the Enthalpy change?”

Mr Justin asked, pointing his scary fingers towards me, I so much hate him, I slowly raised to my feet, such a cheap question, I thought as I smiked widely, facing the entire class as I made to speak

“The Enthalpy change is the internal change possessed by…. By… By… ”

I said, slightly pausing as I drifted my mind towards the word, strangely, I seem to have forgotten the definition, it never occurred to me before, its unlike me, I suddenly felt a loud bang on my head, clutching my ears tightly as different voices began trooping through my ears, I could hear their heatbeats, so painful, sweats streamed down my face as I wailed loudly

“Get out of my class Mr Dunbar, will make sure I report you to the sheriff!”

Me Justin said as the voices died down, I shielded my face in embarrassment, what’s happening to me? I thought as I made my way out of the class, boring my eyss to the ground, the class had erupted into a huge laughter

The sounds of a ringing bell diverted my attention as students began swooping out of their classes, i felt a seeering pain in my head, I had to rest, I gasped, shrienking feverently as i felt strong arms grapped me by my neck, I held a face of confusion as I tilted my head to my attacker, it was jackson

“Stay away from my sister nerd!!” Jackson ordered, smirking evilly as he flinged me towards the hall, I wail weakly as I crashed with a thud

“Hey, stay away from my brother!” Scott yelled as he plunged towards me, strong arms grapped him by the neck, choking frequenly as he gasped for breath, he fought endlessly, trying to release himslef from their grips but it all led to a futile end

“Let him go please, I will stay away from lydia!” I yelled, Jackson grinned as he release his grip on Scott who fell with a loud thud, one day, he was gonna pay, I promised him that

I weakly stirred on my feet, I felt my heart ripping slowly away from me, a seering pain beclouded my head, I had to get home, my vision was blurry, my eyelids were Weak but i had to manage, all eyes were on me as I made my way towards the exit and swooped towards an incoming bus, all I cared about was getting home, I had to get a good rest

Sweat streamed down my face as I got down from the bus, I had gotten home, I hurriedly open the knot of the door as I swooped towards the stairways, It was getting weaker, alienate voices kept playing in my head as I got more weaker

“Where’s your brother Liam!” Mom asked from the other end of the kitchen.

“He’s on his way mom!” I fired back as I burst the door to my room open, closing the door behind me and weakly crashed on the soft bed, I exhaled weakly as I stared at my fist, I weakly tilted my head towards the huge clock which laid gently on the wall, it was getting late, I thought, not knowing when I drifted off to sleep…….

“Stop it! Stop!! It tickles!!!”

I said, smiling sheepishly as I felt something licking my face with my eyes shut closed, it never stopped as it continued licking my face, I groan, opening my eyes as I met a frog sticking it’s tongue to my face


I yelled, jerking off from the place I laid as I kick the frog already, I tilted my head in confusion as I met myself in a husky mountain, it was night already..

“What’s happening??”

I thought, skeptically turning as I observed my surroundings, a while ago i was laying weakly on my bed and…. And…. And shut my eyes closed, yes, I remember it

I felt a seering pain in my lower abdomen, I cringe in pain as I darted my eyes towards my tummy, trailing my eyes all the way down, I gasped, the deadly mark glowed reddish and suddenly disappeared, weird, I thought as I plunged towards a wooden branch, I shrienk as I noticed some movement in the woods

“Who’s there??”

I yelled, darting my eyes towards the deadly Mountain, I gasped as I sighted two pairs of red blazing eyes emerging from the woods, I took slow steps backwards as it could clearly be seen, it’s huge body shown vividly

“Stay back! Stay back!!!!”

I yelled as it moved at me at insane speed, grapping me by the neck before I could make a run for it as it pinned me to the ground, fear spread down my core as I stared at this deadly creature

“I made you!! Now die!!!” It said, howling loudly as it revealed it’s long, dreaded fangs, I closed my eyes in fear, expecting the worst to happen. I felt a slight flow of energy and I heaved as I escaped it’s grip, turned and started running, it roared angrily at me as it also dived at me

Soon, it caught up with me, I was at a dead end, on a hilltop, a waterfall, the only way was to jump down, I breathe heavily, closing my eyes as I jump down the mountain, a loud thud could be heard as I collided with the water, I gasped for breath as I made my way out of the water, I felt something wrap my leg, taking my down the water as I gasp for breath, I was dying, I thought as I sink, going down and down the water with my eyes shut close!
“Hey, snap out of it man, you are scaring me!!”

Scott yelled at me, I hastily flunged my eyes open, breathing heavily as sweat dripped down from my face, what the hell is happening to me? I though as I stared at my surroundings, what the fuck? A while ago I was in the woods, almost dying as I sinked and now am back home!

“Scott!! What happened?? How long have I been asleep??” I asked, not knowing how long I had slept

“Two days!!” Scott replied

“For two days!!” I yelled and he nodded, my face held terror, am going crazy

“How did I get here?” I asked, not knowing how I got home

“Never mind about that, We found you lying in the woods two days ago!!” He said and I widened my eyes at the mentioned of his words, am slowly losing my mind

“Come on, he’s waiting for you! Let’s head downstairs!”

Scott said and I nodded, jerking off from the bed as I headed towards the bathroom, have gone through a lot in just a day, I needed to cool my head…..



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